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Well it’s done and dusted.  An excellent weekend’s racing for the first annual Hobbystation Invitational/Brisbane Cup. Anthony Atack (Invitational), Brett Ryan (Open Modified) and Damian Barnier (Stock) where the winners after 2 hard-fought days of racing.

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South Brisbane Chargers goes world class

Last Sunday Chargers unveiled their new sic surface on their track at Wacol . Very impressive to the eye it also turned out to be very impressive to race on, very high traction and near perfect profiles on the jumps led to very good racing across all classes.

For a club meet there was an impressive entry, I entered 2wd stock (in my 6 year old  Schumacher Cougar SVR)   with 19 others to have 2 full heats of 10 for the class. I had the wrong tyres but Matthew Lawrance gave me a set for the final which transformed the car, thanks Matt.

Zoom in on this pic and look at the rear tyre deform and the suspension working – Boondall setup not the best at Wacol. Thanks for the pic Nathan.

Also entered 4wd Stock (in my 10 year old ex Sturdy Cat SX ) – there was only 10 in this class.

There were also good solid entries in the mod classes and a couple of heats of combined Stadium and SCT trucks.

Interest centered on the Sic surface and the claimed no dust and high traction claims of the track builder, and I don’t think anyone was disappointed, great surface to race on and the profiles of the jumps was excellent as well. We”ll wait and see what time brings and what rain does but so far take a bow Chargers and Sic

As an aside I qualified 5th in 4wd and ran out 3rd and 4th in the first two finals, for the last final for some old times fun I handed the transmitter to Chris Sturdy (Chris drove this car to a State Title win in 2010 ) – he showed me how the SX should be driven and won the 3rd final easily – the old car was humming – came down from the drivers stand and reminded me of Scott – same words he always said “needs more steering Heavy ”

There were winners – and those results will no doubt be published, couldn’t let this little story go to press without a mention of young  8 year old Jack Parsey who drove like a pro in the 2wd stock finals, best I’ve ever seen – remember the name you’ll be hearing it often.

A good day, good racing, good track, good spirits, good friends what else could you want.

Where have you been Heavy

I know I’ve been missing in action as far as this web page is concerned but i’ve been off doing important stuff.

Rediscovering the joy of RC.

One of my sons is a golf coach and he gets his best results when he can get his clients to rediscover the joy and the passion for the game.

I was very stale and not enjoying racing at all so I decided to do something about it- sold both my race cars (Mi6Evo and Serpent F1) so I wouldn’t be able to change my mind.

Remember your first RC car, and what you did with it. If an offroader like ours – a Tamiya Hotshot – you found a corner block of dirt or a park and spent time there driving and having FUN, or and onroad car similarly found a shopping centre carpark or other hard stand and learnt to drive. The fun of driving.

Thats where I am at the moment, playing with Vintage offroad buggies, bringing back the memories, just driving for fun not racing as such just driving and enjoying the old buggies.

The other aspect of rediscovering the joy involves the Onroad sector and those of you who frequent Logan will know what I am into there.

Just driving this truck causes fun and laughter, noone cares about lap times, just driving for fun.

I can honestly say I am enjoying both streams more than I have for years.

See you round and racing or not just remember we do what we do for enjoyment and if you’re not getting that satisfaction think about whats wrong.

See you round the tracks, Heavy D.

It’s very tempting isn’t it

CAT L1 Having retired from racing it’s probably a dumb idea – maybe my first (second actually there is a Hotshot up there) shelfer.

Our regular Vintage meet at Boondall is currently at a worrying point in its life – a bevy of 1/8th buggies with huge knobbly tyres has invaded our usual peaceful Saturday morning, they rip the track up something terrible. Chargers club have offered to run a vintage class at their regular Sunday race meet, very tempting but quite different to our relaxed “have a chat, and run a few cars” that we usually have.

Time will tell

Big Decision

It was a week for a big decision – I’m not racing competitively any more. The time has come, I’ve had a good run and now to other things.

Not quitting RC.

Still plan to race the Tamiya truck class on Wednesday nights at Meakin and of course I have a good fleet of Schumacher Vintage and will be a regular at Boondall for the next few years hopefully.

