Schumacher news – update

I did post awhile ago that Hobby Central would be the new Schumacher dealer for Qld but I am now hearing on the grape vine that that is not the case.

I’ve also heard that Laura Matthews is interested, which of course would be good for the local SEQ racers, but I’m not sure if that will happen or not.

in the meantime I do still have plenty of parts left which I’m keen to sell should you Schumacher drivers need anything.

No rc for me this weekend (Bathurst ) so see you at Logan next Wednesday and Saturday nights.

What’s on your R/C bucket list?

You know the idea of a bucket list? All the things you want to do or try before you die?

A twitter conversation with fellow RC tragic @RTR085 just got me thinking about an R/C version.

So what’s on your R/C bucket list?  What cars or classes do you want to own or race? What race tracks to you want to experience? What events would you love to enter?  What experiences or road trips with your mates?

Here’s a few to get you going:

Race Tracks/Venues/Events:

  • Yatabe Arena: An easy one to add, given that the Worlds is going on there right now. And as one of the World’s most iconic venues, a ‘must’ on the bucket list.  Probably 10th off-road by choice – but a 10th TC race, or even just to visit the venue and explore all it’s facilities would be amazing.
  • XRAY Factory Raceway: amazing outdoor on-road, plus indoor on and off-road facilities, this is one place that would be incredible to race at. For choice, I’d say one of the EOS or ETS races that the venue hosts each year.
  • NEO Race: If I could only pick one GP offroad event to attend (outside a Worlds), it woudl be the UK’s NEO race. Run annually on a purpose built (temporary) indoor track, it’s build a reputation as the unofficial indoor worlds. Track layouts are always amazing, atmosphere looks incredible. It’s on my list.
  • Reedy Offroad Race: Any Reedy Race would be good – but this one is the big one. Top 24 drivers in the world, head to head racing for 3 days. Always at incredible venues.  Bonus points if you get there in 2016 to see Kyle McBride take on the Invite class
  • IIC Vegas Race: Surely the biggest and best indoor carpet TC race in the world? Scotty Ernst’s brainchild. The track itself doesn’t look anything special (I’d take an indoor ETS venue anyday) but the event, location, size, atmosphere? It’d be a ripper.
  • World Champs: Any scale, any class, any venue. Always the best of the best of the best.  I’ve seen a few from trackside (’89 St Ives and both 10th and 5th at Brendale, Qld in the 2000s) but never quite managed to race. That would be special.
  • The Dirt Nitro Challenge: Biggest GP offroad race in the world. Completely insane tracks (yes tracks, there are three going simultaneously), best drivers in the world. What a buzz that would be.
  • Aus Tracks: EP offroad it has to be St Ives, purely for the iconic nature of that facility – it’s long history of holding big races.  For onroad, I can’t go past Littlehampton. Such character, such elevation gain. I’ve sat trackside and taken photos, but never quite managed to race there. One day.


  • 5th scale onroad: Just because. They’re big. They look awesome. They move around a lot. I’d love to race one (not to own one…I’m not that rich!) one day.
  • A fully “mechanic’d” GP buggy at a Nats.  I love racing GP offroad. I just hate wrenching them (actually hate wrenching anything). If I have an Aus R/C racing bucket list item, it would be to compete at a GP Offroad Buggy Nats with a fully prepared and maintained car (by someone who knows what they’re doing)!


  • Call a Worlds:  it’s no secret that I love the sound of my own voice, and I love telling stories about R/C. That combined means I thoroughly enjoy race commentary…and what better place to do it that a World Championships? Imagine being on the microphone when the winner crosses the line? When the TQ is pulled from nowhere?  Give me a microphone, a place to see the track (and the monitor) and let me at a Worlds.

Over to you….what’s on the R/C bucket list?

Rivkin/AE Take 2wd: Desktop Analysis of a Worlds Win

By now I’m sure you’ve heard, that 16 year old American Spencer Rivkin has driven his Team Associated chassis to the 2wd IFMAR World Championship at Yataba Arena.

