Logan Onroad Saturday night

A good night of racing at Logan, 2 heats in TC3, 2 heats in TC2 and a small heat if TC1 added to a strong heat of F1 made for some good racing.

Race of the night was the second final in TC2 with Keith and Noel going at it for the whole race, Keith led from the off but Noel got a good pass and led for minutes before a tiny mistake allowed Keith back through. Keith win the race by .4 of a second. Good stuff.

The 21.5 guys tried running in reverse for one heat and one final in preparation for the Enduro which will be 3 hours each way. I found it difficult but finally got some sort of rhythm by about half way through the second race in that direction.

F1 racing was good last night, I’ve finally got the Serpent going the way it should, just needs a driver now, happy with third though, and happy to be 5th qualifier for the A in 21.5. Don’t want to talk about the finals.

Good to see some new faces and some old friends back at Logan.

Next fortnight is the Enduro – get your entries in. Looks like there are 5 or 6 definite teams including one from Maryborough. Remember it’s teams of 4 drivers(not 3 or 5 ), one car and no extra pit crews, everything including manning your allocated marshalling position has to be done by the 4.

Cheers, HeavyD

Schumacher Eclipse 12th released!

If only we raced 12th scale….we’d have one of these on the way. The brand-new Schumacher Eclipse broke cover this week.

Full details here, or ogle this beauty in the photos below.

There are only a few truly iconic cars and names in the RC racing world, two that are mentioned in the same breath are “Cecil Schumacher” and the “Schumacher ‘C’ Car”. 

The revolutionary ‘C’ car emerged from the Schumacher stable and won multiple European Championships in the 1980’s. This was just the beginning for Schumacher Racing, and after a gap of nearly 35 years, we are excited to announce the arrival of the latest 1/12th circuit car to bear the Schumacher name, the ECLIPSE.

The ECLIPSE breaks the mould of 1/12th circuit car design and features a full length carbon fibre chassis and high quality engineering polymer mouldings throughout. The ECLIPSE is durable, easy to maintain, but above all, fast! The design makes the ECLIPSE forgiving and easy to drive. Your best bet for the top step of the podium.

The Schumacher ECLIPSE, a new beginning.


This weeks rc action

For me this week will be a little quieter than usual, due to a little caravanning activity.

My three regular events will be on but I will only make it back to Brissy for the last event of the week.

Wednesday night a MeakinPark Park the regular F1 TC  practice night will happen.

Saturday morning the regular vintage buggy meet will happen at Boondall.

Saturday night the regular F1 and TC race meet will be on. I’m guessing that some will be trying out their Enduro cars as it will be on the following fortnight. Anyone want to try their hand at race directing this one I’d be happy to relinquish the reins and put a team together as I’ve never had a crack at this event. If not no big deal I’m happy to race direct as usual.

Details and entry form on the club Facebook page or rctech page, don’t miss this one – the big question at the moment is – will the team that’s won it both years make an appearance this year or is it all up for grabs ?

Into 12th scale ? Have a look at the new Schumacher due out later this month, innovative and different, looks great.


Dirty Wheels and things

The Mi4 CX is on the bench today, OK to run an old model but when you have as many Mi4 parts left , from when I was the Schumacher dealer, as I do then there is no excuse for it not being nice and fresh. New shock shafts and seals, new low friction stock belts, new diff out drive inserts on the rear, new Litemodz front spool and drive shafts in the front, thanks to Gary Sturdy. I’m working up to the possibility of rebuilding the rear ball diff (but it feels ok so I might get a bit slack there ).

If I get it finished today I’ll have plenty of time to look at the main game car (F1 of course).


Queensland EP10 Onroad Titles, that’s a wrap.

For the first time the national body AARCMCC and the Qld body ORRCA combined to bring us the Qld Titles , with the Brendale circuit chosen as the venue.

The track was fantastic, smooth, grippy, well prepared. A masterful performance by Leonard Lai in the Race Directors role and well supported by the Brendale club and its members ensured a weekend to be remembered and well and truly fitting as a Queenslands. Smiles all round I think.



