Saturday night Onroad at Logan

Firstly a fine night for racing.

Secondly a good crowd turned out to race and spectate

Thirdly a few new faces

What more could you want.

Well 2 heats of 21.5, 2 heats of 13.5 and a small mod heat.

21.5. Quite a few new faces in this class and some super racing, also a name change apparently while I have been away (now TC3)- 3 guys in 16 lap territory and 4 or 5 in 15 laps and the rest in 14. I managed 15 laps but have to say either the pace is up in this class or the 3 months layoff I’ve had has slowed me down a lot, Brad Palmer managed to come home on top over Robert and Jay. I was languishing back in 6th behind all the hot shoes but happy to be in the A final – more practice required. Back in the B final Wayne (I’ve got a new car) Sutton was heard to say he’d had the best race of his RC career.

13.5 (TC2) Keith continues on as top of the pops in this class, hotly pursued by Terry, Michael, Duncan etc. Racing looked pretty good and pretty clean from what I saw.

Mod (TC1) Only a small group and won by Corey. I was impressed by the performance of Team Argo Supremo Karl, as a novice in mod he drove some impressive lines, be good to see him keep at it.

F1 (still F1). Corey and Noel were the leaders of the F1 brigade, Michael Belby looked good in his first F1 appearance. ( I had an F1 with me but couldn’t raise the energy to run two classes on the night.

A good night, it was good to be back.

In the announcements time Shane reminded the drivers of the need to make sure they are running all legal stuff (hardware and software) in their cars with the State Titles coming up, if in doubt check or ask.

Maybe the club could look at changing the class names in the computer to read TC3, TC2, TC1 etc etc

Next meets Wednesday 5th August and Saturday 8th

Racing this week

Wednesday night, Logan.

F1 and TC. Looking forward to trying a couple of F1 and my Schumacher EVO which has had a couple of go fast bits added and some oil in the diff (long overdue), hoping to rebuild the shocks as well before Wed night.   – WASHED OUT.

Saturday morning Boondall Vintage Offroad. Will be running Worlds RC10, Supershot, Cat K1 and might possibly have my Grasshopper ready for a shakedown in the Insect race. Have plenty of tyres for the buggies Blockade for the buggy rear and matching buggy fronts in Crime Fighter or Holeshot (Proline don’t make a blockade 4wd front ). Also a few sets fr and rr of the Cat original spikes.

Saturday night Onroad at Logan. Plenty of tyres in stock -Preglued Premount Sorex in 28,32 and 36 and some Much More Rush pre mounts. Plenty of body shells in stock.

Looking forward to getting back to the track after a long holiday.

ORCA motors – winners

ORCA 21.5 motors have powered both the 2014 and 2015 Logan 6 hour enduro.

In 2014 it was a TX which had already done some months in my regular 21.5 TC. Not only did the motor power the winning car but also set TQ in the shootout – same motor, still going is in my F1.

In 2015 it was the RX3 which repeated the performance, TQ and a win. Again the motor had done some meets in my TC before the Enduro and again it’s back there now ready for some more club work.

Fast, long lasting and reliable, and at a reasonable price from ActionRC what more could you ask?


2016 Logan 6 Hour Enduro: The Story

There’s a lot that goes into endurance races – whether they be 24 hour races like Le Mans, 1000km of Bathurst – or even an R/C version in the form of the Logan 6 Hour Enduro.

Of course a strong driving lineup is important – but so too is preparation, planning and a little dose of good luck along the way.

The second running of the Logan 6 Hour Enduro (which has all the hallmarks of developing into a classic annual race) reinforced all of these things – and reminded us that even if the stakes are much lower, there’s still plenty in common between R/C motorsport, and 1:1 racing.

Put simply, The Dominos won comfortably, continuing to extend a margin that was 1 lap after the first round of pit stops out to a race-winning 26 laps when the flag fell.