WC Podium. Photo from

It’s a stunning win for many reasons, but worth noting a few of them – and observing some of what it took for that victory to be possible.  Of course this is just a desktop analysis, and we’ll need to wait for those trackside to share their (no doubt more complete) stories. Continue reading

2015 Qld Champs Race Report

The 2015 Volante Tyres Qld Champs for EP touring cars are run and won.  Logan played host to the event on their new-for-2015 race track on a beautiful Queensland spring weekend.  The spoils, in the end, probably went to the four drivers who looked strongest over the weekend, but the story (in most classes) was anything but simple.

In particular ORRCA Queensland’s new rules under which all three finals results count (rather than the traditional ‘drop your worst’ approach of EP racing) ensured that every class went down to the wire with multiple drivers still in the mix.

TC3 (21.5) Touring

It looked for all money that TC3 would be a straight fight between Brad Palmer and Michael Belby after the due split the qualifying rounds three apiece and seemed to have a small pace advantage over the rest of the field. Belby grabbed the TQ spot by being fastest of all.

A1 was anything but simple – the complexity coming when Palmer tagged Belby on lap one and the due dropped to rear of field. Jay Marcon took up the front running (from P4 on the grid) before being run down by a speedy One Tran late, Palmer and Belby recovering to third and fourth respectively.

A2 was yet another unusual one with Belby and Palmer again struggling early, this time Mitch Hardy coming through to take a huge win after Michael Chiam led early. Belby and Palmer again led the recovery efforts to 2nd and 3rd – with first round winner One Tran back in 8th and in deep trouble for the overall.

A3 lined up with Belby, Palmer and Hardy sharing the points lead – and setting up a winner-take-all showdown.  Finally we got the Belby vs Palmer showdown – Hardy back in the pack this time – and with Mal Pearson buying in after an up and down finals run. Palmer led for the most part – Pearson getting to the front late for a couple of laps before fading to third. Brad would go right on with the job, taking the win (and the Championship) over Michael Belby, Hardy rounding out the podium.

It was a cracking final series.

TC2 (13.5 Touring)

Keith Mackrill is arguably one of the most experienced in the field, and with multiple Qld Championship wins under his belt in years gone by (and at least one Aus Champs win) is always a fierce competitor. Combine that with a new-found determination in 2015 and a nearly unbeaten run at Logan in the leadup….and its easy to see why he started favourite.  TC2 is always close though, and Keith would not have things his own way – Sunshine Coast’s Chris Shevelling making a rare appearance and imediately fast (as always), taking two qualifying wins away from Mackrill and serving notice. Hovering ever so close, Liam Chadwick and Cooper Porter representing the hopes of the young guns and another veteran in the form of Iain Schwartz looking fast as well.

Mackrill dominated A1 from the front. Staying clear of first lap troubles to grab an immediate gap and go right on with it.  Porter struggled early, and some midfield shenanigans resulting in Terry Norman slicing through to third behind Shev – the two coming together in the right-hand sweeper and dumping them to rear of field. Iain Schwartz took over the chase and ran fast and clean to the end, Porter and Shevelling recovering to third and fourth.

A2 threw up a real curve ball. Mackrill again started best, this time Shevelling in close company.  Shev served it up, and actually got momentarily to the lead before catching a curb and rolling the car – the battery ejecting in the crash to add insult to injury and put the luckless Shevelling out on the spot. From there it seemed Mackrill needed only to stay clean to the finish – with the rat pack of Chadwick, Schwartz and Porter engaged in unholy warfare behind him.  It wasn’t over….Mackrill running into tyre trouble, and Chadwick putting on a determined charge to run him down, make the pass and go on to a popular win, Schwartz and Porter also taking advantage of Mackrill’s tyre failure.

Combined results put Schwartz one point clear of Mackrill going into A3, Porter a point away in third, and Chadwick another point back in 4th – still in the mix but needing results to go his way.  Mackrill did exactly what a Champion should do – a flawless front-running drive to lock his opponents out of the fight and secure his first Championship in EP on-road since 2006.  Porter put together his best run of the event for second, Schwartz again impressive in third.  Shev and Chadwick tripped over each other and finished back in the pack.  Mackrill then, from Schwartz and Porter the final podium.

