Boondall rained out

A huge storm came through early and put paid to any hopes of having the track raceable this morning, a couple of die hards ran around for a bit, check out the lake in the background, that’s our track – on a fine day.


Anyway came home to find Christmas cooking in full swing, lucky I’m here to lick out a few bowls etc. We used to have kids to do that but they are all long gone.

Hopefully be fine for Onroad racing at Logan tonight as I have a shakedown run in a NEW Schumacher Mi6 planned.



Tracked in Sydney last night, better get the tools ready tomorrow could be a big day. You 21.5 guys get all the practice you can, Heavy’s making a comeback. Enthusiasm is back, Schumacher is back, talent – well we’ll see.


looking for a new chassis – have a good look at the Mi6, a winning chassis at the highest levels both in Australia and overseas.


Schumacher Mi6

Schumacher Mi6 1/10th Competition Touring Car

The new Mi6 from Schumacher born from the multi national championship winning ‘Mi’ platform.

Superbly engineered and equipped as standard with some awesome new equipment, the Mi6 enables set up changes to be made simply and quickly.

Designed for both carpet and asphalt tracks the new Mi6 bearing pivot points offer sensationally free wishbones with no slop and with an even lower centre of gravity the Mi6 carries even more corner speed.

Although still as responsive and nimble to drive as ever, the Mi6 gives class leading consistency and durability, superb for all levels of driver.

With a massive attention to detail the all new Schumacher Mi6 leads the way in 2016.

The Schumacher Mi6….. racing intelligence!
Roll over smaller images to get a larger view. Click to get very large image.

Looks like a big week on the tools ahead.

Sadly can’t race this weekend as apparently there are other things in life that get in the way. The silly season is well underway – had a workman here yesterday who, in the course of his work had to have a look up in the roof space through the man hole, took the opportunity to have him pass down our Christmas tree, save me getting up there.

Thought about racing at Chargers Offroad today as I wanted to do a meet at Redbank before it closes, not sure I’m going to make it, wanted to do a Friday night EP offroad meet at Sunny coast too before the end of the year, not sure if that will happen either, time is rushing by so fast. I do happen to have a car ready in case I make it to either of those in 2016.

This week I have a F1 practice meet at Logan on Wednesday night, that’s a definite on my calendar. Car needs a little TLC before Wednesday, make sure it’s a Gordon beater.

Also have a Vintage Offroad meet at Boondall – this week there is another Ginger Beer Cup, this time it’s for the Holiday Buggy with 13t motors – have to get mine back from Grandson Harry and put the right motor in it ready for Saturday morning and maybe some oil in the shocks and other sundry maintenance which hasn’t been done for 4 years. Sadly body is a bit more battered now than this pic.

holiday buggy_58470

Saturday night will be the regular TC/F1 race meet at Logan, I’ll race F1 and will have a TC with me if I need it – the old Mi4, could be the swan song for the Mi4, but she won a trophy at the last meet so will be sad to see her go.


Regular readers of this blog (all 2 or 3 of you) will remember a few weeks ago I posted a list of TC that I was considering acquiring as my ride for the next couple of years. Well, in spite of the pressure to get a new car I have taken my time and reviewed everything listed against my needs and priorities and abilities and finally made a decision.

Car has been ordered and should be on my assembly bench IMG_20151015_0001_NEWWednesday night, don’t think it will be ready to run Saturday so that gives me another two weeks to build it right before all will be revealed – no Shane we aren’t getting the Serpent.

Here’s a clue


See you at the track.


Rained out last weekend

All the Onroad boys are feeling a bit down having been rained out at both meets last week at Logan.

If you want you can race this week on Saturday evening (19.11.16) at Bayside. My Mi4 was working quite well there last time out and I’m encouraged to get back there for a club meet sometime soon, not sure it will be this year though.

Just realised that the Mi4 I am running is a 2009 model. With 10 years being the official Vintage marker my Mi4 is not far off it. Anyone else running a 7 year old TC ?

Give it a go it’s a great little track. TC racing in EP sometimes GP as well. TC2 (13.5 blinky) is especially strong there.

I’m out of here

Well my email is out of here. I’m finally sick of over 100 a day from women wanting my body (true) and men wanting my money and wanting to give me millions.

My new email is just over to the left (or maybe down a bit on the left if you are on a mobile) so if you click on that you can send me an email – a nice one – and then i’ll be in your address book – try not to forget to delete the


My RC Week

Got a bit in this week.

Usual racing program for the off week.

Wednesday evening F1 (and TC) at MEakin Park.

Saturday morning early Vintage Offroad at Bondall.

Saturday arvo/ evening Onroad racing at Meakin Park.

Got a couple of second hand buggies that have to be cleaned up for sale, got some wheels and  tyres for my B5M which have to be mounted and glued, that’s enough work for this week.

See you at the track.


Bayside Cup

“An old car for an old man “or “Mi4 good enough” or “There’s life in the old dog yet.” Choose your own heading for this story.

The annual Bayside Cup was run yesterday and was a lot of fun, very hot in the afternoon giving way to a cool evening, with all the classes run (some with less entries than others) it ended up a very late night but a worthy event otherwise.

The full results will be up on the Bayside web site but I can remember a couple of them.

Junior, Molly Tainton won this class easily, won every race and by a margin sufficient to ensure that she also won the overall Bayside Cup, great result Molly.

21.5 ( or as we call it now TC3 or Sportsman. This was my class of choice and strangely there were only 4 entries – 4 hardened veterans of 21.5 racing. I managed to TQ after the 3 rounds of qualifying and then went on to win the 3 X 8 minute finals, very happy with my driving ( not too many visits to the grass) and the old (probably 5 years – old in RC terms) Schumacher Mi4 was well and truly up for the job – who needs a new TC . I’m hoping this class will go back to a control fixed timing motor some time soon for club racing, but that’s the subject of another story.

13.5 This was a display of precision driving from TQ man and 3 final winner Clayton Hughes in his VBC – great driving Clayton.

Mod, a field made up of drivers usually seen in 21.5 or 13.5 they had a ball – sorry guys can’t remember the results.

There were also 2 gas classes both with small numbers but a rare chance for those guys to get a run.

Good night all round, complimented by the tasty burgers they do down at Bayside to keep the body happy.


Probably about time I treated the old girl to a new bodyshell.

Bayside Cup and Nats

This Saturday sees the running of the Annual (and long standing ) Bayside Cup at the Tingalpa Onroad Track of the Bayside RC Club.

All the usual EP Classes (tc1, tc2, tc3 ) and Pro Tourer for the nitro boys.

Track will be open for practice from lunch time with registration at 3 and racing from 3.30.

Should be some good hard racing.

Also the Nationals are on at Templestow in Vic this weekend, good luck to all the Queenslanders heading down for that,race hard boys.


Team Schumacher Queensland

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