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We have what is for us very mixed news to share.

The time has come for retirement to actually mean retirement, and for David to dramatically downsize his time commitment to Action R/C  and to spend much more time on the road, hooking up the caravan and setting off to enjoy and travel this amazing country we call home.

Sadly for us that means that we’re about to conclude our long and happy partnership with Schumacher Racing and cease retailing the brand in Australia from Easter 2015.  We just don’t have the time or capacity to do a good job for Schumacher or our customers in an ongoing sense, and the last thing we would want is to let either Schumacher or you down. So after a long and happy partnership, it’s the end of an era for us.

We want to first thank all of you who have enjoyed racing Schumacher cars, and who have been part of our crew and extended community over many years. We’ve valued your support, loved sharing tips and ideas with you, and just plain enjoyed your company.  We hope you keep on racing these cars we all love.

Second, we want to thank Schumacher Racing, and particularly our main contact Harvey Kempton at Schumacher HQ. We race Schumacher because we believe in the company, the people and the products, and we have truly valued what has been a long, long term partnership. Scott first started driving for Schumacher’s race team back in 1992, so it’s been nearly 23 years of partnership in one form or another.

Schumacher will be actively making arrangements for product support and availability in Queensland through another shop or retailer. They will make an announcement in due course, and we’ll pass on that information so that you can keep enjoying your Mi5 EVO, Cougar or CAT race cars for a long time to come.

We also still have good stocks of parts for all three, along with Schumacher/Sorex premount tyres and expect to at least for the next couple of months. Until Easter, it’s business as usual.  Let us know what you need.

So what does this mean for us personally post-Easter?

First, we’re racers through and through…and this just means more time for David to enjoy race tracks both in Brisbane and further afield.  He’ll continue racing the Mi5 EVO and CAT K1 and collection of vintage off-road cars whenever he’s in Brisbane (or look for him at a race track near you in other parts of the country).  Scott is taking a break from race tracks for a while, but expects to return with the Mi5 EVO in due course. We hope to continue our personal affinity with Schumacher cars and racers.

We’ll continue to have a small supply of Protoform bodyshells, tyres (incl MuchMore Rush and Ride F1 tyres) and a few minor bits and pieces whenever we’re at the track, and happy to help where we can.  And we’ll continue to tell racing stories through this website, sharing news and views and hosting race results and reports.

Once again, thanks for your support and friendship.  It’s been a great ride.

See you at the track (actually, we’ll race you there).

David and Scott Guyatt

January 24th, 2015

This weekends action

It’s all Logan Onroad this weekend.

Friday 23rd from about 5pm – working bee. Concreting, painting, general tidy up. We need to get a fair bit done so we can have a play on the new surface on Saturday night. Bring a Jerry Can of water if you can.

Saturday 24th. A play on the new track – might be a shortened optional track or a trial of the full thing – depends how much work we get done Friday, and of course the weather.

See you Friday


A Saturday morning of Yesteryear

Finally we got a fine (some might say HOT ) Saturday morning for a vintage RC at Boondall.

Quite a good crowd turned out and ran a very eclectic mix of old and new trucks and buggies, some bashers and some pristine shelfers.

Old friend of RC, John Perkins made a first appearance with some nice original buggies, most of which he had raced back in the day, some RC10′s, a Yokomo YZ10 and a nicely restored Hirobo (Zerda ?)

I finally got the chance to run my RC10 Worlds rere (the original is back on the shelf. I must say the rere goes better than any original two wheel drive buggy that I remember from back then – maybe its the modern.shocks or tyres – we run Proline Blockade at Boondall .

See some pic on the Boondall site on rctech later today, we had a great photographer there.

Get ready Onroad boys – new season about to start.

We’re doing our best to ward of the affects of the weak Aussie dollar.

In stock today, Protoform bodyshells

Mazda Speed 6 in regular and lightweight – still $35

LTCR in regular and lightweight – still $35

F1 – Thirteen clear body $35  F1-Thirteen Clear Body (Pr1537-30)be Quick

F1 – Fourteen clear body $35  F1-Fourteen Clear Body (Pr1538-30) Be Quick


Much More Rush back in stock $45 a set premounted but need glueing – we have THE glue.

Due Later Today

Sorex, our usual premounted and glued,  36′s limited 32′s, more 32′s due Wednesday – still $45


Struggling to get any motors at the moment in our usual brands. We have 1 Thunder Power 21.5 and that’s it sorry guys. More ORCA next week.



Bring out your buggies

We race 2wd and 4wd buggies in Stock (17.5) and Mod. at the GCRC every second Wednesday evening (start at 6 and finish by about 9ish usually).

2wd Stock is numerically the most popular class and also the cheapest to get into. There is not much expense for tyres (a set of the slicks that most suit the track lasts forever) and its a easy 17.5 and blinky so easy to get a start.

We race on the Wednesday opposite to the Meakin Wednesday onroad meet so no clashes.

Come on down and give it a try – don’t have a buggy yet come down anyway you can usually pick up a good cheap deal down there or you can have a drive of mine. There will be plenty of guys down there very willing to help a newby with car set up and driving, and if its raining come anyway, its all under cover.



2015 here at last

2015 – here at last.

David will be at
14th Jan – GCRC offroad buggy racing
17th Jan.Boondal Sat 9 – 12 for Vintage Offroad meet.
21st Jan – Logan for working bee or F1 Track layout testing.
24th Jan – Logan for Onroad race meet
28th Jan – GCRC for Offroad buggy racing
31st Jan – Boondal for Vintage meet
31st Jan – Bayside Onroad season opener

Cmon holidays get done.

I don’t know about you but I’m over it, need to get back to racing. This week is showing some promise, Gold Coast Offroad Wednesday buggy racing kicks off.

