It’s Monday but Wednesday is coming

Bring it on F1 night at Meakin Park – ok TC as well.

Although I have now officially finished as a Schumacher retailer obviously I still have stock to sell for awhile yet until it runs out. A few sets of Sorex to go as well.

The good news is Team ActionRC Schumacher roles on as a force in Qld EP10 racing as both Scott and Heavy continue to campaign the Schumacher vehicles through the foreseeable future, and of course the new Schumacher F1 as soon as we can get our hands on one.


Feels like finals week

This week sees a few finals for me – final meet as a Schumacher dealer and final week before I go on a long holiday.

Wednesday night I’ll be at GCRC , my final meet here for a couple of months.

Saturday morning I’ll make my final at the Vintage meet at Boondall – I’ll be there from 9 till about 1.

After that I’ll head over to Bayside for the final at the ONROAD meet – I’ll be there from 2 till about 9.

The following week I’ll make two final appearances at Logan, Wednesday night for the F1 and Saturday night (Easter) for the TC.

After that I hook up the caravan and “see ya later”


Logan – Saturday 21st

well for a very wet Saturday it was surprising how many super optimists turned out for a race.

well they didn’t get a race, but after a little work they did get a track dry and clean enough for a bit of meaningful practice.

first to declare the track dry were some of the F1 drivers but it wasn’t long before swarms of TC hit the track too

We decided to try one of the new ORCA RX3 13.5 motors. I have been using one of the 21.5 ones in that class for a couple of weeks but tonight we bolted the 13.5 one into Scott’s car for some laps. Still some fiddling to do with gearing and timing but for a first hit out it was impressive and well on the pace of some of the fast guys who were there tonight.

sadly the rain eventually came again but still it was a good bit of fun.

until next time – cheers.

Midweek Mania at Meakin

A good night was had by all.

A solid roll up of F1 cars of various makes – it’s a growing class of makes these day with almost all of the major makes having a F1 chassis in their line up – certainly makes for interesting Pit chat etc

Tonight it was Duncan Donuts in his WRC that prevailed in the 15 minute final from Michael Lee in a Tamiya and Shane Hyde in a SP.

There was also a bunch of TC there tonight, mostly 21.5 but the interest was there was quite a lot of new faces, welcome to the fun guys.

See you all Saturday night.

It’s a Meakin Park week

After a very ordinary (numbers wise) week at Bayside we are looking forward to racing back at Logan this week.

Wednesday night F1 and TC (F1 for me) and

Saturday night the usual all comers club meet – looking forward to that, at this stage Scott will race 13.5 and I will race 21.5 and probably F1 as well. See you there.

Plenty of tyres (Sorex and Rush and F1) and Schumacher parts in stock as usual. Some of the ORCA RX3 21.5 motors as well.

Mi5 EVO new parts

We are pleased to bring you some updated shock towers for the 2015 season!

The Schumacher engineers and high end factory race team have been hard at work to develop these new shock towers for the 2015 racing season.

The new towers give a small change in wheel rate giving a slightly softer feeling.  Drivers have experienced better precision through the corners giving improved lap times.

They were used with great success at the recent ICC race in Essex by Schumacher drivers Elliott Harper and Michal Orlowski to take 3rd and 5th place against some tough competition.

F1 Wednesday

Well that was a fun night of racing.

There was a good quality field of F1 cars, some new, some old, some reinforcing the old age quotation “all the good cars are good but some drivers are better than others”

There are a couple of new cars being built and it will be interesting over the next couple of weeks, I found out some stuff about my car as well so it’s back to the workbench before Saturday night.

There were a few new faces there last night and at least two second hand touring cars changed hands so it’s all positive.

See you Saturday

Just to clarify the Schumacher situation

Because I have had a lot of questions, I’ll try to clarify.

I will cease to be the Schumacher importer as of 31st March – up to then it will be business as usual. My last order with Schumacher will go in on 23rd March for delivery in Brisbane on about Friday 27th.

Schumacher for our business means – Schumacher kits and parts, CORE, Sorex Premounts and Thunder Power motors.

I don’t know at this point who will be selling Schumacher locally after 31st March.

I will of course have parts and stuff left to sell after 31st but won’t be reordering and will be leaving Brisbane on a 3 month Caravan trip on 8th April.

It might be a good idea to carry a couple of bits for yourself if you race Schumacher (belts and gears maybe) to keep you going till the new retailer gets going and if you use our Sorex premounts it might be worthwhile getting a few sets of those as well. If you are going to do that don’t leave it too late.

Hope that answers all the questions.

My race days before I go away

Logan 4th, 7th, 18th, 21st March 1st and 4th April

Bayside 14th, 28th, March

GCRC 11th, 25th March

At this stage I won’t be at Tamworth.


All Action(rc) this week

Survived an action packed week of supposed r&r and back in town ready for some RC Action.

in stock today more premounts (36) so we have the full range back now.

also in today the new twin steering mod for the EVO and also the new diff seals for the big diffs (mi5, EVO, K1 and KF)

now the order of activities for the workshop – repair the crawler (burnt out speedie), make sure the F1 is right, and then some tuning on the EVO.

RACING THIS WEEK – Wednesday night Logan and Saturday night Logan – see you there

Wednesday night

Yes it was rained out but not before we found out some useful stuff and had some fun.

Our drainage works – just a couple of tweaks required.

The new surface dries a lot quicker than the old surface.

Some of the option track layouts work quite well.

F1′s get raceable traction on a wet track.

So not a totally wasted night, some good feedback for the track construction team and some great fun as usual for the F1 guys.

Looking at the weather reports I’m pretty sure that Saturday night is in doubt but Shane will call it as usual on rctech on Saturday.

Mi5 EVO Speed Secrets

U4711 – Twin Point Steering – Mi5evo

Twin Point Steering – Mi5evo
This new Twin Point Steering system for the Mi5evo has been developed during high end racing activities and testing by Schumacher engineers to provide a smoother more consistent steering feel.

A more consistent car can reduce overall race times!!

This was shown by Elliott Harper in his great ‘A’ main performance against the Worlds best at the ETS Rd2 in Germany.

The new Twin system includes an innovative lock stop triangle as shown.

Included in the kit are three different sized triangles to adjust the overall lock to tune the car for different track conditions.

U4711Coming to ActionRC very soon. Pre order to be in the first batch. $80.


Also new O rings for the diffs and new sliders coming.



Team Schumacher Queensland

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