The Bayside R/C based team Gas Tricks (Cooper Porter, John Taynton, Clayton Hughes) were equally fast (and at times definitely faster) for most of the race – but paid a hefty price for more frequent and longer pit stops, and a couple of minor reliability glitches (a sensor cable coming unplugged in an early accident, and then a battery ejection late in the race when they were getting on a roll). Still, it was a strong effort for a first year team in the Enduro, and we can be sure they’ll be back better again in 2016.

Third place was the star studded Yoko-Ray crew of Mackrill, Broadstock, Belby and Chadwick. The XRAY-mounted team were definitely fast, but suffered with very slow battery changes, and a couple of other minor glitches along the way.  This may well be the major lesson learned by another first-time team in Endurance racing – fast changes are free time and that’s not to be underestimated.

Team POP were the quiet achievers – running strongly right through the race, and sitting in podium positions for extended periods. The guys were fast – particularly when Peter Beckett was at the wheel – and it was a good result for another first-year outfit.

Team ARGO had prepared well – and continued to threaten in the early stages of the race. Terry Norman’s opening stint to move from fifth on the grid to a very strong second place over the first 20 minutes was a highlight if the night.  The team looked set to challenge until a couple of pieces of unreliability pushed them back out of podium contention. First was an off-sized battery plug resulting in a battery disconnecting during the second stint – and then a servo worked its way loose requiring a long stop for repairs. Still, a lot to like from the lads, and they’ll continue to search for the winning combo in 2016.

Sixth placed Team Schuie had a night of frustration – with the promised pace not materialising and the crew struggling to run the lap times they wanted. Combine that with a series of battery ejections from the team’s quick-change system and then a broken rear belt…. and the laps bled away a little faster than they would have wanted. The driver lineup is good, and with a solid run they can (and will) be genuine podium contenders in the years ahead.

Seventh went to 3HPS, with some good speed at times, mixed with a few mechanical challenges along the way, and some lengthy pitstops for repairs holding them back. I believe the only team to have a motor failure (?).

Team Crash had a similar story – fast at times, but a few long stops (including one to replace transmitter batteries I believe) slowed their progress. Still there seemed to be plenty of laughs and a lot of enjoyment going on incl some pretty funny intra-team sledging!

Finally, Allmates finished in 9th place – and were the only car not still running at the end. That though was down to an accident in the closing minutes, and the car not quite able to be repaired in time to return to the track.  The Allmates team included the youngest competitors and are to be congratulated on their first time performance on the Enduro scene.

Once again, overall reliability was good – with all cars running through most of the race. There was one motor failure that we heard of, and a couple of suspension breakages from accident damage – but largely the issues that delayed teams were minor, and fairly quickly repaired. It’s an impressive feat!

Anatomy of a Win

The winning team for the second year running, The Dominos, did all the right things: careful car build with 100% reliability mattered; fast, consistent, safe driving mattered; and, importantly for 2015, very quick and trouble free pitstops made a huge difference.

After being schooled by their major opponents in 2014 when it came to fast pitstops, the Dominos did their research and planning well, with stops this year taking between 10 and 19 seconds – but averaging around 13-15. That’s anything up to 20 seconds or more faster than some of the other leading teams – and with something like 15 stops across the night….that’s a lot of free time.

On track, Jason Dorn, Anthony Atack, Michael Redmond and Scott Guyatt did what they needed to do – Dorn blisteringly fast at times, and the remainder of the team pumping out consistent laps. The team opted for 25 minute stints on most occasions, running LRP 7200 and 7500mah packs, and the ORCA RX3 motor in their Hotbodies TCXX chassis.

Interestingly, the drop-off in lap times across the night was relatively low compared with the same event in 2014. Last year we saw lap times fade by up to 1.5 seconds from the early stints to the last stint of the night – where this year the drop in lap times was around 1/2 a second or so. Tyres lasted well, and the relatively mild temperatures (I’m glad we’re not racing tonight instead!) meant track conditions stayed fairly consistent across the night.

