Saturday 22.11.14

Went to Boondall early for a couple of hours, the usual fun with the Vintage crew – just like in vintage days the Team Associated Worlds car rules the 2wd scene out there (although I wouldn’t mind having a good Cougar 2000 or Fireblade to test out against them. The Holiday Buggy still rules in the “brings smiles to my face” class.

Had to leave there earlier than planned as I wanted to be home by Continue reading

Years end looming.

This week I will be racing Offroad at the Gold Coast – naturally the Schumacher K1 Aero – at the regular fortnightly Wednesday night meet, laps from 4 till racing starts at 6 then finish about 9 ish.

Saturday I will be at Boondall for the Vintage Offroad run in the morning – this will be my last run at Boondall for the year – where has that year gone, incredible how fast time flys when you are having fun. Will run my RC10 Worlds (original) and probably Optima Mid and maybe a HPI truck, sadly no Schumacher at this meet.

Saturday arvo / night I will be at Bayside for the regular Onroad meet,  running the Schumacher Mi5 EVO in 21.5 or maybe 13.5

Sunday – day of rest, might go and watch the finals at the Qld 1/8th Offroad Titles at Logan.

Love to see you at one or all of those meets.

The cheap (er) way in.

Fining you want a Touring Car or a buggy but struggling to get the readies together for a new car – have a look at our second hand page for some good cheap still competitive cars that might be possibilities for you.

Just so you know I still have a large stock holding of spares for all the cars listed, and if there is something I don’t have I order from Schumacher virtually every week so I can get it for you usually before the next race meet.

Touring Cars. We have two customer cars featured there, the CXL of  Shane Hyde which is still competitive in the spec classes and a super cheap ($175 with a 21.5 motor) entry level car and then there is a Mi5 which is just one model off the current EVO and still very good – would be useful in any of the classes. This is Ed Clarkes car and at $250 which would be a great bargain given the spares etc with it and the constant maintenance, repair and replacement program that Ed puts his cars through.

If it’s a buggy you want have a look at my Cougar SV2 – it can come with whatever electrics you want or as a bare rolling chassis – way to go if you want a competitive buggy for the Gold Coast

Saturday 15th racing at Meakin

On a very hot Brisbane day track opening was postponed from 2pm till 4pm try and let some cooler weather roll in – that didn’t really happen but the usual Logan breeze whipped up and cooled things a little. Some opted to stay home in the AC, some opted to watch the V8 action and some went off to the non-event G20 for entertainment.

Anyway those of us who  raced had a good night.

21.5 was all Robert Tyler – he really has his Schumacher EVO operating fantastically and no mistakes in the finals meant he ran out ahead of pole sitter David Guyatt.

13.5 was a mixed bag with Leonard (TQ) leaving early it left the night to fight for Keith being the best of the rest  from Karl (improving every week) and One Tran.

V8. This was a battle in two between Noel and Michael with Noel ending up in a Michael sandwich.

Mod. Was good to see Anthony back in mod and a pleasure to watch his driving, smooth, consistent and hitting every apex perfectly. The Schumacher EVO looking the goods in his hands. Ed’s second place giving Schumacher a one two finish in the fast class.

Full results here

Overall a pretty good night of club racing.

The big picture

Over the next couple of days there are a couple of big RC events unfolding.

Firstly the World Titles for 10th IC Touring Cars in Taiwan, there are a few Aussies over there doing their best on the world stage. Qld’s own Jeff  Hamon looking a chance for the A’s. Finals start at 4pm Saturday.

Closer to home the Aussie Nationals for 10th EP Touring Cars starts today at Canberra. Qlders Dorn, Broadstock and Pearson are down there ready to go hard.

All the best guys.

There is movement in Tasmania

The big news today is that Beggsie (that’s John) is back in team Schumacher Tassie. After a two year layoff (and prior to that a long dabble in Mini) John has acquired the well sorted Schumacher Mi5 of long time Tassie team leader John Batich – John Batich has of course moved on to a Mi5 EVO.

Welcome back Beggsie, looking forward to your debut in the Mi5. ( We understand the comeback will be very early 2015.) Watch out for it – maybe an added incentive for ActionRC to try and scrape together the $$ to get a couple of drivers down in March for the Titles.


Team Schumacher Queensland

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