Logan Onroad – last for the year

It’s all happening at Logan tonight – Onroad in all the usual 10EP classes.

Last meet for the year, last for this layout and surface. If all goes to plan we should have a new layout and a new surface for the new year.

Bring your TC’s – 21.5, 13.5 and mod – quals and finals as usual

Bring your F1 -  one qualifier and one 50 lapper.

Bring your V8 ford/holden for the last of that series – something different

Dont miss it gates open around 3, racing from 6.


Can you believe it – two weeks between races.

Missed Saturday both Onroad and offroad due to a friends wedding and then rain, unbelievable .

Wednesday night will be Logan Onroad F1 and TC but I will be in Hervey Bay till Thursday.

So it’s down to Logan’s last Saturday night for the year on 13th. Being the last race night of the year I’m hoping that F1 racing will happen that night as well

see you there

Schumacher Hauler Bag


G355 – Schumacher Hauler Bag

Schumacher Hauler Bag 54 x 37 x 60cm
The Schumacher hauler bag sets a new standard of transporting all your race gear to the track. Super stylish black, grey and white provides a distinctive look but carries that traditional Schumacher branding!

The bag is super easy to manoeuvre with is 2 position, push button, lightweight aluminium handle and robust moulded wheels. The bag also incorporates a shoulder strap for more carrying options. The handle is also replaceable if somehow it gets damaged.

The zips on the Schumacher hauler are also super tough, with upgraded fastenings compared to other bags on the market.

Undo the main zips to unveil the 5 tough corrugated boxes, one large, three medium and one small, (all available separately as spare parts) with moulded supports to provide even more strength.

Underneath the top zipped cover you can find a handy tool tray and positions for all your favourite tools which can be securely fastened in with the elastic straps.

The bag also has handy pockets for many items including one large on the rear to take that all important set up board.

54 x 37 x 60cm
Not including handle.

The Schumacher Hauler bag requires assembly.
Schumacher Set up board and tools not included.

Spare Parts
G356 – Handle For Hauler Bag
G357 – Small Draw for Hauler Bag
G358 – Medium Draw for Hauler Bag
G359 – Large Draw for Hauler Bag




Available to order from ActionRC – $305 in Brisbane.

Missing in Action(rc)

This week there is plenty happening around the SEQ EP scene.

Tuesday and Wednesday nights the normal club Offroad racing at GCRC.

Friday Saturday and Sunday the Associated Masters offroad event at GCRC. (I think Scott will be there doing commentary etc).

Saturday – Boondall Vintage Offroad, the usual low pressure fun event.

Saturday afternoon/evening Bayside Onroad club meet.

Sadly I wont get to much of those at all, Wednesday I’ll be down the coast but on some family business and wont get to the race meet and then Saturday a good friend is getting married – I will get to Bayside but not sure what time, if you need anything for that meet might be best to try and grab me during the week.

cheers, Heavy.





Wednesday, a great day.

So I went to the GCRC to do some laps in my 2wd buggy. Had a good session, no one else on the track and I put 5 full packs through. I was happy with the times, my fast lap was very close to my 4wd fast lap and consistency was good. Feel that there are a couple of things I can change on the car but also feel that I can line up for a 2wd stock race sometime soon.

Now for some excitement, it’s always fun running F1 on Wednesday nights, on a knife edge racing when the track is unprepared. Tonight we decided to have a couple of changes – firstly we decided on two 50 lap races instead of the usual and then we decided to use the old track layout for the second race – a few (me included ) forgot to turn in off the back straight and went head first full noise into the rope – a sickening thud. Anyway was a lot of fun and can’t wait to do it again sometime early 2015.

Saturday night club racing , normal classes for TC plus F1.

Saturday 22.11.14

Went to Boondall early for a couple of hours, the usual fun with the Vintage crew – just like in vintage days the Team Associated Worlds car rules the 2wd scene out there (although I wouldn’t mind having a good Cougar 2000 or Fireblade to test out against them. The Holiday Buggy still rules in the “brings smiles to my face” class.

Had to leave there earlier than planned as I wanted to be home by Continue reading

Years end looming.

This week I will be racing Offroad at the Gold Coast – naturally the Schumacher K1 Aero – at the regular fortnightly Wednesday night meet, laps from 4 till racing starts at 6 then finish about 9 ish.

Saturday I will be at Boondall for the Vintage Offroad run in the morning – this will be my last run at Boondall for the year – where has that year gone, incredible how fast time flys when you are having fun. Will run my RC10 Worlds (original) and probably Optima Mid and maybe a HPI truck, sadly no Schumacher at this meet.

Saturday arvo / night I will be at Bayside for the regular Onroad meet,  running the Schumacher Mi5 EVO in 21.5 or maybe 13.5

Sunday – day of rest, might go and watch the finals at the Qld 1/8th Offroad Titles at Logan.

Love to see you at one or all of those meets.

Team Schumacher Queensland

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