Tamworth -10th Anniversary

Here we are back in Tamworth for the tenth anniversary of the NSW/ Qld  Interstate. Challenge.

This year as usual it is also the Tamworth Cup and also the NSW 1/12th scale series.

Practice is now over, the cars have been out, crashed, broken, repaired and tuned and made ready, they are now in bed for tomorrow, we race.

Well actually, tomorrow we qualify and  Sunday we race.

There is a record field assembled here to do battle over several different classes

Touring cars in 3 classes – 21.5, 13.5 and open, the quick 21.5 are in the 15 sec lap time, the 13.5′s in the 14′s (may be 13′s) and the open cars are in the 12,s

Then there are the little 1/12ths  in 2 classes – mod and eurostock, not sure what times these little rockets will get down to but it will be quick.

The final class will be F1 – likely to be one of the slower classes maybe in the 16′s or 15′s as the guys try to manage the 2wd rubber shod f1 replicas. Likely to be popular with the spectators.

The track is a picture, well prepared and ready for the action, some traction aid has been sprayed which has all the Brisbane guys scratching their heads as they try to figure the tyre additive question, will be interesting that’s for sure – for me I’m going with simply cleaning my F1 tyres and for FX11 on the TC (Sorex).

I’ll try to update this post as we go through the weekend so check back






Easter week

And so we come to Tamworth week.

The Tamworth Cup shares equal billing as the Qld / Interstate Challenge meet and this year as a round of the NSW 1/12 th series.

We are in our tenth year of the Interstate Challenge and Qld need a win. Got nothing on over Easter, come on down to Tamworth and enjoy some racing – not too late to enter.

practice Friday, racing Saturday and Sunday – drive home Monday.

prior to heading off we have our usual Wednesday night at Logan, featuring F1 and TC.

NOTE – no racing at Logan over Easter

Schumacher SV2 does GCRC

With the invasion of mid motor buggies at GCRC lately Darren Lord our Schumacher/ActionRC driver decided to jump on the band wagon and run a Schumacher mid motor buggy, the SV2. Darren’s SV2 made it debut last night at the GCRC clubbie. Just to keep Darren company we decided to run our SV2 as well and Scott had a rare free night and was able to come along and drive it. Both were running in the popular “stock” class (17.5 blinky).

What ensued was an interesting night of racing, sadly there was a mixed race of 2wd stock and mod so one needs to go through the results carefully to see the stock results clearly, In qualifying Darren showed the way from Dave Ruddell with Scott in third blowing away the rust and Ben (always looks good on the track) in fourth.

The final was the most interesting, two of the fastest mod cars took the lead  followed by the three fast stock guys, all three Scott, Dave and Darren took turns at leading the stock race and at one stage when Scott was leading it looked as though he might even catch the mods. In the end traffic played a role in the results and Dave managed to get his B5 to the line ahead Scott and Darren’s SV2′s. For a first hit out on GCRC the SV2′s showed a lot of promise and with a bit of development and adjustment will be in the winning mix every week.

It’s fair to say we need to look at Darrens car closely as it was just a tad noisy, ok it was very noisy, not an issue inherant with the model as our car was very quiet but something we need to look at.

Roll on 2 weeks for the next showing. It’s good to see all  the other Schumacher guys going so well in the KR (especially Andrew Fowler 3rd in mod last night ) and the Aero as well, great bunch of guys.




Yep, it’s Wednesday

We are racing today at the Gold Coast – EP Offroad, should be good, indoor so rain if you like.

Terry Norman time you came to pick up your K1 Aero.

Saturday I’ll be at Boondall for awhile in the morning and Bayside for the Onroad racing in the evening.


Sorex premounts in 28, 32 and 36 still $40

Ride F1 premounts 104 style wheel Rear $25 front $22


Protoform LTCR in regular and lightweight

Much More Rush premounts.


2014 Interclub #1: Random Thoughts from Scott

So the first of 3 (probably) rounds of the south-east Queensland  interclub series for 10th on-road classes is in the books following this weekend’s event at Logan.  While we’re already published a quick  recap of the days events elsewhere, here’s some extended  thoughts from Scott….to which we invite you to add your own in the comments section:

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Low grip conversion Schumacher KF


U4586 – Low Grip Conversion – KF

Low Grip Conversion – KF
Wanting to use you Cougar KF all year round now becomes possible with this low grip conversion set.

The Schumacher Cougar KF has become the car to beat on high grip carpet and astroturf racing this winter. Now the KF is even more versatile with the Low Grip Conversion Set.
This moves the motor and centre cluster back by 21mm. The more rearward weight distribution gives the KF more rear traction, and is well suited to wet astroturf, or high grip dirt tracks. In the rearward motor position the car must be used with a shorty lipo. The new chassis can accept either motor position so the car can be converted back to the forward motor position for extra steering when the grip comes up.
Please note that the body requires a small modification to clear the spur gear or a modified body is available, part U5126.

Coming to ActionRC soon. price TBA


To Tamworth or not to Tamworth that is the question.

Now that the Interclub has been run and won all eyes now focus on Tamwoth. It’s something of a special Tamworth this year with it being the 10th Anniversary of the annual Qld vs NSW stouch.

