Busy week

with the rain cancelling out the Interclub on Saturday at Bayside you can bet there are some guys out there with the R twitches, and this week they can get double satisfaction at Logan Wednesday and Saturday, should be good expect a crowd.

not only that but the F1 guys will be feeling the need as well, not having had a chance to ra e at the INTERCLUB, so they’ll be out in force on Wednesday for sure. Certainly it’s where my enthusiasm lies at the moment.

broke the chassis on my EVO on Saturday, had to retire from the third qually thinking it was terminal – it wasn’t but wouldn’t trust it for another race meet, I have an alloy one that I’ll put on to tide me over till a new one arrives – I know, but I just want to try it.

also Saturday morning it will be out to Boondall for some “fun” racing with the vintage boys

Big Week.

Big week for Onroad

With the Interclub (Bayside 29th) only a couple of weeks away and the Qld Titles (Logan 3 and 4 Oct ) getting close. Naturally this Wednesday and Saturday will be getting bigger as practice hots up.

Wednesday 19th from 4pm F1 and TC

Saturday 22nd From 3pm  F1 and TC

Saturday 22nd 9am till about 1pm- Boondall vintage runners.

See you there.



New – deal to end all deals

Have a look at this, got a kid that wants a car, or a beginner of any age that want’s a cheap start.

$55 or $85 with a new unpainted body, someone must want this.

Turnigy TD10 Touring Car kit. 90% built brand new never run, all parts in the box to complete assembly, great project for your kid or entry level TC. need radio and electrics etc – don’t miss this $55 or with a new Protoform bodyshell $85.



Logan Saturday 8/8/15

Great weather for racing (maybe a bit cold) and a great crowd turned up. 2 heats of TC3, 2 heats of TC2 and a small heat of TC1 and F1.

It’s great to see TC3 getting the numbers again and getting back to it’s former Premier class status, 21.5 racing is certainly fast and close.

The racing in TC2 was good and clean as well, watched a couple of great races between B1 and Noel, only separated by a few feet for the whole race, great stuff.

The interest in TC1 was that Liam made his debut appearance in the class – went very well too, shame Karl Argo wasn’t there as it would have been fun to watch the two debutants going up against each other.

F1 was a small field this week but they all appeared to have a good time, I think for the second run in a row Swampy (birthday boy) ran out of battery in the 15 minute final while holding a commanding podium position – maybe go down a tooth on the pinion Swampy.

A good night of racing.

Big week in global R/C!

While it’s true we spend most of our own time running touring cars (or mountain bikes!), we’re big fans of many forms of R/C.

And this week is a big one for 10th EP offroad with four events we’ll be keeping an eye on as we head into the weekend.

The European Champs are on the UK on what looks like a fantastic outdoor dirt racetrack. Hope the rain stays away! 2wd qualifying is well underway already with finals on tonight (Wed). The whole event is being broadcast live by the team at rcracing.tv. Hit their youtube channel for the daily broadcast streams, their website for all the news, and their facebook page for the interaction. UK superstars Neil Cragg and Lee Martin headline the event.

US EP Offroad Nationals kick into gear this week with the ongoing/never-ending domestic battle for supremacy between Team Associated and TLR. Or could Hotbodies spoil the party in the hands of Canadian phenomenon Ty Tessman?  Event should be live from Arizona at liverc.com from today. SRS Raceway facebook page will have some information.

Closer to home, it’s Queensland Championship time – with our favourite indoor track at Gold Coast R/C Raceway the event hosts.  It’s a relatively small event this year with many interstate drivers saving their pennies for the Nats (to be hosted by Chargers at Redbank) later in the year. Still, a fun new layout and a competitive weekend lie ahead. What price a Mitchell Steer clean sweep? Keep an eye on GCRC facebook page for news.

Biggest event of the week is the annual Launceston Cup. This event now in its 5th year is one that we’ve loved over the years – and we’re sad not to be there. Running on an indoor multi-surface (but mostly carpet) track, the event has attracted a big entry (around 130 cars) including some of Australia’s 2015 Worlds team who are practicing before the upcoming WC event (to run indoor on Astroturf in Japan).  Queensland’s Chris Sturdy will take on Tassie star Sam Wells  and Victorian Ray Munday at the front of the field. Launceston R/C facebook page should have some news over the weekend.