This week will see a return to normalcy, for me that means F1 Wednesday night at Logan, vintage buggies Saturday morning at Boondall and Saturday night F1 and TC at Logan. Hope to see you at one if those meets.

Planning is well under way for the Logan Enduro to be held sometime in the next few weeks – date will probably be announced on Saturday night, as a very successful annual this event is one not to be missed, teams of 4 drivers, one car, 21.5 motor over 6 hours, start getting your time together.

See you at the track.

RC racing and stuff this week

The dreaded lurgy has laid me low this week, but assuming some recovery is imminent thus is what’s on my radar.

Wednesday 14th – the usual practice night at MeakinPark Onroad, keen to give both the F1 and the TC a run getting ready for Saturday night.

Thursday 15th – entries for the Queenslands close – you must have a paper entry in and paid by this date otherwise you’ll incur a late entry fee, get on it 

Saturday 17th.

Vintage buggies at Boondall from early morning, this week sees the second running of the Ginger Beer Cup (can I defend my first round win ) for vintage buggies 2wd or 4wd with silver can motors. Do I run my XX or my Supershot ?

Then the evening meet at Logan for the Onroad. At the moment I am running an old Mi4 and last week it wasn’t good enough, while I blame the track and the car deep down I know the driver was really the cause. I do know that a spool in the front would  fix a lot of the inconsistent handling issues, but I don’t have one at the moment so I’ll have  to stick with the front diff, I’ve refilled it with 500000 as the heaviest I had, really needs 1,000,000 in it, see what happens Wed night. I’m pretty sure I’m still enthusiastic enough about racing to be in the market for a new chassis, well we’ll see what the next couple of weeks brings.

F1, I’m currently running a Serpent and after a few adjustments over the  last couple of runs I’m very happy with it – I do have a hankering to try another brand (guess) but again, we’ll see.

Anyway if you haven’t raced in awhile get your gear together and get out to Logan this week for some fun

Also keep an eye on our second hand page, there could be something coming up – couple of things actually.


Queensland EP10 Titles – Brendale

The Queenslands are coming up fast (23-25 Sept) and this Sunday will be the last practice meet before the titles, and more importantly before entries are closing. If you haven’t made the decision yet to compete then this could be a very important meet for you. I suggest you get out there this Sunday and cut some laps and make some decisions, TC, 1/12th or F1 or maybe 2 of those classes. Don’t let the time runout on you and cause you regrets.

The entry form is available here http://www.rctech.net/forum/attachments/australian-events/1376418d1468701250-2016-aarcmcc-orrca-qld-ep-road-state-titles-22nd-25th-september-qrccra_ep-state-titles_entryform_2016.pdf

You have to fill out a paper entry form even if you enter online.

I’m currently thinking it will be F1 for me this year and trying to free up Sunday toget out there for a run.

Just a note to those who think they can’t enter TC3 because of the ORRCA restrictions on entering on drivers who have podiumed previously – those restrictions don’t apply this year as the event is being run under Aarcmcc rules.



What a great Saturday

Had a great day yesterday.

Started early with some Vintage Offroad, the track was flooded when I got there but I am a super optimist so I started a little drain to drain the biggest lake into a low section of the infield, reminded me of racing straw boats down the gutter in the rain when we were kids. Soon the troops arrived with shovels and brooms etc and we got the track to a drive able state before an hour of good sun did the final touches. Low numbers, no doubt put off by the rain, but we had quality.

I ran my XXT STADIUM TRUCK (what a good thing that is, especially suited to Boondall ) and a guy turned up with 2  XXT to sell at pretty reasonable prices and a bag of spares, that created a bit of excitement. Also ran my XX buggy, I really love that one too. Ran a few other cars as well, all 2wd today. Had stocks of the Proline Blockade tyres to sell (the tyre of choice at Boondall) so that made some of the boys happy, don’t worry if you weren’t there yesterday I still have fronts and rears for the buggy left and saved a set of SCT ones for you Mario. Have a few of the Schumacher tyres (original CAT tyres) that we use on the shots in stock again too if anyone needs them give me a call.

made a little list of jobs to do on the Actionrc DirtyWheels workbench during the next week.

