Wednesday night

Yes it was rained out but not before we found out some useful stuff and had some fun.

Our drainage works – just a couple of tweaks required.

The new surface dries a lot quicker than the old surface.

Some of the option track layouts work quite well.

F1′s get raceable traction on a wet track.

So not a totally wasted night, some good feedback for the track construction team and some great fun as usual for the F1 guys.

Looking at the weather reports I’m pretty sure that Saturday night is in doubt but Shane will call it as usual on rctech on Saturday.

Mi5 EVO Speed Secrets

U4711 – Twin Point Steering – Mi5evo

Twin Point Steering – Mi5evo
This new Twin Point Steering system for the Mi5evo has been developed during high end racing activities and testing by Schumacher engineers to provide a smoother more consistent steering feel.

A more consistent car can reduce overall race times!!

This was shown by Elliott Harper in his great ‘A’ main performance against the Worlds best at the ETS Rd2 in Germany.

The new Twin system includes an innovative lock stop triangle as shown.

Included in the kit are three different sized triangles to adjust the overall lock to tune the car for different track conditions.

U4711Coming to ActionRC very soon. Pre order to be in the first batch. $80.


Also new O rings for the diffs and new sliders coming.



Not much RC for me this week

Looks like a great night looming on Wednesday 18th for the F1 brigade at Logan, a few new cars and a lot of keen F1 drivers hope they all tun up as it will be my only RC activity for this week. Going away Thursday for a couple of weeks.

Saturday night will be TC etc at Logan again. The new track is finished now with the last burm to be painted on Tuesday night.

That was a good week.

Wednesday night at GCRC.

Darren Lord continued on his winning way at GCRC in 2wd Stock, dominating the finals with his Schumacher KF. I finally got my driving to a better place with the Cat K1 going a lot better.

Saturday morning at Boondall. Scott and I had some fun driving the vintage buggies at Boondall and reminising about old times.

Saturday night at Bayside I managed TQ and won both finals in 21.5 – having a lot of fun along the way – good to have a visit from my old mate Trevor Kerr for some racing.

The Guyatt family crawler activity was mainly confined to some bridge crossing and a lot of what’s app activity and pics. Fun.

This weeks Action (RC)

Wednesday 11th – GCRC Offroad Buggy meet

Saturday 14th

Boondall 9am for the Vintage

Bayside from 2pm for the Onroad

Wednesday 18th Logan for the F1

Saturday 20th Toowoomba for the golf (no Logan for me )

Plenty of tyres in stock – Sorex preglued in 28,32 and 36 and plenty of Much More Rush

Ride R1 rears for F1 on the way. Plenty of F1 bodies in stock.




Preparing for Saturday: How to learn a new track

If you’ve done all (or most) of your EP racing at just one or two tracks, one of the skills you might be a little dusty on is how to learn the fast way around a new track.

With a brand new track opening at Logan this weekend, there will be a whole heap of us all trying to figure out what are the best lines, which kerbs can be attacked and more.

Want a head start on the competition?

Jump back to our Jan 2014 post “Back to Basics #2: The Racing Line” for some ideas and tips on finding the quickest way around a track, and what to do when confronted with a brand new race track.

And let us know your favourite tips and tricks for figuring out a new race track….there’s always more to learn!

And for a little extra help on figuring out that racing line for Saturday afternoon, head over to our facebook page for some video of Anthony Atack hitting the new Logan layout at last night’s mid-week club gathering.

New Beginnings: Logan 2015 Launch Week

It’s a rare treat, a completely new on-road track to play with.  But that’s exactly what awaits SEQ R/C racers this week, with the launch of the new 2015 Meakin Park circuit on Brisbane’s southside.  It will be the first totally new layout seen in Brisbane in quite a few years.

The previous circuit has served the club well over several years, but for a while now, it’s been time for a refresh.

On this occasion that means not just an all-new multi-option track layout, but a freshen up of the racing surface itself, and a change in style for the track as well.

For the first time, Logan have gone for a full concrete kerb style race track, rather than it’s more typical pipe and dot track markings. The kerbs have been beautifully built and offer racers the chance to really attack the track, going for those perfect racing lines, without fear of damage from a slight mistake.

The multi-option layout takes design cues from the 2008 IFMAR Worlds track, and offers a multitude of optional layouts (including what should be some very fun short-tracks for special events and classes like F1, Mini, or 12th scale) along with the main “Championship” layout.  With 4m lane widths standard all the way around, there’s also plenty of space for the faster EP touring classes – and for nitro tourers if the demand is there.

The surface itself has had a good working over. The team spent hours filling cracks and grinding bumps that have come up over the years as the subsurface shifted, and then applied a new coat of emulsion over the whole track area for a consistent race surface. It’s early days of course, but initial indications are positive.

The level of commitment from the club and it’s members has been impressive to watch – with big numbers turning out for many working bee sessions over the summer to get things ready.