TC1 (Modified Touring)

It has to be said. Corey Broadstock was peerless this weekend, taking home his first Queensland Championship in the class in what was an impressive performance on and off the track, and from start to finish. Team Broadstock worked to make the car safe and easy to drive – always a priority in the lowish grip conditions that prevail at Logan.  The margins in qualifying were tight, with Jordan Kidas impressive in second, and multi-time defending champ Jason Dorn fast at times as well – but both looking a little more on edge to turn the lap times that Broadstock cranked out non-stop.

All three A finals followed the same script for Broadstock: a clean start, withstand the early pressure, and then press home the advantage to drive away from the field. It was, as I said, impressive. Kidas too impressed, trailing Broadstock home in A1 and A3. Only a jump-start penalty in A2 blotted his copybook.  The fight for third was a little more complex. Jason Dorn threw everything at his pursuit of Broadstock early in A3, but rolled the car back into the midfield behind a super battle between Michael Redmond and Brad McDonald.  These two had previously been glued together almost throughout A2 as well.  Dorn bought into the fight late, momentarily getting by McDonald in a full throttle blitz to the finish line – before a 10 second penalty in those final moments dropped him down the order. Redmond then stood tall, the final podium position (and I think the first of his career) just reward for the consistently fast Brisbane driver.

Formula 1

Though officially a demo class, the F1 event was no less hard fought  due to its non-official status. Many of the Logan club members who had given up their TC racing ambitions for the weekend to help run the event lined up, along with a few others taking the chance to run a second class. Noel Gordon was the class of the field – only Canberra’s Justin Reddiex prevening him sweeping qualifying – to lineup favourite for the 15 minute final.

The real interest in the final would come from Duncan Vaughan’s pursuit of Gordon. Duncan missed most of qualifying and would start off the back of the grid – but showed in Q6 that he had the pace to be a podium threat.  By the time he worked his way through a tightly bunched midfield (Reddiex and Kuehner going at it very hard) Gordon was nearly 10 seconds up the road.  Vaughan walked the tight rope, gradually reducing Gordon’s advantage – and when Noel got caught up in a mix of traffic his advantage was slashed to less than two seconds with four minutes to run. From there though, it was all one way traffic – Noel reasserting his dominance to ease out for a four second win, Vaughan a delighted second and Reddiex a deserved third.

On the whole, a good weekend’s racing, despite numbers being a little on the low side. Track conditions looked good, the weather was stunning, and at the end of the day four deserving Champs were crowned. You can’t ask for much more than that.

Full results here.  Photos and stories from Team Argo here, and from Logan club here.

Qld Champs Preview

So the Qld Champs for EP Touring and F1 are just days away, with host venue Logan into the final stages of preparation.

To some degree, conditions for the event depend on how the track comes up after a a surface clean early in the week. Dust from the neighbouring offroad track has ensured grip levels have been low in recent months – but the clean might just boost things, and force some setup changes among drivers who are regulars at Logan. Time will tell as traffic builds on Friday.

I’ve just been reminded too, about one of the big unknowns for this weekend. It marks the first Qld Champs in which the new ORRCA Q finals rules apply. All three finals results count in determining the winner – previously it’s been best 2 from 3. This means of course that every class will go down to the final race – and that finishing finals is an absolute must. Personally, I’m a fan of this rule, but it won’t be universally popular, and it could throw up some interesting results.

The entry list is just about final, so it’s time to cast an eye over the field to see what we can expect on the weekend.

TC3 (21.5)

With TC3 continuing under ORRCA Qld rules to be oriented (in theory) around newer and younger drivers, it’s quite a mix of competitors – including some junior drivers (which we are always glad to see. Up front though, the race is going to most likely come down to those with more experience and proven pace in faster classes. We’re thinking Mal Pearson and Brad Palmer might be the drivers to beat. Keep an eye too, on Jay Marcon, Adrian Field, Michael Belby, Michael Chiam and a very real chance for One Tran.  Should be some fun, and close racing in this one.

TC2 (13.5)

It’s hard to tip against Keith Mackrill in 2015. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Keith so motivated and committed, and he has a tonne of talent to back the experience gained over many years. Nearly unbeated at Logan this year, he will start favourite…but there are at least two others who could easily win without us being surprised at all. First, Cooper Porter – finishing on the podium in 2014, one of the fastest young guns around, and with lots of track time courtesy the 6 hour enduro a few weeks back.  And second, Liam Chadwick. Liam is continuing to improve, and it’s only a matter of time before he breaks through for a big one. This week? Just maybe.  Then there are a host of others who’ll be knocking on the podium door. Terry Norman, Mal Pearson, Iain Schwartz, Alex Kidas and more.   We’ve heard rumours of a late entry from Michael Sherman – one of Queensland’s long term legends – and if he makes the start line, and gets some practice, this class might get a huge shakeup come Sunday.

