Learning about the Mi5evo

Mi5evo_logo_200After a fun night of racing at Bayside, it’s time for a little update on progress with the new Schumacher Mi5evo.

First, let me send you over to Ed Clark’s blog, where he continues to document the development of his Mi5evo. Go here.

Below are a few thoughts after our first few weeks with the car.  Overwhelmingly it’s been positive, but there are always things to learn and the Mi5evo is a totally different car (in terms of setup) than the Mi5 itself.  Here’s what we’re thinking so far.

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ORRCA Qld Titles – tyres

Only two weeks left to the deadline for ordering and paying for The tyres for the Qld Champs for those buying from us if you want the discount price of $40 set. After 1st Sept the price will be $45. Much after that we won’t be able to guarantee delivery.

Get your order in soon, rules of the event stipulate a self supplied control tyre Sorex 36, our are preglued and ready to run, max 3 sets allowed for racing and you might want some for practice.

Dont leave it too late. I should be at Bayside on 30th if you want to order then.


What to say ?

Welcome back boys …. Or

True spec racing about to explode on the Brisbane Onroad scene….Or

Mi5 wows em.

whatever title you choose to use this is about a whole heap of goodness that is about to explode on the Brisbane 13.5 scene.

true spec racing where we all (well most of us ) have the same car, mostly the same tyres and some even the same Motors and gearing – I can’t wait to get home and be a part of this.

welcome back to Schumacher, Brad, Brad and Terry and welcome to Schumacher Karl

this is going to be awesome I can’t wait till every car in the A final is an EVO.

do a good job on the build guys and ENJOY.

Logan News: Sat 9th August

It was a fun night of club racing tonight at Logan with the track again in decent shape.  A little rain threatened in the afternoon and perhaps resulted in numbers being down a little on recent events – but still some very good quality action on track.

Mod Touring

Mod TC was very small tonight, with just Ed and Corey running. Ed has the Mi5evo working sweetly indeed and the result was some entertaining races between the pair of them – Ed for the most part looking stronger.

21.5 TC

A surprisingly small turnout of just four cars.  I didn’t catch much of the action but just wanted to make a note about the performance of newcomer Riley.  He’s doing a great job in just his first couple of race meetings and will be one to watch in the future I’m sure. Great to see some of the experienced guys in the pit area offering to help Riley as he learns the trade.


A somewhat rare Saturday night F1 appearance saw four cars do battle. Ed was quickest all night from Duncan and Noel. I can’t say for sure what the final results were….but the F1 cars were hooking up well and looking good. It will be good to see a group racing at Bayside next weekend for the Interclub series where F1 is the demo class on Saturday.

13.5 Worlds

Every week in 13.5 TC is like a mini-worlds with plenty of depth and great competition right through the field.  Tonight’s 13 car field proved no exception. Keith Mackrill took a desperately close qualifying battle to continue his run of recent hot form with the soon-to-be-retired HB.

Duncan Vaughan (Mi5) drove to an excellent A1 win over Terry Norman (XRAY) with Scott Guyatt (Mi5evo) just overcoming Liam Chadwick’s speedy Yokomo for third.  Guyatt went on to a fast A2 win over Mackrill and Norman after Keith’s chances were dealt a blow with a jump-start.  Overall results to be confirmed but I think Scott from Terry Norman and Duncan third.

First class pit performance as always from Team Argo. If you aren’t already following them on facebook – get on it here and join in the lighthearted love of R/C spearheaded by Team Manager Karl Keuhner.

Mi5evo Update

Tonight marked the first appearance at Logan for a couple of Mi5evo pilots. Noel Gordon looked particularly sharp with his example, going very quickly in qualifying.  My own car was fantastic all night long. I loved the scrap with Keith for qualifying honours, and the only down-side of the night was a couple of mistakes from me in A1 resulting in contact with Keith and then Terry. My bad definitely (grovel, grovel).  The car was very good in the last final, resulting in a speedy run, and the fastest lap time I’ve done at Logan for quite a few months (20.1 for those who love the stats).

