Schumacher / Lord action from the Nats

Our ActionRC Team Schumacher offroad driver, Darren Lord is getting into the groove on the ACT track early.

After three rounds of practice this morning before the rain came Darren was about 9 sec clear of the field with his Cat and about 5 seconds clear with his Cougar KF – both running in the respective stock classes.


Go Darren, Go Schumacher.

Australian Offroad Electric Nationals

This weekend sees the running of the Offroad Nats at the Canberra track. The entry numbers are pretty fair – 231 broken down as follows

2WD Stock Buggy 50
2WD Modified Buggy 41
Stadium Truck 15
4WD Stock Buggy 45
4WD Modified Buggy 49
2WD Short Course Truck 20
4WD Short Course Truck 11

Obviously the truck classes not as popular as buggy at the National level.

There’s a good team of Queenslanders down there and we wish them well and we’ll be keeping an eye on their progress and reporting back here if you are interested.


Interclub Round 3

Next weekend 25th and 26th sees the rerun of the rained out third round of the Onroad Interclub for 2014 at Bayside.

VENUE: Kianawah Rd Park, 1908 Wynnum Rd. Wynnum West. 4178
PROGRAM:                 SATURDAY                              SUNDAY
Practice:                          8.00am                                         8.00am
Drivers Briefing:         9.00am                                        9.00am
Racing Commences:9.30am Sharp                          9.30am Sharp
                                            21.5 Electric                               13.5 Electric
                                            Super Stock                                 Modified Electric
                                            Gas Tourers                                Pro Tourers
                                            F1                                                     21.5 Kids Club
(F1 and Kids Club are demo events not for Interclub points )
I expect there will be plenty of competition in all classes and some of the keener guys will gather for practice on Wednesday night this week,
A brief summary – drivers may only enter one class a day except for the demo classes which can be added as an extra class to the main class entered.
Super Stock in this event is a composite class – drivers may run 10.5 blinky or 17.5 boosted whichever they prefer, rubber tyres of course.
F1 to the National rules and 21.5 blinky, rubber tyres.
Entry Fee:
Adults:1 Day $20 or 2 Days $30
Juniors 1 Day $10 or 2 Days $20
Family $50 and must be immediate family
(One class per day per driver)
A minimum of five entries per class will be required
I’ll be there both days and hoping to see plenty of others doing the same

Logan Onroad Sat 17.10.14

The second round of the RC V8 Supercars race was held at Logan last night and was very entertaining, mainly for two reasons, 1 it was a reverse direction race night and 2 it was a reverse grid for the second final. Reverse grid can be managed but let me just say that that track does not flow well in that direction and lots of crashes ensued. Still it was a good night and the most consistent driver was rewarded with the win, my car was fast but I couldn’t challenge Michael because of his consistency which no one else could emulate – good win Michael. Actually I haven’t seen the results of the night but pretty sure it would be Noel second and Heavy third.

In 21.5 Luke has his Schumacher Mi5 operating very smoothly and he is driving it very well – good all the way win.

Most of the Interest was in 13.5. Mal managed the TQ ahead of Keith which set the stage for some great finals racing with Adam and Karl also showing great promise. after the dust settled it was Keith from Adam and I’m not sure about 3rd sorry – the full results will be up on the Logan website.

(now that I have looked at the results I can see that it was Adam first from Keith and Karl – sorry guys )

Mod. Just 3 entries Corey from Terry and Ed.

All eyes turn to Bayside now for the Interclub next weekend and a practice Wednesday night.


It’s Wednesday, the weeks action starts here.

Today I get a few hours on the Indoor Offroad Track at GCRC the Gold Coast – from 12 till 3 just practice laps with my old mate Bob. (I need all the practice I can get. I’ll run the 4wd Schumacher K1Aero but I also grabbed the SV2 from Scott last night just in case sanity eludes me and I feel like doing a few laps in 2wd (unlikely I reckon).DSCF3529

After that I will head up to Logan for the Mid week mania – Onroad meet, I will run the SP F1 but might be tempted to put a pack through the Mi5 EVO – now mid motor mounted, but I might leave that till Saturday – want to make sure it’s right for the Interclub, I’ll also have to test my Mi5 with Mustang body ready for the V8 supercar thing on Saturday – there’s a lot happening.