There’s a lot to like about this race. Friendly atmosphere, competitive racing, and just the enjoyment of doing something that is (a) totally different from our normal R/C events; and (b) a genuine team endeavour.  The team thing in the fashion of an enduro is not common in R/C, and adds to the intrigue of this race.

We hope that Logan continue with the event – and that it draws an even bigger interest in 2016, with the club willing to accept up to 12 cars. We’d love to see the boys from Fraser Coast, for example, mount a challenge – and to see a team from Brendale’s SST EP scene do likewise. What about a team from Sydney or Melbourne to tackle the local teams?

What we do know is that many of the first-time teams (notably Gas Tricks, Yoko-Ray and Team POP) will come back with a much more robust team strategy….and that’s going to make the 2016 event something very special.

Congrats to the club, and special thanks to David Guyatt for his race directing. Most of all though, job well done to all 9 teams.

Fun indeed.

PS: We’d invite you to share the story of your night in the comments. What went well for your team? What went wrong for you? What are you already working on for next year?

Dirty Wheels

Spent some time in the RC workspace today – after 3 months away its a bit of an adventure. naturally I went away with a lot of cars needing work, not much work but some.

today I got out some vintage models which will be required for Saturday morning, so far I’ve charged a battery for each of the ones I’m planning to run on Saturday – Tamiya Super Shot, Tamiya Holiday Buggy, HPI E10 truck, Associated Worlds rere, and my Schumacher K1 Aero, also swapped the slicks off this one for a set of pins. Also brushed the Boondall dirt of them. The Mid Optima needs attention to the gearbox so doubt if it will get a run this week.

im in the market for a grasshopper or hornet now for the Insect class at Boondall. Have my eye on a Grasshopper black edition. sadly the vintage meet is a bit fragmented at the moment with some guys being available on one fortnight and some the other, I guess it will sort itself out.

Also need to glue up some Pits for the rear of my F1 – I have the rims and tyres ready to go but I hate gluing, I figure if I put it off for long enough someone might visit who is good at gluing and I might be able to make them an offer they can’t refuse. Maybe I’ll bring them to the Enduro and someone there might take pity on me 😉

Got a few tyres in for the vintage guys – we use Blockades out there on the buggies and on the old 4wds we use original schumacher spikes – must get some more of those, also got some 32 pitch and .6 module pinions for the old cars as well.

Enough of this chatter I’ve got to get back to the workspace.

Talking of repairs my pushy is in the bike shop this week having new gear change cables, hand grips and a service – should be ready for the 8.5km Sunday arvo train trail ride from Fernvale to Lowood – if I can tear myself away from the Fernvale bakery (or the V8s on TV )

see you at the track

Shipments due


Regular and light Weight in Mazda speed 6 and LTCR due by the end of the week – now in stock

Some Rush tyres and some more tyre glue also due end of the week. – now in stock

Some Blockades also coming for the Boondal boys. – now in stock

Still plenty of Sorex premounts in 28 32 and 36 compounds – no need to glue your fingers with these – already mounted and glued

Logan 6 Hour Enduro Preview

So the practice is all but done.

The preparation is well underway except for last minute tweaking.

The countdown is on in earnest to the race of the year – the 2nd Annual Logan 6 Hr Touring Car Enduro!

We thought we’d cast an eye over the event, and the field, and make a few bold and fearless (and nonsensical) predictions.

For those outside the Enduro bubble, the basics are these:

  • 4 drivers
  • 1 car
  • 21.5t motor, blinky ESC
  • 1 set controlled tyres/wheels/inserts
  • Min 75 mins per driver
  • Pit stops at each team’s discretion
  • Start time: 4pm this Saturday
  • Significant penalties for tyre or motor change (among other things)
  • 6 hour race time

21.5t motors are a good choice for an event like this. The low power means the event is accessible to all drivers – and we can see that in the mix of different teams entered for the event.

