I’m back

Well not quite back but at least back in Queensland, which of course makes my mind wander over to RC matters, what’s been happening while I’ve been off wandering. The beauty of the Internet is of course that you can be anywhere and still seethe results etc.

i regularly look at the Logan Onroad results and of course check on the boys at Boondall.

I’ll miss the next meet at Logan but throne after is definitely a possibility, looking forward to seeing all the smiling faces again

cheers, heavy.

And on a more positive note

Logan Onroad seems to be on the up and up. This week new tops have been put on the pit benches by a small handful of willing workers (thanks guys) – if you are a user, either offroad or Onroad please treat the benches well and ALWAYS clean them off after you finish. Also the Onroad track is due for a resurface (no layout change)  in the next little while, Looking forward to that.

All good.

And for the electric offroad guys the Chargers club – currently at Redbank are setting up for a move and a new facility a bit closer to Brisbane.

Electric Onroad continues to grow at Brendale and they will hold the Qld EP Onroad titles this year so might be an idea to get out there for a meet of two and get a feel for the place before then.

The Logan crawler group has a meet planned for this Sunday, want the details contact Laura Matthews or meet at 2pm back of the Dog and Parrot, Scotsdale Drive, Robina.

See you at the track.

GCRC Closing

Sad news this morning that GCRC at the Gold Coast is closing its doors permanently. Marty has decided to put the needs of his family before RC 👋 . We here at Actionrc wish Marty and his family well for their future. We have enjoyed the facility on plenty of occasions and competed in some memorable events, it will be missed.

Holidays, who needs em


Good morning team, well I’ve been on holidays for a month now and loving it, just missing rc a bit. Only 3 or 4 months to go, s’pose I’ll endure it.

2 big meets Saturday in Brissie


Firstly the offroad vintage meet at Boondall, incorporating a working bee first then some running. Only big event today is the pre 90 4wd silver can race , and I think the wheelies might get another run.

then tonight there’s the regular Onroad TC, F1 meet at Logan, not one to be missed.


Sadly won’t be at either, enduring a windy, rainy day at Victor Harbour SA. Have fun.

Boondall – where legends meet

Heavy takes out the feature event, The Ginger Cup.

An event run on the legend track, won by Heavy (legend) driving the legendary  XX buggy powered by the legendary Novak Duster and the legendary Tamiya Torque Tuned motor. Event sponsored by that well known legend JPAction and featuring as runner up legend Foxman driving a legend Fox, and of course there was that legend (in his dreams) Mad Racer “I would have won but my wheel fell off”

Good fun was had by most – certainly Heavy as the biggest grinner of all.

in his victory speech Heavy said “if I’d had  a Schumacher Bosscat I would have run that, maybe next year.


It’s a Logan week-

and we started it with a crawl on Monday (if you want to come to one of our random crawl events let Shane know and he’ll add you to the message )



Wednesday night – F1 and TC practice / fun night – and ogling the first Mi6 kits.

Saturday night regular club racing.

Saturday morning vintage offroad at Boondall.

Sunday morning I leave on my long caravanning holiday around Australia. Check here there will be some local posts and some holiday posts as well – watch for our full photo display of the Mi6 as it us built.

First of the trio

3 rc meets for me this week, and the first is done and dusted .

Logan Wednesday night.

These days the WEDNESDAY night meet is more of a testing practicing session and a catch up with mates and as such was a good one.

With a couple of new F1 to be trailed and adjusted etc  and with the Schumachers of Laura and Chris Matthews out to show the TC the way around it turned out to be a good night.

We finished up with a 15 minute run for the F1’s which was very entertaining and educational.