This week I have been working on my original Rc10 Worlds car getting it ready for a run at Boondall, not with my box art bodyshell but I have another runner body. Also been looking at and a little work on my original MidOptima wondering if I should give it a run – decisions need to be made about whether it gets a modern brushless setup or do I look for a brushed ESC for it. The Hotshot is residing in the corner of the bench at the moment waiting to recover from a steering mod that went horribly wrong, maybe next week.


Watch out for a very fast cornering Postie bike

Our parcel of MR33 has temporarily gone missing, I’m thinking if you see a Postie bike taking corners at unreasonable speed follow him and smell his tyres – see if there is the distinctive odour of MR33 and let me know.

Seriously we should have it for Wed night or Sat night at the latest.

stop press. Apparently it didn’t work on motor bike tyres so it’s been delivered tonight

This week

Wednesday 15th.

Will hit GCRC for some laps with the Aero – probably from about midday till 3.

Logan for the midweek meet – run the SP F1 – I’ll be there from about 4.

Saturday 18th

Onroad meet at Logan from about 3. Things to try there, will run the Mustang in the Ford v/s Holden class and will run the EVO MID in 21.5 see if I want to run it in the Interclub the following weekend. Should be a big night.

Bayside Saturday 11th Oct

What an interesting night.

The track was washed and looked terrific, thanks to Brendon and helpers, the grass was mowed and looked terrific, thanks to Brendon and helpers, the hamburgers were terrific, thanks to Brendon and helpers. Anyone with spare time see a theme here.

A different race plan was to be trialed – retro style all qualifiers would be grid starts and all finals would count, no dropping your worst one, interesting. I’m all for the finals change, not sure about the qualifying in most classes the starts were messy and had a bearing on qualifying – racing in 13.5 was quite rough all night actually.

Kids club. 5 entries tonight and they all had a ball. Watch some of these kids develop.

21.5. Qualifying went to Heavy from a fast improving Elliot. First final Heavy lost his battery when 7 seconds in the lead and with 2 or 3 laps to go dropping him to last and handing the win to Elliot who then went on to star in the next two finals as well. I don’t have the results and with all finals to count my old memory can’t work it out but lets say Elliot won the night – his first all night win, not his last, his consistency was superb, Heavy had the fastest car but not the consistency tonight.

13.5.  Cooper was untouchable and maybe Duncan might have been second, not sure. Interest was in Mel running the new Xray, standard rear end – bit of work to do Mel. Rough racing all night in this class, maybe 13.5 is a bit too fast for some of the guys.

Mod. There are a couple of new faces in mod now, Terry continues to learn and now Cooper is in his learning phase. both will go well if they stick at it. Interesting Corey was running the new Xray but with the reactive rear end, it looked a handful particularly on the start of the straits – bit of work to do there to come to terms with that or make some changes .

Next fortnight will be the Interclub at Bayside racing

Saturday will be for 21.5, Superstock (17.5 turbo or 10.5 blinky) and Gas Tourer and the demo class F1. (Aust rules – 21.5 blinky and rubber tyres)

and then on Sunday the big day – 13.5, Mod, Pro Tourer and Kids club.

Don’t miss it.

My night.

I ran the older Mi5 last night in 21.5 with the mid motor. The car was very good and was the fastest car in qualifying, only car to do an 18 laps run. In the finals I lost my battery in the first (I officially hate tape) when in a comfortable lead meaning a start from the rear of the grid in the second, got to second but a last lap incident dropped me to 3rd. In the 3rd final too many mistakes but did the only 19sec lap of the night – maybe the clean track at the start got covered in grass clippings by the end preventing the quick laps. The real question now is do I fit a mid motor set up into my EVO for the Interclub or do I just run the old Mi5, decisions decisions.


This weeks Action (RC)

Wednesday sees our return to the dirt, the fabulous indoor track at GCRC. I’ll be racing 4wd stock as usual with the favourite car -  Schumacher K1Aero. Track opens for racers practice from 4 racing from 6.

Saturday we return to Bayside for a Onroad clubbie, again racing from 6 but I will be there from about 3.

Maybe a chance I will get out to Boondall on Saturday morning for a run with the Vintage / Tamiya rere club boys.

Looks like a good week ahead.

Team Schumacher Queensland

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