Friday night and all is well

Survived a rugged week and looking forward to racing at Logan tomorrow night at Logan

Sat 1st November Logan Onroad

Touring Cars in 21.5 13.5 and Mod

F1 – last race of our mini series – look out for something bigger and better next year. Interestingly there are more F1 entered for the Nats than there are Mod entries. Get on it, you’re missing a lot of fun.

Both ActionRC Schumacher team drivers will be there tomorrow night for some racing action.








Schumacher does the stuff – in Australia as well

Over the weekend we had a busy time racking up some points for the Schumacher Team

At the Offroad Nats held in ACT over the weekend

Darren Lord 4th and Scott Giles 6th in 2wd Stock against a hot 50 odd car field

Darren Lord 2nd and Scott Giles 4th in 4wd Stock against a similar field of Australias hotest Stock offroad drivers.

Congrats guys.

Closer to home we had the Onroad Interclub and I am unreasonably happy to report that Duncan won the hotly contested 13.5 class with his recentlt aquired Mi5 EVO – TQ and emphatic wins in the first 2 legs and the grin on Duncans face was nearly as big as mine.  Well done Duncan.

      The “must have” car for stock racing in Brisbane.

Haven’t had a look at Schumacher cars for awhile – time you did.

Interclub day 2 – Bayside

Does it get any better – great days racing in Kids Club, 13.5 and Mod TC.

Sadly there were only 3 Pro Tourers which is probably a fair reflection of the level of nitro interest at the clubs involved at the Interclub.

kids club – all had a good day


Then there was 13.5

Duncan from Shev and Keith a couple of great races here. Duncan TQ and 2 wins.


Mod, again some great races – Corey TQ and 2 wins from Brad and Michael.


Nitro Pro Tourer – John got the TQ but Clayton got the win


That concludes the Interclub for 2014. Your club delegate is keen to hear from you about what shape the Interclub will take in 2015, it’s your series and your opinion matters.


ActionRC Mini F1 series

Here’s the scores with one round to go.

next Saturday night at Logan (1st November) we will run the concluding round and reveal the goodies to the grinners.

In 2015 we will run a slightly more expansive series mainly centered around Logan but will include some other events when we can. Don’t miss Saturday night. And don’t forget practice this Wednesday night.

ACTIONRC F1 Mini Series 2014
Event1 Event2 Event3 Total
Ed Clark 10 10 20
Duncan Vaughn 9 9 18
Michael Lee 8 0 8
Karl Kuehner 7 8 15
Michael Chiam 6 0 6
David Guyatt 5 7 12
Shane Hyde LCRCCC 4 6 10
Matthew Belton FCRCCC 3 0 3
Anthony Green FCRCCC 2 0 2
Noel Gordon 1 0 1
Chris Shev 0 5 5  


2 Queensland National Champions


Lets hear a cheer for the boys – in ACT today the 2wd stock and the 2wd Mod Titles were run and won – both by Queenslanders.

2wd Mod 2014 Australian Champion – Chris Sturdy.

2wd Stock 2014 Australian Champion – Marty Moolman.

Great work guys, congratulations. And also lets not forget the rest of out team down there doing their best, it’s tough at the Titles, especially when it rains, but they are all there giving it their best shot, good onya guys.

Bring on 4wd and the trucks.


Schumacher / Lord action from the Nats

Our ActionRC Team Schumacher offroad driver, Darren Lord is getting into the groove on the ACT track early.

After three rounds of practice this morning before the rain came Darren was about 9 sec clear of the field with his Cat and about 5 seconds clear with his Cougar KF – both running in the respective stock classes.


Go Darren, Go Schumacher.

Australian Offroad Electric Nationals

This weekend sees the running of the Offroad Nats at the Canberra track. The entry numbers are pretty fair – 231 broken down as follows

2WD Stock Buggy 50
2WD Modified Buggy 41
Stadium Truck 15
4WD Stock Buggy 45
4WD Modified Buggy 49
2WD Short Course Truck 20
4WD Short Course Truck 11

Obviously the truck classes not as popular as buggy at the National level.

There’s a good team of Queenslanders down there and we wish them well and we’ll be keeping an eye on their progress and reporting back here if you are interested.


Interclub Round 3

Next weekend 25th and 26th sees the rerun of the rained out third round of the Onroad Interclub for 2014 at Bayside.

VENUE: Kianawah Rd Park, 1908 Wynnum Rd. Wynnum West. 4178
PROGRAM:                 SATURDAY                              SUNDAY
Practice:                          8.00am                                         8.00am
Drivers Briefing:         9.00am                                        9.00am
Racing Commences:9.30am Sharp                          9.30am Sharp
                                            21.5 Electric                               13.5 Electric
                                            Super Stock                                 Modified Electric
                                            Gas Tourers                                Pro Tourers
                                            F1                                                     21.5 Kids Club
(F1 and Kids Club are demo events not for Interclub points )
I expect there will be plenty of competition in all classes and some of the keener guys will gather for practice on Wednesday night this week,
A brief summary – drivers may only enter one class a day except for the demo classes which can be added as an extra class to the main class entered.
Super Stock in this event is a composite class – drivers may run 10.5 blinky or 17.5 boosted whichever they prefer, rubber tyres of course.
F1 to the National rules and 21.5 blinky, rubber tyres.
Entry Fee:
Adults:1 Day $20 or 2 Days $30
Juniors 1 Day $10 or 2 Days $20
Family $50 and must be immediate family
(One class per day per driver)
A minimum of five entries per class will be required
I’ll be there both days and hoping to see plenty of others doing the same

Logan Onroad Sat 17.10.14

The second round of the RC V8 Supercars race was held at Logan last night and was very entertaining, mainly for two reasons, 1 it was a reverse direction race night and 2 it was a reverse grid for the second final. Reverse grid can be managed but let me just say that that track does not flow well in that direction and lots of crashes ensued. Still it was a good night and the most consistent driver was rewarded with the win, my car was fast but I couldn’t challenge Michael because of his consistency which no one else could emulate – good win Michael. Actually I haven’t seen the results of the night but pretty sure it would be Noel second and Heavy third.

In 21.5 Luke has his Schumacher Mi5 operating very smoothly and he is driving it very well – good all the way win.

Most of the Interest was in 13.5. Mal managed the TQ ahead of Keith which set the stage for some great finals racing with Adam and Karl also showing great promise. after the dust settled it was Keith from Adam and I’m not sure about 3rd sorry – the full results will be up on the Logan website.

(now that I have looked at the results I can see that it was Adam first from Keith and Karl – sorry guys )

Mod. Just 3 entries Corey from Terry and Ed.

All eyes turn to Bayside now for the Interclub next weekend and a practice Wednesday night.


Team Schumacher Queensland

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