Sold the Mi6 and the F1, I still have a good Mi4 that I can race if I ever get the urge – unlikely but you never know.

You’ll no doubt still see me around the tracks for a chat and to keep up with whats going on.

It’s been a great 30 odd years, no regrets.

A big weekend

Started the weekend with a very early start, up at 5.30 for the trip out to Boondall for a morning of Vintage Offroad RC. I have been putting a few cars together over the last little while and they all need testing, and notes made about what needed fixing, things you can’t test at home, down a pinion or two on that one, diff slipping on that one etc etc.

The council hd seen fit to grade the track for us, which is appreciated but they don’t roll it so it’s a dusty rocky mess until a fair few laps have been put on it, gets good later in the morning, by then most of the rocks have found their way into my gearbox, oh well something to do Monday.

After a fun morning it was home to unload and reload with the Onroad gear for the regular Onroad meet at Logan. Was thinking I would run F1 but changed my mind and ran TC using the now vintage Mi4. Cant quite hold its own against the newer models plus my $99 motor is not quite up with the new $260 jobs. Nevertheless lots of fun. By the end of two heats and one final the length of the day got the better of me and I headed home.

Monday was de-rocking day and I got through two cars today, waiting for a body,undertray and belt guards to arrive so I can get my Bosscat to the track, maybe next fortnight.


Since i’m not racing as much these days I also haven’t made the effort to keep this page up to date – most of our news goes to Facebook these days.

Most of my rc time and budget these days is aimed at the Vintage scene, I made the decision recently to get rid of any vintage runners I had which were not Schumacher, since then I’ve sold some, traded some and have the basis of a nice collection of Schumacher runners, just selling a bit more extra sort of stuff that I rarely use these days, like my Hudy set up station, to have funds to chase the one car I still want – Bosscat. A little negotiation is currently going on around a Bosscat so watch this space.

Logan are holding a proper race meet on Anzac Day our regular Wednesday test and tune night but gates will be open from 2 and racing from 4, shouldn’t be a late night.

Next vintage meet Saturday 28th Boondall from about 8 am


Finally some racing

Haven’t been doing much racing lately due to caravanning and other retired person sort of stuff but this week was a bit different.

Saturday morning I got out to Boondall for some vintage offroad – the track has been too wet or rained out for weeks, but finally we got a go. A few small puddles to be broomed off and it was all good.

I have been concentrating on making my Vintage runner fleet all Schumacher lately which has meant selling a few, buying a few, swapping a few and so on, at last count the Schumacher fleet looked a bit like this.

Club 10 Cougar,

Club 10 Storm,

Cougar 2000 buggy,

Storm 2000 truck,

Cat XLS Masami 4wd buggy

Cougar SVR buggy (not really vintage but getting older)

Cat K1 Aero (also not vintage but a few models old now)

Still looking for a Bosscat but my real wish is for a Cat 2000 – There is a good story behind my desire for a Cat 2000, i’ll tell you sometime.

All of that means my onroad fleet is down to a Serpent F1 (on the market) and a truck (fun to race at Logan).

So Saturday morning was spent at Boondall, lot of fun trying out some different cars etc and chatting – sold my Tamiya Super Shot.

Saturday evening went to Meakin to race my f1 but ended up racing truck – the trucks are really a lot of fun, consistency is the key, if you have to be marshalled there is no chance of catching up. I had a reasonable run with a 1st, a 2nd, and a 3rd.

Sunday I had a few minutes to spare so I wandered out to Chargers new track at Carol Park to see some of the action. Watched one race and them they stopped for lunch. Still had a good look around, drivers stand, with a ramp, is totally amazing. Maybe the shelf on top of the barrier makes it a bit high for kids and wheel chairs, time will tell. Saw a few old faces and met  a couple of new ones. The future looks promising for The South Brisbane Chargers club. Plan on heading out there sometime (not on a race day because I can’t marshall at the moment) to give a couple of vintage cars a run -= maybe the Cat XLS and one of the trucks.