This week, finally, is the week. A preview on Wednesday night’s “Mid-Week” event on a short track will be prelude to the main event when the first official club race night sees racers hit the track on Saturday afternoon and evening. Indications are that it’s going to be a big event, so be sure to get there early and join the fun.

The question, of course, is what can you expect from the new layout?  Based on just a few laps testing before the kerbing was complete, we think you’re going to love it. There are some brilliant high speed sections demanding total commitment, and some rapid changes of direction to really test chassis balance as well. My favourite corner swings right through in front of the drivers stand at high speed, tightening all the way as it turns into the main infield section. There’s going to be plenty of passing opportunities and a few different racing line options in that part of the track for sure.

Kudos to Shayne, Noel and the massive Logan crew that brought this new track from concept to reality.  We can’t wait to see cars hit the track for the first time this week.  With the new Logan layout, the always well-presented Bayside circuit and we hear a refresh on the way for Brendale, there’s a lot to like about on-road racing in Brisbane in 2015.

This week though, it’s all about Logan.  Get there…..any way you can!  We look forward to seeing you trackside.

Now for the big news

Racing Onroad is finally getting underway for 2015.

Look out for these meets this next week

Saturday 31st  – Vintage meet at Boondall 9 am

- Onroad season opener at Bayside, bring your TC

Wednesday 4th – Opening Mid Week meet at Logan – bring your F1

Saturday 7th the big one. First major race meet on the new Logan track, don’t miss this christening of the major make over, new surface, new layout, bring your TC (usual classes 21.5 and 13.5 blinky and of course Modified ) and your F1.

Darren Lord/Schumacher KF dominates GCRC

On a night that saw near record numbers for a Wednesday night buggy meet the two big classes were 2wd Stock and 4wd Mod. A first for a long time on a Wednesday night the 4wd stock also had good numbers, enough for their own race, superb.

The action in 2wd stock was hot but it was Lord in the KF who led the qualifiers and clear winner in the 3 finals, a clean sweep – again superb.

We do it all again in two weeks – don’t miss it



Schumacher KF2


New stuff

  •  NEW – Rear pivot straps that includes Anti-Squat and Inboard Toe-In options, two toe-in options in the kit with roll centre adjustment.
  • NEW – Dual motor position in the kit, by changing to the included low grip top deck and belt, forward and rearward motor position can be achieved, giving 21mm shift. (Shorty LiPo required for low grip rearward option.)
  • NEW – Super consistent, industry leading QUAD pad, vented slipper with easy access and NEW Ultra Fine adjustment spring.
  • NEW – 2.5mm Black Hard Anodised Alloy chassis.
  • NEW – Alloy Chassis Stiffeners, no front top deck for easier radio access/installation.
  • NEW – Simplified Motor Mount with increased cooling.
  • NEW – Fully optimised suspension geometry – Fast, consistent handling.
  • NEW – Pro Ball studs for 2mm hex.
  • NEW – Updated steering assembly for less play and easier use.
  • NEW – Optional fan mount for improved cooling under high load conditions.
  • NEW – Lightweight, narrower side gears for increased efficiency.
  • NEW – AirFlo Cab body shell for improved looks and handling.
  • NEW – Updated Pro spec 13mm big bore shocks with titanium nitride shafts, CNC machined 3 hole, 1.6mm rear and 1.5mm front pistons with recessed ‘e’clips, threaded collars, with twin O ring sealing and diaphragm volume compensation.
  • NEW – Shock Seal Pack Housing with added ‘O’ ring sealing.
  • NEW – CORE RC Springs, in the box!
  • NEW – Layshaft side mount with increased stability and rigidity for the spur, with improved tollerance.
  • NEW – Quick Release Layshaft.

Get the full picture and details here

Order yours now from ActionRC – kits ready to ship from Schumacher within a couple of days.

This weekends action

It’s all Logan Onroad this weekend.

Friday 23rd from about 5pm – working bee. Concreting, painting, general tidy up. We need to get a fair bit done so we can have a play on the new surface on Saturday night. Bring a Jerry Can of water if you can.

Saturday 24th. A play on the new track – might be a shortened optional track or a trial of the full thing – depends how much work we get done Friday, and of course the weather.

See you Friday


A Saturday morning of Yesteryear

Finally we got a fine (some might say HOT ) Saturday morning for a vintage RC at Boondall.

Quite a good crowd turned out and ran a very eclectic mix of old and new trucks and buggies, some bashers and some pristine shelfers.

Old friend of RC, John Perkins made a first appearance with some nice original buggies, most of which he had raced back in the day, some RC10′s, a Yokomo YZ10 and a nicely restored Hirobo (Zerda ?)

I finally got the chance to run my RC10 Worlds rere (the original is back on the shelf. I must say the rere goes better than any original two wheel drive buggy that I remember from back then – maybe its the modern.shocks or tyres – we run Proline Blockade at Boondall .

See some pic on the Boondall site on rctech later today, we had a great photographer there.

Team Schumacher Queensland

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