Aussie Racer Youtube Series

If you’ve not caught it, there’s a little gem over at youtube for Australian motorsport fans.

The Aussie Racer series chronicles a couple of guys taking on a widely varied range of race-sports (including 1:1 offroad, rock crawling (r/c and 1:1), mountain biking, tarmac rallying and more) for the first time.

The eps are around 25 mins each, well made and lots of fun. The latest two episodes will have our own Heavy D and good mate Bob Vardy salivating as the team build and run a Mk 1 Ford Escort in the Australian Tarmac Rally Championship round at Mt Buller.

Check the whole series here, or the 2-part Escort Mk1 shenanigans below.


Saturday night Onroad at Logan

Firstly a fine night for racing.

Secondly a good crowd turned out to race and spectate

Thirdly a few new faces

What more could you want.

Well 2 heats of 21.5, 2 heats of 13.5 and a small mod heat.

21.5. Quite a few new faces in this class and some super racing, also a name change apparently while I have been away (now TC3)- 3 guys in 16 lap territory and 4 or 5 in 15 laps and the rest in 14. I managed 15 laps but have to say either the pace is up in this class or the 3 months layoff I’ve had has slowed me down a lot, Brad Palmer managed to come home on top over Robert and Jay. I was languishing back in 6th behind all the hot shoes but happy to be in the A final – more practice required. Back in the B final Wayne (I’ve got a new car) Sutton was heard to say he’d had the best race of his RC career.

13.5 (TC2) Keith continues on as top of the pops in this class, hotly pursued by Terry, Michael, Duncan etc. Racing looked pretty good and pretty clean from what I saw.

Mod (TC1) Only a small group and won by Corey. I was impressed by the performance of Team Argo Supremo Karl, as a novice in mod he drove some impressive lines, be good to see him keep at it.

F1 (still F1). Corey and Noel were the leaders of the F1 brigade, Michael Belby looked good in his first F1 appearance. ( I had an F1 with me but couldn’t raise the energy to run two classes on the night.

A good night, it was good to be back.

In the announcements time Shane reminded the drivers of the need to make sure they are running all legal stuff (hardware and software) in their cars with the State Titles coming up, if in doubt check or ask.

Maybe the club could look at changing the class names in the computer to read TC3, TC2, TC1 etc etc

Next meets Wednesday 5th August and Saturday 8th

Racing this week

Wednesday night, Logan.

F1 and TC. Looking forward to trying a couple of F1 and my Schumacher EVO which has had a couple of go fast bits added and some oil in the diff (long overdue), hoping to rebuild the shocks as well before Wed night.   – WASHED OUT.

Saturday morning Boondall Vintage Offroad. Will be running Worlds RC10, Supershot, Cat K1 and might possibly have my Grasshopper ready for a shakedown in the Insect race. Have plenty of tyres for the buggies Blockade for the buggy rear and matching buggy fronts in Crime Fighter or Holeshot (Proline don’t make a blockade 4wd front ). Also a few sets fr and rr of the Cat original spikes.

Saturday night Onroad at Logan. Plenty of tyres in stock -Preglued Premount Sorex in 28,32 and 36 and some Much More Rush pre mounts. Plenty of body shells in stock.

Looking forward to getting back to the track after a long holiday.

ORCA motors – winners

ORCA 21.5 motors have powered both the 2014 and 2015 Logan 6 hour enduro.

In 2014 it was a TX which had already done some months in my regular 21.5 TC. Not only did the motor power the winning car but also set TQ in the shootout – same motor, still going is in my F1.

In 2015 it was the RX3 which repeated the performance, TQ and a win. Again the motor had done some meets in my TC before the Enduro and again it’s back there now ready for some more club work.

Fast, long lasting and reliable, and at a reasonable price from ActionRC what more could you ask?


Team Schumacher Queensland

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