Next Saturday 24th we are having a run at Boondall which is the off week but most didn’t want to run over Easter so we are having an extra. There will probably be a few there Easter Saturday not too sure, next meet after that will be two weeks after Easter.

There is a good (quantity and quality) entry for the Qld Onroad Titles being held at Brendale on 13th to 15th April. I’ll try to get there on the Sunday for the finals, should be some good racing.

Another week – some RC but not much

my only Rc this week was the Wed night meet at Logan for the trucks. Six trucks on the grid this week, a lot better and much more fun for the numbers. Whilst they are all the same speed they do get separated during the race but individual battles between 2 or 3 cars were epic. Really enjoyable night.

not much else to report but I did pick up a couple of Schumacher vintage on eBay which will occupy my bench for a few weeks. A club 10 Storm as it came of the track 27 years ago and a slightly newer buggy (the red chassis one) along with some spares. Should be arriving about the time I get home from this trip.

exciting times


Where have you been hiding Heavy.

My apologies to those followers who keep reminding me that they follow this page to keep up with whats on and when. Looking back I can see that its about 4 months since I last logged on and penned a few lines, I’d better get back to it.

My main interest lately has certainly been in the Vintage Offroad Category with the excitement caused by Schumacher releasing the CAT XLS Masami. There are about 14+ of these floating around Brissie, some put together as runners, some as shelf queens and some kept as NIB by collectors.

Mine has been built as a runner and has done a few laps at Boondall (Brisbanes Vintage Offroad Track ) and is an absolute joy to drive. Schumacher rereleased the model as a very faithful representation of the original with the notable exception of making provision for LIPO batteries. The recommended power maximum is 17.5 brushless (I am currently running 13.5 ) which recognises the power we get these days from LIPO and brushless, there is a power transmission available,which mine is about to get, and which will allow lower wind motors. There are other options available as well which I haven’t bothered with so far – graphite replacements for chassis , top deck, shock towers etc. Most of the Brisbane runners have taken up the option wing mount which is a cheap solid replacement for the very flexi wire mount.

There are also some 2.2″ wheels available which allow the use of modern rubber tyres – we use Blockades at Boondall, however there are also the old original CAT tyres in 2″ in pins and blocks which also work well at Boondall.

I’m itching to try mine on Blockades at Chargers new track once it’s ready.

There has also been some interest from those who had been restoring originals and were stuck for a part or two, they can now buy the part they want to progress their project.

The interest in onroad for me has swung in favour of the new Wednesday night class at Meakin, The Euro truck class, based on the old Tamiya TT01 chassis with a semi trailer MAN body shell, the class is being run strictly as a box stock class. The kit comes with tyres, esc, motor and they all have to be used and no fancy alloy parts allowed. pinion can be changed for a better quality one as long as the same number of teeth. LIPO battery can be used.


I have run one Wednesday night and one Saturday  (normally this class will be Wednesday only at Meakin) so far and can say its more fun than I have had in RC in a long time – best approached as fun rather than out and out competition you’ll have a ball.

Image result for tamiya tt01e truck


Saturday 24th – Club Onroad Racing Bayside.

Wednesday 28th – F1 and Truck Meakin gates open from 5

Saturday 3rd March – Boondall Vintage 8am till lunch or whenever (I”ll be away for this one )

– Meakin Onroad Club meet gates open about 2 racing under lights  – (I’ll be away for this one)

Saturday 10th Onroad racing at Bayside

Wednesday 14th – F1 and trucks at Meakin (i”ll be away for this one)

Saturday 17th March – Vintage Offroad 8am Boondall

Saturday 17th March – Club Onroad Racing at Meakin  6pm

Hopefully I’ll be back with more news before then.

Racing last Saturday night at Logan was very good, good numbers in all classes, good to see a full field of Mods going round. The trucks drew a few laughs from both drivers and spectators so that’s a good thing.

In addition to the above there is also electric onroad racing a Brendale on a regular basis these days, I’ll have to try and catch up with that when I get back.

If you want anything Schumacher give me a call, I still have some stock and I order for myself on a fairly regular basis and its no problem to add your items if it’s a definite need.

My current restricted wish list

Image result for vintage schumacher cat 2000


Team Schumacher Queensland

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