After all the fun I headed home to dump all my vintage runners off and reload the i30 with my Onroad cars and gear for racing that night at Logan.

Had spent a day on my F1 and TC during the week and expected them to be pretty good and with the F1 I wasn’t disappointed, it was going really well, apparently a couple of the boys have stepped up a lot during  the 4 months I have been away and I found myself languishing towards the rear of the field in spite of my car feeling the best it has – more homework and more practice required.

In TC I am currently racing a Schumacher Mi4CX which is now 4 models old and showing signs of high mileage, I am happy to be racing it however till I decide if my skill level and my enthusiasm warrant a new car. This kit has a diff in the front at the moment (I’ll get a spool back in there when I can find one) and unfortunately the diff oil has gone off resulting in me struggling all night with a free spinning diff and a very hard to drive car. There is always next time qualified 8th which is not good enough, but good enough to stave off retirement for another fortnight.

I struggled with the track treatment tonight, normally the treatment and preparation used at Logan is very good and it was the previous fortnight as well but last night I found it very inconsistent and patchy, hope that was just a one off.

Got home about 1030 and sat down to watch the real F1 qualifying. A big day out that’s for sure but an enjoyable one, roll on next fortnight and we’ll do it all again.

For today (Fathers Day ), and I’m blessed to be a father of four sons, I’ll be missing in action from rc, I’ll be with my sons and their kids sharing some time together in some fun and laughter, and taking a little time with some fond memories of my Dad as well.

See you at the track.

cheers Heavy.

Logan week

Big week this week 3 race meets for me.

  1. Logan Onroad Wednesday night, give the F1 a run and probably a few laps with the Schumacher Mi4 CX see if it still goes around ok.
  2. Vintage Offroad at Boondall Saturday morning, the Losi XX gets a hit out in the Ginger Beer Cup round 2 – vintage buggy with silver can, torque tuned or sports tuned motor.
  3. Regular Saturday night race at Logan TC1, TC2, TC3 and F1.

should be a good week

This weekend

Saturday evening regular Onroad race meet at Bayside.

Sunday I believe there is anEP meet at Brendale, would be good for anyone doing the State Titles to get some daytime practice.

Sunday I think the Logan crawler group are having a crawl at Mt Cootha. (Tbc).


no Logan crawler meet

Sunday Brendale gates open at 8 racing from 10. The control tyre cleaner and traction stuff available to try.

Well that was a good day

started out at the vintage buggy meet at Boondall – ran a few laps in a few cars , RC 10 Worlds, Supershot, Losi XX, Losi XXT, Schumacher SVR. Had a good time chatting with a few old reprobates.

This evening I went to the Onroad meet at Logan, good meet, all the TC classes and F1. Robert Tyler was good to me and loaned me his Mi5 which I thoroughly enjoyed driving, couple of good dices throughout the night. Plan to run an old Mi4 for a few weeks till I decide if I want to ra e for a bit longer or retire, the amount of fun I had tonight make the R thought seem more like an r thought.

We’ll see.

I’m back, I’m ready to race.

Possibly  an exaggeration, the caravan is cleaned and put away, the house is still in one piece, I have opened the toy cupboard and joy of joys the toys are all still there, no batteries have puffed or exploded or anything exciting – no one has cleaned the mud of them from Boondall the day before I went away, oh well it’ll probably mostly fall of on the first jump tomorrow.

The  vintage buggies are all out getting charged ready for tomorrow morning at Boondall.

I’ve been experiencing a lack of interest all day from Star Track who are reluctant to do anything at all to find my tyre shipment so I guess the vintage boys won’t be getting any tyres tomorrow now.

Logan tomorrow night will be interesting, I’ve found an F1 car but nothing for TC yet, plenty of time. Is there any F1 at Logan now I’ve noticed a few being sold second hand by the boys.

As we used to say, see you at the track, actually , we’ll race you there.

Team Schumacher Queensland

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