Preparation is of course critical, with key elements being a mechanically well prepared car that will last the distance (anticipating somewhere around 850 laps over the course of the night); a motor/esc setup that will last the distance without overheating, tyre management, battery changes, and the all-important psychological preparation.

With most teams in 2014 opting to change drivers with each new battery, that means a stint length of around 20 minutes – a long time for the average EP racer who is used to 6 minute races.  Driver fatigue can play a factor leading to mistakes that can creep in over the latter part of a stint.

For all those reasons, it’s not just pure lap speed that matters, but consistency across the team, and ability to settle into consistently fast, safe long runs.

In 2014 it was a battle that came down to two teams, with eventual winners “Team Domino” overcoming a short repair delay to get over the top of the fast running “The A Team”, and Team ARGO a solid third.  To relive that event, read our race report here, or the driver’s eye view here.

The 2016 Teams

It’s a strong lineup to contest the 2nd Enduro, with most of the teams having the potential to run strong pace if the preparation is right.

Team Yoko-Ray will probably start favourite, with the super strong driving lineup of Mackrill, Broadstock, Belby and team leader Chadwick.  3 of the 4 are leading spec racers around SEQ, and Broadstock is one of the country’s best in modified. Most of the team are new to this format of racing, but that shouldn’t slow them down. It remains to be seen which of the team takes on the official sledging duties (a key part of enduro racing), but this could be a weakness.

Team ARGO are the fun-loving boys of the SEQ touring car scene….but also bring plenty of on track talent to this battle. With Team Manager Karl Keuhner a late addition to the driving lineup, and “Fast Terry” Norman leading from the front, there’s lots to like. Probably the best prepared of all the teams, definitely fast, and definitely favoured in the sledging department (after winning that award in 2014). The team’s recent photo shoot included a suit-and-tie shot, so we’re expecting big things from the masters of the team uniform.

Team Schumacher have returned for 2015 with a strong driving lineup (Tyler, Vaughan, Gordon, Gordon) and lessons learned from some electrical gremlins that kept them off the podium in 2014. In practice last night their drivers showed good pace, and they’re all very comfortable with the car and track. Look for the Mi5 to be up front at the death.  The challenge for Team Schumacher could be that they’re all just a bit too nice to let the insults flow in pitlane. Time will tell whether that helps or hinders.

The R-Holes are a first-time team, but stacked with immense driving talent – mostly from the nitro touring side of the hobby (if I’ve matched the right team to the team name!). The team’s #1 driver Cooper Porter was on hand last night undertaking some track testing and looked very tidy indeed.  Most of the team haven’t yet turned too many laps at Logan, but there should be time during practice and in the first stints to pick up the fast way around. We’re nominating these guys as our dark horse for the race win.

There are rumours swirling that Peter Beckett has lined up a very strong team and named it after himself. The final driver group for Team Peter is a bit of a secret, but said to include some talent from south of the border. I’m tipping they’ll be fast and well prepared, and that Team Mascot Ken will wear the shiny gold yokomo shirt and ably support the team with some well-timed dry humour.

Team 3HP will be bringing the fun factor to the endure, with plenty of laughter expected from the Hyde, Hyde, Hardy and Peacock camp.  With a solid car and plenty of experience of the track, there is good potential for a strong mid-field finish, and higher if some of the more favoured teams strike trouble along the way.  Shane will assume chief sledger duties, and should carry it off ably.

I’m not sure about the choice of name, but looking forward to seeing how Team Crash fare on Saturday night.  There’s some speed in the team (based on the Fahey clan), and if the car prep is on the money, this could be one team that surprises.  I’m not quite sure yet who will be the vocal warrior for this team, it could be duties that are shared around a little – or a secret plan that I’m not aware of. Stay tuned!