Next Saturday morning I’ll be at Boondal for some Vintage Offroad action. Spent since the 27th Dec getting a few runners going and finally got the Worlds from under the Christmas tree and built, my genuine old one is back on the shelf.Worlds old and new 2Must try and get the wing painted before Saturday.

Logan is ready for top coating but the company doing the job deserted us last Saturday for fear of rain, which did not come – just like all matters RC when rain is threatening, the right decision is never made in spite of best intentions.

Anyway the Mi5EVO has had a small overhaul, Brads and my SP1 F1 cars are ready to go, I have a sneaking suspicion that the F1 (Wednesday night ) meets will get under way before the main race meet at this stage.

Hope you have all enjoyed the break – we’ve noticed that Karl has enjoyed every restaurant and bar in the greater Brisbane area and has (apparently) pledged to run 50 laps of the track each week till he gets back to his regular weight – and before he gets an RC out of his car – Terry has pledged to be Karls willpower on that.

Looking forward to catching up – Logan (onroad) boys keep your eyes and ears open for a few working bees before we can get to racing again.




The Holiday Season

It’s Christmas week and holiday time, racing is finished for the year, time to catch up with friends and family and pretend that you have a life, and are enjoying a break from RC.

Sitrep for Brisbane EP RCers

Logan Onroad. We are doing a major makeover, new surface, new layout etc. The old track has been ripped up, a lot of the bumps have been ground and the cracks are being filled (keep an eye open for the next working bee to finish that), the new surface will  be down around the 10th and then the line marking – racing should resume around the 24th.

Bayside. I think there will be some track changes to the mug handle end, not sure of the dates on that but keep an eye open for working bees etc. I’m led to believe that there might be some timed practice sessions some nights during the holidays. Not positive when racing will resume but 17th is the earliest possibility.

GCRC. For the dirt racers hers a statement from GCRC.

Christmas Trading Hours:
Closed 24, 25, 26, 31st Dec, 1st Jan
Open 27, 28, 30 Dec, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Jan 10am – 5pm

Normal hours from the 6th Jan
Only skeleton staff to open all tracks and simulators. Will be very limited shop sales and advise. Also, please limit Facebook questions if possible, I won’t have any signal where I’m going, so won’t be able to reply!
Have a Merry Christmas!

Vintage RC. There is a box under my tree that looks a lot like a Rc10Worlds rere. It will be ready for a run at Boondall on Saturday 3rd January – Vintage group meets there usually every 2nd Saturday in the morning and looks like the holidays wont get to interrupt their schedule. – don’t have a vintage, no worries bring a SCT for a run around.

ChristmasImage result for christmas images

Finally let me just say, to all our friends and racing mates in RC, and especially to all our ActionRC supporters, and naturally to all the Schuie drivers out there hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a especially Happy New Year, if you can’t stay off the roads be very very careful, we want you all back in our lives next year.


Bayside Cup a beauty

There was a lot to like about the Bayside Cup, good racing in all classes and reasonable numbers in most classes. As an end of year event it was a good one, thanks to the people that made it happen.

Pre event there was the members end of year trophy presentation with Schumacher drivers Duncan Vaughan and David Guyatt coming away with a lot of hardware – places in 21.5 for David and 13.5 for Duncan . In David’s case 4th in the winter series, first in the summer series, first for the year in 21.5 and overall second in the club championship (all achieved with a standard Mi5 EVO, Sorex premounts, ORCA Motor, SMC batteries, Speed Passion ESC,) similar for Duncan in 13.5. Congrats to Cooper Porter for his Club Championship win with a near perfect score


In the Bayside Cup itself there was a Kids club event and as usual there was plenty of fun there.

In 21.5 David /Schumacher took the TQ and 3 straight wins in the finals to clinch the Cup from Steve and Daniel.

In 13.5 Scott / Schumacher took the Cup with 2 wins and a fourth from Cooper and TQ man Keith.

In Mod there was 3 winners in the finals but in the end it was Peter Beckett with the biggest grin from Peter Dooley and B Rad.

There was a small field of SSF racers and Clayton Hughes was too good for the rest (sorry no pic)



Logan Onroad – last for the year

It’s all happening at Logan tonight – Onroad in all the usual 10EP classes.

Last meet for the year, last for this layout and surface. If all goes to plan we should have a new layout and a new surface for the new year.

Bring your TC’s – 21.5, 13.5 and mod – quals and finals as usual

Bring your F1 -  one qualifier and one 50 lapper.

Bring your V8 ford/holden for the last of that series – something different

Dont miss it gates open around 3, racing from 6.

Christmas sale

Stuff to go – while stocks last.

Schumacher Mi5EVO   $545 includes a set of Sorex premounts – save $45 SOLD – you had to be quick.

1 only Onslaught Blue Truck $60 now $50 save $10 . Sold.

1 only Speed Passion SP1 – F1 Chassis Kit $200 includes front and rear wings – save $33. Want tyres with that add a measley $40 for a set of front and rear R1 premounts – save another $7. SOLD – also a quick one

SKYRC AC/DC Charger e6650 – great when you just want to charge some packs on 240v easy to use – check mine out sometime -usually $70 one only to go at $50 SOLD

Sorex preglued in 32, 36 and 28 – usually $45 for Christmas $40 a set of 4. – no 36 left

Much More Rush premounts usually $45 now just $40 or even better $70 for 2 sets. SOLD OUT

ORCA RX3 21.5 motor – $85 save $15. Sold out

Schumacher parts in stock 10%  off.

10% off everything else in stock.

See me at Logan tomorrow night or Bayside on 20th last two meets for 2014 – on sale till Christmas eve.




Team Schumacher Queensland

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