Number 2 meet Vintage Offroad Saturday morning at Boondall

Number 3 meet TC and F1 at Logan Saturday night – don’t miss this one – no I don’t have a new Mi6 (yet) so will probably give the Drama another chance. See you there


The Merida 24hr: A race report

First, the numbers:
  • 500(ish): Number of bikes and riders
  • 300: Metres in elevation gain each lap
  • 26: Four-person teams in the race
  • 24: Hours in the race
  • 22: Number of laps my team completed
  • 16.5: Kilometres in each lap
  • 14: People in the various teams we were connected to
  • 3: Times the burger van sold out of food!
  • 1: Times I’ve now competed in a 24hr mtb race
  • 0: Number of punctures for our squad
Second, the story:

The event, of course, is the Merida 24Hr MTB race, hosted at Hiddenvale Adventure Park.  It’s a regular feature on the SEQ mtb calendar, but as relatively recent arrivals in the ‘regular mountain biker’ category, the first that I (and many of our crew) had attempted.

At the front, the pace, performance and professionalism was genuinely impressive. Tineli Racing, for example won the four-person teams event with a dominant performance, leading from the bell to the flag and never looking in doubt. They finished just 11 minutes behind the leading 6 person team, Chip and Dales, another team to bank an impressive performance.

And then there’s the solo riders. 24 hours. Non-stop. Body pounded from pillar to post on a rocky, dusty course. Amanda Reddy swept the womens field, while mens went to Peter Bigalia on 23 laps.  That’s more than my 4-person team managed.  Something like 380km of tough single track. Incredible. Truly. All the results are here.

But the thing about this sporting event, and so many like it, is that the stories are just as good at the tail of the field as the front. I mean, kudos to the ladies, gents, teams that won and took podium spots, but likewise to those that just did it for the fun of it.

Like a father/daughter combo I met, racing as a pair. What a great experience that must have been for them! Like the team we were locked in combat with right down to the wire, just seconds separating us with a couple of laps to run, battling over our anonymous mid-field position. Like those that entered into the spirit of the event, smiling, laughing, crying, falling, getting up, pounding the pedals, bombing the descents.  All of it, a wonderful mix of serious and celebratory. A great race.

We were loosely connected with three teams and four individual riders in various categories across the weekend.

Rory, Ethan and Mitch took on the 24min Kids Race on a shorter 2.2km loop, all in the U13 category. Rory snapped up third to grab a podium spot just a handful of seconds ahead of Ethan, while Mitch celebrated a top-10 spot in his first bike race.

Dave Lawrence lineup up in the four-hour solo category. Starting with the 24 hour field, this race-within-a-race took place from midday to 4pm Saturday, blazing sun, 30+ degree temps, super hard work. Dave rode a great race and enjoyed the experience…..right Dave? 😉

Our good mates Chris & Greg Lander, Darren and Steve Perry (well known to all you R/C racers out there) running as Team L&P were awesome – running solidly in the top 10 throughout, and climbing forward to a fantastic fourth place in the four-person category (27 teams) in the closing hours. Consistency, speed, preparation and Steve’s shiny new bike all contributing to a great performance. Chris battled flu all weekend but banged in the lap times anyway. Kudos guys!

Brett and Mark Farren-Price (more R/C racers, though retired now) with Simon and Sheree Stewart made up “The Big Rings” and put together a race plan that included blazing speed, consistency, and a short early-hours rest period for their first ever 24hr experience. Each rode fantastically well, with Brett and Mark punching out some very competitive sub-60 minute lap times late on Sunday morning to put an exclamation mark on the race. That early hours rest-period might just have been the difference between finally finishing 15th, and just maybe a top-10 position, or a podium in the mixed-fours. No sleeping next year!

“We might be Giants” was our final team, with Adam Lynch, Peter Joyce, Kevin Coleburn and myself. We had, it must be said, a chequered run.  I was laid low with flu Friday and almost didn’t make the race at all, but managed to put down a few (slow) laps. To add to our woes Peter crashed on lap one, tearing a muscle in his chest and putting him in a world of pain and off the bike for the night. That left Kevin and Adam to carry the can, hauling us up the leaderboard with middle-of-the-night heroics and multiple double-lap stints to bring us into the morning in a great (for us) mid-field position. They were an amazing pair of team guys, giving their all to keep us in the game. Peter and I managed to combine for a couple of Sunday morning laps and we got home in around 13th place (its a little unclear due to a hilarious finish line incident that resulted in two of our riders crossing the line instead of one….but we’ll save that story for another day, right Peter?).