That leaves Team Domino as the last confirmed entry at this stage. The defending champs will back up with an unchanged driver lineup of Dorn, Redmond, Atack and Guyatt, and once again the Hotbodies chassis that served them well in 2014. The real challenge for this team is that so far in 2015, two of its members have spent more time on mountain bikes than R/C tracks, and both will start rusty on Saturday night.  Dorn and Redmond should carry them early, and then we’ll see how much time the semi-retired veterans of the lineup bleed to their opponents.  The good news is that mountain biking also involves plenty of good natured sledging, so Anthony Atack is already in fine form when it comes to this crucial element of the event. Be afraid….be very afraid.

Track and Tyres

The one final wildcard for the 2015 event is the track/tyre combination.  With the new track’s surface settling into a low-medium grip combination at best, and the firm 36 compound tyre chosen, grip could well be at a premium later in the event. The team that can extract the most from the tyres in the back half of the event, keeping the heat in them as much as possible, could well come home with a big advantage.  We’re not anticipating issues with the life of the tyre – but on the new surface that could spring a surprise too. The penalty for changing tyres is heavy, but we still could see a team take the strategic penalty for the advantage of fresh tyres. Time will tell.

There are rumours swirling too of a surprise track layout being chosen for the event, to be unveiled at the start of practice. That would add an extra element to the event, and hand a little advantage to the team whose drivers most quickly learn the new layout. All will no doubt be revealed at 2pm Saturday afternoon!

We’ll be back with a race-wrap on Sunday. If you’re not racing (and there’s probably still time to enter if you can find three mates, a car and a heap of batteries)…come on down for a look (and listen) to the race of the year!

Logan Tuesday 7.7.15

A good night.

Most of the teams were there running their Enduro cars, testing battery run times, ratios etc – the Enduro looks like it will be fast and furious action for the whole 6 hours.

New comer to 21.5 Adam Gordon got to TQ the 21.5 class but found out when the guys got serious for the two finals that he still has a little work to do – still a very impressive run, looking forward to running against Adam after the Enduro, and if I ever race TC again.

Love F1, so hard to get consistency from lap to lap and from race to race. Duncan and Noel seemed to be the best tonight with Michael and Kirk not far off the pace. I had a few issues both prior to and during the races but still enjoyed it – it wasn’t cold when I last raced 3 months ago but it is now and I need different tyres – apparently.

With all the guys practicing for the Enduro the numbers were not there for 13.5 but I think Leonard and Scott had a few good runs. I noticed that canvas grips up ok on the new surface, judging from the tyres Scott was running.

Saturday the track will be open at 2. Tyres will be issued at 2. practice from about 2.30 depending on how many help with track preparation. See you there.

Heavy is back

David has completed his bakery survey of Vic and NSW and is back in Bris ready for some RC action.

He will be at Logan Onroad Tuesday and Saturday this week and at Boondal on Saturday morning.

Big thanks to Noel Gordon who carried and sold my parts for me while I was holidaying, he’s a top man that Noel.

See you at the track soon.

Garage Sale…Grab a Bargain!

We’re having a bit of a clean-out. Grab a bargain fast. Email Scott. Prices are ex-Brisbane, we can post at your expense. Payment in cash, eft, paypal. Can e-mail or sms you photos.

Misc Equipment

  • Liquid Gravity LG2 Tyre Goop, 99% full: $10


  • Hong Nor NEXX10 4wd Short Course Truck, roller only, very little use, very good condition: $120 (not available until 13/7)
  • XRAY XB9 Nitro Buggy. Good condition. Whatever spares & related bits and pieces I have (some NIP including NiMh Rx packs): $200 roller, or $30 with OS Speed .21 motor and pipe.  Knock off $30 if you’re prepared to clean it (it’s “as is” from it’s last race). Bonus 3 sets still decent condition mounted Proline Tyres (Calibre and Blockade, mostly M4), spares, tools and more

As above, email Scott and I’ll shoot you photos of whatever you want to see.


