Logan week

Big week this week 3 race meets for me.

  1. Logan Onroad Wednesday night, give the F1 a run and probably a few laps with the Schumacher Mi4 CX see if it still goes around ok.
  2. Vintage Offroad at Boondall Saturday morning, the Losi XX gets a hit out in the Ginger Beer Cup round 2 – vintage buggy with silver can, torque tuned or sports tuned motor.
  3. Regular Saturday night race at Logan TC1, TC2, TC3 and F1.

should be a good week

This weekend

Saturday evening regular Onroad race meet at Bayside.

Sunday I believe there is anEP meet at Brendale, would be good for anyone doing the State Titles to get some daytime practice.

Sunday I think the Logan crawler group are having a crawl at Mt Cootha. (Tbc).


no Logan crawler meet

Sunday Brendale gates open at 8 racing from 10. The control tyre cleaner and traction stuff available to try.

Well that was a good day

started out at the vintage buggy meet at Boondall – ran a few laps in a few cars , RC 10 Worlds, Supershot, Losi XX, Losi XXT, Schumacher SVR. Had a good time chatting with a few old reprobates.

This evening I went to the Onroad meet at Logan, good meet, all the TC classes and F1. Robert Tyler was good to me and loaned me his Mi5 which I thoroughly enjoyed driving, couple of good dices throughout the night. Plan to run an old Mi4 for a few weeks till I decide if I want to ra e for a bit longer or retire, the amount of fun I had tonight make the R thought seem more like an r thought.

We’ll see.

I’m back, I’m ready to race.

Possibly  an exaggeration, the caravan is cleaned and put away, the house is still in one piece, I have opened the toy cupboard and joy of joys the toys are all still there, no batteries have puffed or exploded or anything exciting – no one has cleaned the mud of them from Boondall the day before I went away, oh well it’ll probably mostly fall of on the first jump tomorrow.

The  vintage buggies are all out getting charged ready for tomorrow morning at Boondall.

I’ve been experiencing a lack of interest all day from Star Track who are reluctant to do anything at all to find my tyre shipment so I guess the vintage boys won’t be getting any tyres tomorrow now.

Logan tomorrow night will be interesting, I’ve found an F1 car but nothing for TC yet, plenty of time. Is there any F1 at Logan now I’ve noticed a few being sold second hand by the boys.

As we used to say, see you at the track, actually , we’ll race you there.

Drivers Championship

Bayside are hosting their ” Drivers Championship ” at their Onroad track Wynnum Road Tingalpa today, timing on from midday for practice and racing from 3pm.

All the usual classes.

For me today it will be a quiet look at the Offroad racing at Hervey Bay tonight, trucks on the Onroad track apparently, not sure how that works but I’ll go have a look see if I can get the RC bug to bite again.

Almost back

Having a week of RandR in Hervey Bay to get over the trip and ready myself for the big homecoming. I should maybe be at Logan racing on the next Saturday meet. At this stage I’ll probably be running a Mi4 for a couple of meets till I decide what I want to do – a new Schumacher Mi6, or something else, or the big R. Anyway time will tell

Also keen to get my vintage cars out and head for Boondall, almost certain I’ll miss their next meet but the one after is a certainty, it’s been so long I’ve almost forgotten what cars I’ve got, anyway we know they won’t be out of date, I’ll be seriously starting to look for a Bosscat as soon as the budget recovers from this trip.

Wonder what my batteries will look like when I get them out of the steel cabinet and their Lipo sacks – hope they are ok, I hear it’s hard to buy Lipos at the moment due to the airfreight thing.

Schumacher cars , both on and off road have been kicking some butt lately both in Australia and overseas, good to see.

Anyway see you Logan guys in just over a week, looking forward to it.


I’m back

Well not quite back but at least back in Queensland, which of course makes my mind wander over to RC matters, what’s been happening while I’ve been off wandering. The beauty of the Internet is of course that you can be anywhere and still seethe results etc.

i regularly look at the Logan Onroad results and of course check on the boys at Boondall.

I’ll miss the next meet at Logan but throne after is definitely a possibility, looking forward to seeing all the smiling faces again

cheers, heavy.

And on a more positive note

Logan Onroad seems to be on the up and up. This week new tops have been put on the pit benches by a small handful of willing workers (thanks guys) – if you are a user, either offroad or Onroad please treat the benches well and ALWAYS clean them off after you finish. Also the Onroad track is due for a resurface (no layout change)  in the next little while, Looking forward to that.

All good.

And for the electric offroad guys the Chargers club – currently at Redbank are setting up for a move and a new facility a bit closer to Brisbane.

Electric Onroad continues to grow at Brendale and they will hold the Qld EP Onroad titles this year so might be an idea to get out there for a meet of two and get a feel for the place before then.

The Logan crawler group has a meet planned for this Sunday, want the details contact Laura Matthews or meet at 2pm back of the Dog and Parrot, Scotsdale Drive, Robina.

See you at the track.

GCRC Closing

Sad news this morning that GCRC at the Gold Coast is closing its doors permanently. Marty has decided to put the needs of his family before RC 👋 . We here at Actionrc wish Marty and his family well for their future. We have enjoyed the facility on plenty of occasions and competed in some memorable events, it will be missed.

Holidays, who needs em


Good morning team, well I’ve been on holidays for a month now and loving it, just missing rc a bit. Only 3 or 4 months to go, s’pose I’ll endure it.

2 big meets Saturday in Brissie


Firstly the offroad vintage meet at Boondall, incorporating a working bee first then some running. Only big event today is the pre 90 4wd silver can race , and I think the wheelies might get another run.

then tonight there’s the regular Onroad TC, F1 meet at Logan, not one to be missed.


Sadly won’t be at either, enduring a windy, rainy day at Victor Harbour SA. Have fun.

Boondall – where legends meet

Heavy takes out the feature event, The Ginger Cup.

An event run on the legend track, won by Heavy (legend) driving the legendary  XX buggy powered by the legendary Novak Duster and the legendary Tamiya Torque Tuned motor. Event sponsored by that well known legend JPAction and featuring as runner up legend Foxman driving a legend Fox, and of course there was that legend (in his dreams) Mad Racer “I would have won but my wheel fell off”

Good fun was had by most – certainly Heavy as the biggest grinner of all.

in his victory speech Heavy said “if I’d had  a Schumacher Bosscat I would have run that, maybe next year.


It’s a Logan week-

and we started it with a crawl on Monday (if you want to come to one of our random crawl events let Shane know and he’ll add you to the message )



Wednesday night – F1 and TC practice / fun night – and ogling the first Mi6 kits.

Saturday night regular club racing.

Saturday morning vintage offroad at Boondall.

Sunday morning I leave on my long caravanning holiday around Australia. Check here there will be some local posts and some holiday posts as well – watch for our full photo display of the Mi6 as it us built.

Team Schumacher Queensland

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