This year, for the first time the National classes can be run (21.5 blinky, 13.5 blinky and Mod – as well as F1 and 1/12th ) so it really packs some attraction to make the trip.

There are a few diehard Qlders putting their hands up and for some it’s more about the trip than it is about the racing, but that’s ok too. For me it’s nearly time I got off the fence and made a decision – to go or not to go. I really want to camp at the track cause there seems to be a lot of fun there after racing finishes, but that’s a tough decision too, tow the caravan or rough it in a tent or the back of the Pajero – might crawl in there tomorrow and see how it feels…….. thinking about it overnight, if I go I’ll race 21.5, 13.5 and F1 or maybe not 3 classes …………. thinking about it overnight.



Interclub day 2

We had some great racing today again at the Interclub.

Again the Nitro drivers showed their lack of interest with only 3 turning up. Logan had included 1/12th as a demo class and the only thing demonstrated was that 1/12th drivers (if there are any) are not interested in racing at Logan – only 3 turned up.

13.5. This class continues to go from strength to strength with numbers of drivers learning how to handle the extra power after their step up from 21.5 or 17.5. There was some great racing throughout the heats and the finals. Scott took the TQ with Shev and Tim snapping at his heels. In the  finals Tim took two wins to Scotts one to take the big trophy with Scott on the second step and Matty Belton from Fraser Coast taking third.

Mod. Good to see a good solid field of mod and some different faces today. There were battles throughout the field and the finals were open to anyone practically till the last lap or two – Jason Dorn proved to be too good, with Peter Dooley and Brad MacDonald taking the minors, Brad’s second podium for the weekend.

Overall a good Interclub and the points tally ran out as follows

Logan 645 points

Bayside 251 points

Fraser Coast 236 points

Brendale 268 points

SunnyCoast 0 points

Chargers 46 points

Full Results here

The next round is supposed to be at Sunny Coast on the 19th 20th July but this is TBC.






Interclub Day 1

Day 1, Interclub 1,

Too tired for a full report so just briefly.

Looks like the gas tourer boys have decided they don’t want to run at the Interclub and only 2 of them turned up.

21.5.  TQ went to Karl from Heavy. Sadly for Karl the smoke got out of his motor and his day went pear shaped. In fact the top three or 4 drivers either didn’t finish or limped home in the first final leaving the way open for OneTran to take the win from Luke with Heavy limping home in third with a rear wheel drive only car after breaking a cvd. Heavy went on to win the next two legs and take the overall win from OneTran and Luke Bradford.

Heavy used a Schumacher Mi4CXL with Thunder Power motor and batteries and , with Sorex 32 Premounts.

10.5. Looked like a fun class and there were several possible winners with cars down to 6th on teh lead lap, but it was Brad McDonald /Yokomo from Fraser Coast who took the TQ and went on to take the event with good wins in the first two legs. Brads best ever result and a just reward for lots of hard work, Schumachers Ed Clarke took second and Tim Weier making a rare appearance on rubbers took out third.

F1. Duncan (WRC) Karl (Tamiya) and Ed (SP) was the order in qualifying with Adam Snook the best of the rest. Ed showed his F1 prowess with a fine 1 lap win in the 15 minute final from Duncan and Karl. Good fun.

Tomorrow we race 13.5 and Mod and Pro Tourer (if any turn up) and the demo class will be 1/12 Eurostock (10.5 blinky 1c), should be another good day, hope it’s not quite as hot.

SEQ Interclub #1 – Event Preview

DSCF1904Outside the annual Queensland Championship event, the three-part South-East Qld Interclub series provides the most competitive EP on-road action in the state – and for 2014 it fires up this weekend at Meakin Park.

Following it’s usual two-day format, the event sees 21.5 and 10.5 EP Tourer plus the control motor Gas Tourer classes on Saturday being joined by an F1 demo class.  Demo classes don’t accumulate points for the series.

Sundays action sees Nitro (Pro) Tourer along with 13.5 and Open EP classes, and the new-for-2014 12th 10.5/1s demo class.

Host club Logan have their track in good shape, with some new pit, spectator and marshalling features to be unveiled this weekend.  It’s been a long time since daylight racing took place at Logan, so for sure the evolution of track conditions over the weekend will play a factor.

With entries slowly trickling in, and available right up until the morning of the event, it’s a little hard to make predictions – but we’ve never shied away from inventing stories before…..so why stop now?

21.5 EP Tourer

Local Robert Tyler is consistently the man to beat in this class at Logan, and should run somewhere near the front this weekend.  Regular sparring partner David Guyatt will be likewise quick.  Beyond that it remains to be seen which way the regular stock drivers go – and who arrives for battle. We could see the likes of Terry Norman, Karl Keuhner, Brad Palmer, Liam Chadwick and James Don (for starters) and if so…this class will be intense. Then there’s Noel Gordon, or maybe even the old warrior Bob Vardy…it’s a good mix of experience vs emerging talent that 21.5 is known for.