Logan 6 Hr Enduro

Photo 12-07-2014 10 08 17 pmOne of the best races of 2014 was the Logan 6 Hour Enduro.  In 2015 it’s on again, with the club announcing yesterday that this year’s 6 Hour Enduro will take place on July 11th. Full details here and discussion here

Teams of four drive one touring car, on one set of controlled tyres for 6 hours. It’s a 21.5 blinky class race, with penalties applying for changing motors or tyres – so reliability and consistency are the key. Experience from 2014 suggests battery packs will last 20-25 minutes, with the quickest battery changes happening in around 10 seconds.

Defending Champions Team Domino (Dorn, Redmond, Atack, Guyatt) have been quick to confirm they will be there to defend, but the competition will be fierce with plenty of other teams already being organised.  Places will be strictly limited, so don’t delay in organising a team and getting an entry in.

It’s a fun, and different experience to our normal race meetings, and we’re looking forward to it already.

For those who weren’t there last year, here’s a few tips we picked up along the way:

  • One set of tyres easily lasted the race distance on our car. While we haven’t heard what this year’s tyre is, and we know the race surface is different now, 21.5 cars are pretty easy on tyres. The main challenge was keeping heat in the 36 compound tyres as the night wore on and temps dropped into single figures
  • Double or triple stinting was hard work – being at the wheel for up to an hour or more really pushes the concentration. We changed drivers with each battery pack
  • Car handling changes a lot over the race as diffs, shocks, tyres and track temperature evolve. The first couple of laps of each stint were quite a surprise in figuring out how much the car and track had changed since your last stint
  • There were almost no mechanical failures in the whole field last year – astonishing reliability. Parts wear was low too, with the limited horsepower of the 21.5 motor and the need to drive for consistency making life relatively easy on the cars
  • Motor performance was largely good – most opted to detune slightly in gearing and timing from “normal” 21.5 setup, and I think only one team had a motor failure
  • Modern radios (like the Sanwa MT4 for example) can easily go the distance without changing batteries
  • Thinking through a simple and quick-to-change battery retention system is important. Velcro featured heavily!
  • Sledging in the pit lane was constant…and hilarious. Our team is putting a lot of effort into practicing for this aspect of the race. ;)



Mi5 evo Double Jointed Driveshafts

Schumacher have just announced new Mi5evo Double Joint Driveshafts.  We’ll be doing a one-off order for these in the next week or two, but only to order (we won’t be able to carry stock…it’s just to support our customers until Schumacher finalise their new Queensland distribution).

Price is yet to be confirmed, but would be expected to be in the $80-$90 range. Full information from Schumacher below (note the new hubs and bearings that are included).

To order, email us as soon as possible.

We are pleased to advise about new Double Joint Drive Shafts for the Mi5evo and super high quality Pro Ball Bearings.
These new double joint drive shafts are made from super tough Spring Steel and are a replacement for the old G884 drive shafts.  The new design is much stronger, less likely to bend or break in a hefty impact and is of a higher quality.
Double joint drive shafts allow greater corner speed due to less binding and natural braking associated with regular universal joint drive shafts.
This part also comes with a new high quality inner Pro ball bearing which is 3mm in width rather than the standard 4mm to allow the centre of the drive shaft to sit further into the hub carrier as close as possible to the steering pivot, for maximum efficiency.
It has a larger diameter for more strength which means it needs to be used with the new modified hub carrier which is supplied.

G920 – Roche Double Joint Drive Shafts – pair

Spare parts available.

G921 – Roche Double Joint Driveshaft Bone -1pc 
G922 – Roche Double Joint Driveshaft Axle – 1pc 
G923 – Roche Double Joint Parts-Pins-Clips,Pivots,Barrel

Sorex 36 premounts

The good news is that we have been able to organise a shipment from Schumacher and in conjunction with Noel Gordon of the Logan club.

The tyres will be available from Noel at the usual $45 a set – sorry no discounts and personal cash shopping only.

We should also have some 28’s when winter starts to bite.

In case you weren’t aware Noel is also carrying my Schumacher Mi5 parts while I am away.

Team Schumacher Queensland

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