For the record, the car I ran tonight runs a largely standard setup.  I’ve fitted the DCJ front driveshafts, an extra chassis stiffener and some 2.5 degree toe rear suspension arms. Shocks are built with 450cst CORE fluid, the rear diff is 2000cst fluid and most other settings are kit standard.  We’re liking that the car continues to work well in the hands of a range of drivers, and now at both our regular tracks. Can’t wait to get it up to Hervey Bay for the Qld Champs in a few weeks!

Ed Clark has his Mi5evo working very well in Modified, and continues to explore a full range of setup and tuning options in the chassis. Ed has been using some of the same option part as I noted above, together with different thickness upper-deck chassis rails, the suspension link plates and a range of diff fluids. Keep an eye on Ed’s website for regular updates.

Interclub #3 – Bayside

It’s just a week now until the final Interclub series round for South-East Qld on-road racers for the year. The action kicks off with 21.5, 10.5, F1 and Gas Tourer next Saturday, before concluding with 13.5, Mod, Pro Tourer and Kids 21.5 on Sunday. We’ll be back mid-week with a full event preview.

Bayside Thoughts: Sat 2nd August

Regular weekly club racing took place at Bayside in Brisbane last night, and as usual, there was a lot to like about the event. Here’s a few thoughts for those who couldn’t make it:

Kids Rock

Bayside remain committed to the kids class, and it’s going awesome at the moment. Last night there were 6 starters, and not only were they having a great time on the track, but a heap of fun off it. It’s a nice family-friendly atmosphere trackside, and the kids are loving it.

From our point of view, Mitch continues to enjoy and to learn, cracking the 11 lap mark for the first time last night (twice), and setting his personal best single-lap pace as well.  We have a running deal going that when he runs 12 laps, he gets to race my car for a night while I’m relegated to the tools. I’m thinking its not too far away now!

13.5 Worlds

13.5 TC is like a mini world championship event every week in Brisbane at the moment. There’s a super competitive bunch of guys running it, and an enjoyable group to race with as well. One mistake can be very costly as I found out in Q1 last night with an off-track excursion putting me back in 9th and under the pump for Q2 to get a final start.

Cooper was clear of the field in quali, while it was really nice to see a couple of new (old) faces back as well. Keith took A1, Cooper A2. I think overall would have gone to Keith from maybe myself, Duncan, Cooper….but it was a pretty messed up finals series in terms of results, so that could be totally wrong!

One sad note, with a big crash on the start grid just before the start of A1. A reminder to all of us to (a) take it easy up the front straight on warm-up laps; and (b) make sure to let other drivers on the stand know if you’re gridding up.  In some classes you’ll see drivers sit right out on the outside of the last turn until the last 15-20 seconds before the start hooter goes – and only then move onto the grid when it’s clearly safe.  Sad for Iain and Cooper who sustained the damage, but a reminder for us all.

Mod – Faaaast!

They are so fast, amazing to watch, as I’m reminded every time I see it. Plenty of speed on board tonight with Ed Clark, Corey, Anthony, Peter B and Peter D all showing plenty of speed during qualies – and Shayne Pearce setting PB times all night as well!  Corey set TQ, Anthony took A1 before Corey returned fire with A2 win. I think overall Corey from Anthony and Peter B?

Other Classes

I missed most of the 21.5 action last night, but I think numbers were down a little on the usual crowd. Maybe it’s because Heavy is touring NQ at the moment, and everybody misses him? ;)

Nitro had one or two cars, with I think one or two electric cars maybe practicing for 10.5 class at next fortnight’s interclub as well?

