Queensland Champs Week!

It’s Queensland Champs week for the EP on-road community, with racers from all over the state slowly making their way toward the southern Queensland town of Hervey Bay for a weekend of racing and a little holiday activity.

We’re heading that way as well, and that means limited service from Action R/C this week (unless you’re at Hervey Bay). By all means, drop us a line if you need something, but we won’t be able to resume full operations until Tuesday 30th.

We’ve been anticipating this race for a long time – it’ll be the first time the Fraser Coast club (based in Hervey Bay) have hosted such an event, and many of us are excited to go race with the crew.  Check out our full race preview.

We’ll post daily updates during the event, or keen an eye on Team Argo over at facebook for their usual blend of information and a light-hearted take on events.

Welcome to the winners circle

Ben Myer you legend, first night out in his new Schumacher KF and Ben wins 2wd at the GCRC.

BEN  commented on the extreme quality of the Schumacher kit and the steering, wow the steering, couldn’t get the smile off his face.

Go the schumacher drivers, quite a good team at GCRC now. Andrew Lyons also had his first race meet in the Aero after a long layoff from RC, welcome back Andrew.

Last Orders Gentlemen

Queensland Onroad Titles – Hervey Bay.

The 1st of September has come and gone and those that took me up on the offer of $40 sets of premounted 36′s before that date are well and truly catered for, I have a few left at that price if you haven’t ordered yet.

My very last order for tyres will be going in on 12th – after that it will be too late for the event.

If you want some ordered on 12th then get to me before 5pm that day, normal price of $45 per set will apply to that order.

See you in The Bay

Learning about the Mi5evo

Mi5evo_logo_200After a fun night of racing at Bayside, it’s time for a little update on progress with the new Schumacher Mi5evo.

First, let me send you over to Ed Clark’s blog, where he continues to document the development of his Mi5evo. Go here.

Below are a few thoughts after our first few weeks with the car.  Overwhelmingly it’s been positive, but there are always things to learn and the Mi5evo is a totally different car (in terms of setup) than the Mi5 itself.  Here’s what we’re thinking so far.

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ORRCA Qld Titles – tyres

Only two weeks left to the deadline for ordering and paying for The tyres for the Qld Champs for those buying from us if you want the discount price of $40 set. After 1st Sept the price will be $45. Much after that we won’t be able to guarantee delivery.

Get your order in soon, rules of the event stipulate a self supplied control tyre Sorex 36, our are preglued and ready to run, max 3 sets allowed for racing and you might want some for practice.

Dont leave it too late. I should be at Bayside on 30th if you want to order then.


Team Schumacher Queensland

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