IMG_5996Thanks from our team too, go to Matt Guyatt. Matt hooked us up with some gels and rehydration formula from Endura. Good stuff….get on it! Definitely made the 3am lap a little more palatable with a bit of Endura gel supplying the energy!


The race-track itself was 16.5km of variety. Some beautifully built climbing trails, fast sweeping, banked and bermed descents, rocky, stony technical climbing pinches, rough, blown out sandy and dusty chutes. Four decent climbs and four good descents each lap with the course passing through the pitlane to start/finish each time around, and returning to the edge of the main pit area at the half-way point. Super dry conditions means some parts of the trail blew out, and the dust was, in places, inches thick. Great sense of fun from the organisers, with different trail-side decorations coming and going during the night. Arriving at the Dinner Camp (a remote paddock at the furthest reach of the race track) to a full-on disco sound and light show was one way to wake up at 3am!

On the whole we loved it. Glad we raced. Disappointed that illness and injury that hampered one of our team’s efforts. Sad for a couple of people in the whole field who suffered significant injury. Stoked to have been part of it.

Would we do it again? The planning is already underway. If you want to be part of the squad for 2017….there’s always room!

My RC Week

I turn  to my calander and see “travelling round Australia” but here I am still in Brisbane. Due to a small (hopefully) medical procedure for Jen our trip is delayed, don’t know yet for how long.

OK then that leaves me free for some RC. Turns out to be a good week for it as well

Wednesday night – F1 and TC at Logan, keen to run my F1 again with some front wing adjustments to lose some down pressure on the straights.

Saturday morning – I’ll run a couple of vintage buggies out at Boondall, looking forward to that.

Saturday night – Onroad racing at Logan. Will probably run TC3 but insanity might prevail and I might run F1 as well, see how fit I’m feeling.

Now, one more thing do we go with a new Schumacher, the Mi6 looks great and I’m sorely tempted.

Hope to see you Brissie guys at one or more of those meets.

Race Preview: OHV24

It’s a big week, this one. It’s the build-up to the biggest race of the year so far.

We’ve been practicing hard, testing, training, learning, getting faster. And we’ve been working on suspension setup, tyre choice, weight distribution. And now the chassis is clean, checked, packed and ready to go as the count-down clock hits four days.

The driver lineup is impressive. Darren Perry, Steve Perry, Chris Lander, Greg Lander, Mark Farren-Price, Brett Farren-Price, Adam Lynch, Peter Joyce, Dave Lawrence, Scott Guyatt to name a few. Anthony Atack was an unfortunate late withdrawal.

Uniquely, it’s a team race – teams of four competing head-to-head on a track that has a bit of everything. In places it’s tight and twisty, with some savage bumps, but in other places so fast and flowing that you can’t help but smile and put the hammer down.

Some of us will make it in Friday afternoon for last-minute practice, while for others it will be a Saturday morning bump-in to setup pits and get ready to race. I can’t wait for that buzz that always fills the pit area at big races.

There’s a junior class too…with my son Mitch in the U13 category over a shorter race duration.  It’ll be a new experience for him, and he’s a little nervous.

By Sunday, a little after 12, it will all be over. We’ll know the winners.  We won’t be among them. For us it’s about fun, learning, trying not to crash too much, and staying out of the way of the fast guys. I’m looking forward to my first head-to-head race with Steve Perry for quite a few years.

The event of course is the Merida/Hiddenvale 24 Hour mountain bike race. A host of ex (and current) R/C drivers lining up on the start line, nearly filling three teams (it’s relay style, one rider at a time on a 16km lap). The trails are magic fun, though the thought of a 3am lap is a little daunting. Twice around the clock is a long way!