Mi5evo Progress

We’re really liking the new Schumacher Mi5evo, and there were a few clues tonight to suggest it’s not just us!  Here’s a couple of examples:

  • First, Shayne Pearce I mentioned above. Shayne’s not run in the 17 sec bracket before, and got down to 17.6 last night – consistently faster than ever and running a very standard car. Nice one!
  • Iain Schwartz returned after something like 8 years away and on his first night back qualified fifth in the very competitive 13.5 class. My car was fast in this class also despite a slight off night from the driver!
  • Anthony Atack made his return also – after being away from the track for study duties for more than a year now. On his first night back in Mod TC he was instantly fast including a good win in A1 – again in a near standard car built to kit settings.  Ed Clark was super quick in Mod Q1, leading until a last minute mistake and is loving his evo.

For those liking options, the most common choice thus far is the addition of the DCJ front driveshafts to the standard car.   Most are running the kit green springs and using a close to kit-standard setup.

Mi5evo kits are due back in stock tomorrow.  How about joining the team?

We take sales delivery seriously

While in Atherton, I met up with good customer and racing mate John Batich from Hobart.

During the meeting, we discussed the possibility of my racing at the Tassie Onroad Titles at Hobart in March 2015.

John took delivery of his new EVO from me – congrats John on such a wise choice and welcome to the EVO club, looking forward to hearing what you can do with it once you get home.

Wayne Sutton, I found a motorhome for you if you want to move up to a bigger model.


News Update: Action R/C In Stock & On the Way

It’s been a little while since we updated with the latest news on what’s in stock and what’s coming.  Here’s the info you need:

ORCA TX 21.5 Motors

As used to win the Logan Enduro, the ORCA TX 21.5 is in stock now at $100.  13.5 TX is also in stock.


Protoform Bodies

We’re just about to receive a new shipment of Protoform Bodies.  That means we’ll have the following available (all PF bodies at $35):

  • PF LTC-R Regular weight or light-weight
  • PF Speed 6 Regular weight or light weight
  • PF Mazda GX in light weight (3 only….act fast)
  • Still stock of the WTF bodyshell also (and a great deal at $30)

Schumacher Speed Secrets for Mi5evo

Overnight Schumacher announced some lush new parts for the Mi5evo.  We don’t have stock yet, but they’ll be winging their way to us just as soon as we can make it happen (should land next week). We’re taking pre-orders now. The new parts are:

  • Alloy chassis (for high-traction conditions) – $94
  • Alloy eccentrics (for diff/spool) – $23 pair
  • Alloy suspension shims – replace the standard M3 shims under the suspension arms, come as pack of 8 x 0.5mm – $6 pack

The Tyre Update

If you’re heading for the Qld Champs at Hervey Bay (and you should be…it will be an awesome weekend!) don’t forget it’s self-supplied Sorex 36 tyre rules. Normally $45 a set, we’re continuing our Qld Champs pre-sale at $40 per set and have tyres in stock ready and waiting.

This week also – a special on MuchMore Rush 36R tyre sets at $40 per set for 2 or more sets (usually $45).

Finally, we have supplies of Ride R1 pre-mounts for F1 (on F104 wheels) in the air. Need tyres for the SEQ Interclub in a couple of weeks? Get ‘em while they’re available.

Trackside this Week

We’ll be at Bayside Saturday night for some touring car action. Should be Mitch in the Kids class, and Scott in 13.5.  See us there for all the gear you need, or shoot Scott an email beforehand.

Congrats Schuie drivers at GCRC

In the recently completed OnTheNet Buggy series at the GCRC the Schumacher drivers took out some great results

2wd Stock – 1st Darren Lord, 3rd Zane Buggyitup Thorpe

2wd Mod – 3rd Andrew Fowler

4wd Stock – 2nd Darren Lord

Great results guys, thanks for choosing Schumacher cars. I’m going to be missing a couple of meets in the new series but will be back to cheer you all on, around the end of August.

Welcome back old timers

Couple of old timers coming back to Onroad racing, one quite familiar face but he’s been gone awhile, Anthony, and one not so well known if you are a relatively new racer – Iain Schwartz.

Welcome back both of you and thanks for choosing Schumacher Mi5 EVO to do the job, we are looking forward to enjoying your company around the tracks again.