10.5 EP Tourer

This is another hard one to pick and in large part depends on which of the regular Open guys make an appearance. Ed Clarke is a definite, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see Corey Broadstock, Brad Macdonald and Peter Beckett likewise appear.  Then there’s the regular 10.5 runners from Brendale and Sunshine Coast (though some may run Gas Tourer).  As a hybrid class attracting drivers from all sorts of places, this one is notoriously hard to pick.  Maybe even a guy like Chris Shevelling might pop up in the front of the field….or TIm Weier if he wheels out the TC alongside his recently preferred 12th car. Until we see an entry list….who knows!  If Corey makes it, he’ll start favourite.

Gas Tourer

Cooper Porter and John Taynton are the names that come immediately to mind in GT. Both are quick and will be on the pace.  Again from there it depends which of the Brendale or Sunny Coast boys appear.  This is the class I’m least qualified to tip….over to you?


F1 attracts a pretty strong regular following at Logan so we can expect to see a decent field getting out and about on Saturday.  Matt Belton, Ed Clark, Noel Gordon, Duncan Vaughan are all probables, while old-timer Adam Snook has been seen wheeling an F1 car in recent weeks and could threaten if track time helps him regain his former blazing speed. Karl Keuhner and the two Brads (Palmer/Hall) along with Mal Pearson are more to watch if they make the grid.


Sunday’s demo class is the 10.5/1s powered pocket rockets, surely one of the success stories of SEQ on-road in recent months.  Tim Weier, Clayton Hughes, Johnny La Spina and Clinton Livingstone would start favourites in what should be a pretty solid field (with 15-20 cars possible). Could a surprise appearance by Jeff Hamon be possible? He’d definitely be fast if so!

Pro Tourer

With Brendale club running their first Sunday clubbie of the year this weekend, it’s possible some of the fast north-side guys might not make the interclub.  For sure Cooper Porter and John Taynton again will be quick, Clayton Hughes, Chris Watchorn and again Jeff Hamon if he makes the trip.  We don’t often get to see Pro Tourers running at Logan, and they’ll be spectacular if we get a good field.

13.5 EP Tourer

It’s the first event for the new-for-2014 13.5 class, the first time we’ve seen these guys line up at a major event.  Look for Terry Norman, Karl Keuhner (last start winner), Keith Mackrill, Scott Guyatt, Liam Chadwick, Duncan Vaughan, Chris Shevelling at least to be near the front.  And then there’s the unknowns….but if Tim Weier, Clinton Livingstone or Michael Sherman arrive…everybody else could be shuffled back a bit.  Making the A final in this class will be a big achievement this weekend.  One surprise front-runner could be off-road superstar Jacob Staines. He made a first on-road appearance last fortnight and immediately set the pace.

Open EP Tourer

Fresh off an A final appearance at last week’s Victorian Championships it’s hard to tip against Corey Broadsock.  Then again, it’s hard to tip against Jason Dorn and if both are in good shape, a mouthwatering battle lies waiting for us.  Beyond those two, there are a heap of guys in contention for the podium and potentially right up front if everything falls there way. Peter Beckett has been working hard to find speed recently but will be strong, Brad Macdonald likewise. Michael Redmond, Leonard Lai and Peter Dooley should also be in the mix.  Or what about a surprise appearance from Chris Sturdy? We’ve not heard his name at an on-road track for a while….but if he arrives he could well upset the applecart.

In terms of the interclub points series itself…it’s hard to see this weekend going to anyone other than Logan.  Bayside will be strong, and Brendale in a couple of classes too…but Logan across the board look like they might get away to a fast start in the year-long series.

The ever intriguing manufacturer battle in the EP classes will continue. From where we sit it looks like Schumacher vs XRAY in the 21.5 and 13.5 spec classes, Yokomo vs the World in Open, and an all-in war in 10.5!

It feels a lot like it’s been a slow buildup to this event….but we’re getting pretty excited about the next few days.  See you trackside!


This week is shaping up as a huge one.

Wednesday all day (11 till 4) at the GCRC Offroad track practicing with my 2wd buggy – will the KF or the SV2 get the nod to go ahead as my ride for the Qld Titles – time and laps will tell.

The Weekend – it’s INTERCLUB time.

The Onroad Interclub events have been the best racing in SEQ for quite a few years now. With a downturn in RC throughout the world and Australia generally will the Interclub generate the numbers it has in the past, I doubt it but I don’t doubt that the racers who turn up will be there with intent to race hard and fair.

The track will be well presented, a lot of work has been happening this week to make life a bit easier for marshals and spectators (thanks workers), all exciting stuff.

I’m looking forward to it immensely and planning to run the 21.5 and F1 on Saturday and 13.5 on Sunday – depending on how the body is holding out maybe 1/12th on Sunday as well, big program, big fun.

Hope to see you there.


Interclub one off special

Serpent S120 LTX 1/12 pancar EP.

Sensationally priced at $240 but wait, there’s more, at this price we also throw in a set of premount tyres and a bodyshell. For a small additional $80 we can also supply a single cell ESC.

(note battery and receiver not included)

Keep an eye out for our other Interclub specials coming soon.


Team Schumacher Queensland

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