We’ll publish a race report after the event. For now though, here’s a little footage from our practice session last weekend:

Finally a fully fine Saturday

This meant a great day of rc for me – vintage offroad at Boondall on Saturday morning and ONROAD at Logan on Saturday night.

The Boondall morning was relitively quiet but the track was good and I enjoyed running several cars.

Logan was also a good meet, good numbers and good racing in all classes. I ran my new F1 with mixed results but I enjoyed it, made a few changes and learned some things.

Half way through the final I had a massive twitch half way down the back straight and broke the front wing off. Before that the car was very twitchy down the straight, after the wing came off the car was rock solid on the straight but under steered everywhere else. Seems that a balance is needed with the front wing, some downforce for the turns but not much for the straight, I’m playing with a new front wing and can’t wait to try it.

see you at the track soon

Scott hangs up the transmitter

It’s been coming for a while, with very little racing over the last 18 months, but now it’s official. I (Scott) am hanging up my transmitter for the foreseeable future. R/C is of course deep in the blood, so I wouldn’t dare say “never again”, but for the time being, it’s family and mountain biking that’s going to take priority.  David is just as motivated as ever, so he’ll definitely continue hitting up the race tracks.

R/C has been great to me over many years (including the last 12 or so since I came back from my first ‘retirement’) and I’ve had a heap of fun, and made many friends along the way. Thanks to all I’ve had the chance to race and have fun with along the way. I’ll definitely be dropping by the tracks from time to time to say g’day, hang out in the pits, and try to beg a drive. 😉

To ensure I don’t fail to temptation to return too soon, I’m selling most of my gear. Take a look, and if you are interested in anything, drop me an email, or sms me on 0429 043 851. It’s all my own personal gear, well looked after, and very much race winning gear.

I’ll put the whole list over on our second hand page, and maybe on rctech in due course. If you want a photo, let me know. Prices are for pickup (Kenmore), with payment by EFT or cash. Postage is added. I may be able to arrange pickup from Brisbane race track by negotiation.

  • Schumacher Mi5evo: $275 incl spares, used tyres, used custom body, box, manual, tuning parts, spare front/rear diff, springs etc. As raced at Logan last week. SALE PENDING
  • ORCA TX 13.5 motor: $30
  • Thunderpower 4.5 motor: $30
  • ProAmps 8.5 motor: $30
  • ORCA RX3 13.5 motor: SOLD
  • Proline Hauler Bag: SOLD
  • Muchmore Type L Tyre warmers and 3080 temp controller: $60 SOLD
  • LRP Pulsar Touch Competition charger/discharger: $90 SOLD
  • LRP 20amp power supply: $80 (dual outputs, usb output)SOLD
  • Yokomo tyre sander: $30SOLD
  • SMC batteries – 2×6500, 2×6000: $10 each (6000 packs slightly puffed)SOLD
  • Personal transponders x2: $100 each (one has short lead, one standard length) SOLD
  • Spektrum DX4S transmitter and SR410 receiver $100 (SOLD)
  • Spektrum SR3100 DSM2 receiver: $30 (SOLD)
  • Spektrum SR300 receiver $20 SOLD
  • Spektrum SR3000 receiver $20 (SOLD)
  • XRAY XB9 nitro buggy : $150 including spares, spares box, whatever nitro spares I have including several sets of decent condition tyres SOLD
  • True-Start Universal Starter Box: $30 setup for twin 2s lipo/6-cell nimh packs (not included) SOLD
  • OS XZ-B Speed tuned motor and OS 2060 (EFRA 2042) pipe: $150. Good condition with new plug SOLD

I’ll also try and get down to Logan one night soon for a little garage sale of all the small stuff (things like tyre goop for example).

Cheers! Scott

Team Schumacher Queensland

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