Race Report: McBride Dominates GP Off-Road Aussie Champs

Brisbane’s Kyle McBride has defended his Australian Championship in GP Buggy, and added to it the GP Truggy title to double up at Logan Raceway for the 2014 Aussie Nats this past weekend.

McBride was utterly dominant across both 60 minute finals, leading throughout and winning comfortably. The combination of inch-perfect driving, unbelievable pace, incredible consistency and perfect preparation proving too tough for a high quality field.

In the Truggy final it was defending Champion Craig Laughton who took second with his TLR, while Townsville’s Zachary Cambetis got the better of a 60-minute duel with Andrew Gillott and Josh Pain for 3rd. Heartbreak for the Townsville youngster however, with his truck failing technical inspection after the race promoting Gillott to the podium. That’s a shame, but shouldn’t detract from a breakthrough performance after a strong weekend in both classes for Zachary.

In the buggy final it was an epic battle between Aaron Stringer and Craig Laughton, eventually resolved in that order behind McBride. Jason Dyckhoff in fourth from Andrew Gillott and Shane Kelly (who stretched to 10-minute fuel stops to help vault up the order).

It was, from where I sat, a thoroughly fantastic Australian Championship event.  Here’s some of the highlights from my seat.

Logan Raceway

The track, in my view, was brilliant.  A flowing combination of high speed, big (but safe) jumps and some real technical challenges all with a low-medium traction provided the arena for some spectacular racing.  The surface barely crumbled at all, retaining perfect condition right to the conclusion of Sunday’s Championship finals.

I particularly loved the high speed gap-jump to the back straight, and the full-bore left-hand sweeper to another gap jump right through the heart of the track. Engines screaming, cars cranking over on the outside rear wheel and blasting through this part of the track was a sight to behold.

Tight and technical stuff is great, and big jumps are fun, but give me high speed corners any day as a real challenge to chassis and driver. And this track had them in spades.



While I haven’t been to many major nitro off-road events, I’ve done plenty of big races over the years – and I think this was one of the best.  Preparation was good, organisation and systems worked well over the weekend, and the Logan club should be rightly pleased with their excellent event. Catering, watering, scrutineering etc all seemed well staffed and organised. That speaks of a quality effort in event planning. Well done to the host club.

Race Director/Timekeeper team Jarrod Currie and Brad Davis did a great job to keep things flowing and very close to schedule over four days of racing. Communication with racers was good, and I’m always a fan of having a race director/referee on the driver’s stand with the drivers.

The Kiwis

Great to welcome a bunch of Kiwis from across the ditch, and with some good performances from the crew. I was particularly impressed with 12 year old Gage Peters. He ran strongly through qualifying, and then put in some powerhouse performances to bump from Quarter to Semi-finals and only miss the Championship finals by a small margin.  Great stuff (Oh, and happy birthday to Gage for Monday)! Trust me when I say you’ll hear more about this young man in the years ahead.

It’s not just the winners that matter

Quite often at these events, attention focuses on the outright results – and fair enough when one of the main purpose of the event is to crown national champions. That shouldn’t detract from those placing a little further back however, where we often see some cracking performances.

Dane Ryan was one man who put on quite a show this weekend. He qualified a little lower than he might reasonably have expected (through a range of circumstances), but then came out and won two finals in a row (the 32nd and 16th for the record) before jumping straight into 2nd place in the 8th final and looking every bit like he would bump again into Sunday’s quarter finals before mechanical failure put him out.  Superb driving from Dane.

There were a few who made the Championship finals too, who deserve a pat on the back.  In Truggy we saw excellent performances from Darren Lord, Matt Templeman and Brendan Wade for example, while over in buggy land, top 15 appearances for Ben Sterling, Chris Sturdy and Steve Smith are to be applauded. Double-main starts for Tim McKay would send him home well pleased with his weekend.  I think it’s worth observing Shane Van Gisbergen’s efforts too – a semi-final appearance at the Nats in his first nitro buggy race a fine performance.

The Aaron Stringer Story

Brisbane’s Aaron Stringer would be expected to be a front-runner, and came to the event with high hopes. He endured a horror qualifying run with all sorts of problems cruelling his hopes and seeing him sit 51st at the conclusion of Saturday’s final qualifier.  He would start mid-field in the 8th final, win comprehensively before doing likewise in the quarter final to get to the semi final.  A second place to McBride would complete the powerhouse recovery.

The story didn’t end there however, Team Stringer having to call a delay before the main final, resulting in a rear-of-field start for Aaron.  I’ve already mentioned above how his battle with Laughton was one of the highlights of the weekend, and to eventually finish second behind the peerless McBride was a remarkable result. Kudos!

In Praise of the Mechanic

For those running two classes and hoping to run up front, Sunday at these events gets pretty frantic.  A pair of 30 minute semi-finals followed by a pair of 60 minute championship races and with very little turn-around time in between really compromises the capacity to maintain and prepare good race cars.

I can’t help but wonder if the advantage then passes to those who are only running the one class – or who have full-time or dedicated mechanics.

A case in point, Matt Griffin started both finals out of position two before failing to finish due to mechanical issues. Meanwhile Stringer, McBride and Laughton all had team support to help keep things moving.

It has to eventually make a difference doesn’t it? it goes to show, I think, that the GP side of our sport has a particular team character about it (or at least it does for those running multiple classes).

Fuel Strategy

One of the things I really enjoy about the long finals is how fuel strategy plays out. There’s the balance between pure performance and tuning for economy, and also the variances between different engine manufacturers and fuel suppliers.

Take the Truggy final, for example, where we saw fuel mileage as short as seven minutes, and as long as twelve (yep, Darren Lord ran 12 minute stops through the Truggy final to stop just four times. Meanwhile Josh Pain in a huge fight with Gillott and Cambetis had to try and overcome a one-stop disadvantage.

Even in the buggy final Canberra’s Shane Kelly rode a 10 minute stop strategy into the top 6.  Up front, Kyle McBride seemed to be able to run an extra lap on most of his rivals, while Aaron Stringer likewise picked up a one stop advantage in his battle with Craig Laughton who had to pit one final time with two minutes to run while within sight of his target.

Low Grip = Cheap Tyre Bills!

There is such a trend toward high grip tracks in off-road (and on-road to be fair) right now, that a low traction surface is unusual. The Logan surface has been similar for years – even when it grooves up, traction levels stay at the low-medium level. One of the benefits here is the capacity to run super-soft compound tyres but still only have low tyre wear. For most it was a cheap weekend in terms of tyre bills (compared to other races where it can be anything up to a new set ever run).  I don’t think the racing suffered at all – with a little bit of slide offering some spectacular action, and still plenty of drive to get over the well-spaced jump combinations.

I think in low grip a particular kind of driving style pays dividends too. There is always the temptation to keep the car sliding, drifting and wheel spinning. It’s fun and it looks spectacular. But (and it’s a ‘big but’) it’s not always fast.  Being very precise with throttle and steering inputs, being meticulous about keeping the car flowing, keeping mid-corner speeds high, and above all staying on the swept clean racing line pay dividends.  McBride never looked out of shape all weekend. Matt Griffin too in his easy semi-final wins kept things all gathered up and under control. A lesson there for all of us who like to drive just a little on the wild side!

It’s a Wrap

You can check out the full results over here. They’re from the backup timing system rather than the official system, but with the exception of the Cambetis DQ from Truggy final, should be complete and correct.  You’ll find a full race report in Racing Lines in a month or two, including a heap of action photos.

If I find videos or photos appearing, I’ll add links here later.

It was Kyle McBride’s weekend in terms of the two championships on offer. But beyond that there was a whole lot to like up and down the field. I was glad to be there.

Kudos to the Logan club, and their major partner the Logan City Council for bringing such an excellent event to life.

Now, over to you. Were you there? What did you make of it? Who were the guys you think worthy of note?

Team Schumacher Queensland

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