TC1 (Open)

Jason Dorn and Corey Broadstock will fight this one out.  Sure there are others – Redmond, Beckett, McDonald, Kidas for example will be in the podium mix – but these two (given a trouble free run) have the pace edge. The question is, can Broadstock break Dorn’s winning streak in this event?  It’s going to take a mighty effort, but it just might be the year.


F1 might just be the most open of all the classes. With a final entry list yet to be published, it’s a little hard to know for sure. But think Terry Norman vs Noel Gordon vs Duncan Vaughan vs Karl Kuehner vs Michael C and you’re getting pretty close to picking a winner. If nothing else, this class will be the scene of much laughter and mayhem.

We’re really looking forward to this event, even if our own participation is very limited. David is involved in tech for the event, and will start only in F1, while Scott’s schedule has precluded his participation (though a visit Sunday for some microphone time is still looking hopeful).

1979 REPCO Round Australia Rally

MonaroIn the midst of cleaning up the Action R/C HQ this week, we came across an absolute gem from our past.

Way back in 1979 David was fortunate enough to compete in the REPCO Round Australia Rally, alongside Ian McCubben and Richard Kelly (both from Townsville) and backed by an amazing support team.

The crew tackled the event in a specially prepared Holden Monaro GTS, eventually finishing 23rd from the 200+ starters.

Here’s the full story, broken into three parts, as originally published in the newsletter of the Townsville Sporting Car Club. It’s mostly in the words of David Guyatt, with an addendum from Ian McCubben.

If you’ve ever fancied taking on an epic motorsport event, here’s a great story to get you even more fired up!

Part 1: 1979 REPCO Reliability Trial – Part 1 (pdf)

Part 2: 1979 REPCO Reliability Trial – Part 2 (pdf)

Part 3: 1979 REPCO Reliability Trial – Part 3 (pdf)


Qld Champs – Enter now!

The 2015 Qld EP On-road champs is now just over a week away. If you’ve not yet had the chance to complete an entry, now is the time.

  • Thurs 1st Oct: open practice (no track prep; power available 10-5)
  • Fri 2nd Oct: official practice, scrutineering, tyre prep (8-5)
  • Sat 3rd Oct: 4-5 Qualifying rounds 4-5 if time
  • Sun 4th Oct: Qual round 6, all finals
  • TC3 (21.5 touring)
  • TC2 (13.5 touring)
  • TC1 (Open touring)
  • F1 (Demo)

Entry forms at the rctech page here. Or direct link to Touring Car form, and a separate F1 entry form (I know, weird).

The event takes place at the new for 2015 Logan raceway. With track prep hitting high gear tonight, and a full surface wash-down scheduled for early next week, we’re expecting the facility to be in tip-top shape.

We’ll be back next week with an event preview and some fearless predictions. In the meantime…get the entries in and plan to be there.

Schumacher news

As you all know we announced back early in the year that we are retiring from the Schumacher Dealer business. It has taken a bit longer than we thought to get a replacement in place but we are now able to make an announcement re the replacement.

Before I do that I’d just like to remind you that I do still have a formidable amount of spares in stock for both the Onroad and Offroad Schumacher models which I will continue to offer for sale – all parts in stock for other than current models are considerably discounted.

the new dealer is an online store and you can check them out here

Not sure when they will be getting stock.

Busy week

with the rain cancelling out the Interclub on Saturday at Bayside you can bet there are some guys out there with the R twitches, and this week they can get double satisfaction at Logan Wednesday and Saturday, should be good expect a crowd.

not only that but the F1 guys will be feeling the need as well, not having had a chance to ra e at the INTERCLUB, so they’ll be out in force on Wednesday for sure. Certainly it’s where my enthusiasm lies at the moment.

broke the chassis on my EVO on Saturday, had to retire from the third qually thinking it was terminal – it wasn’t but wouldn’t trust it for another race meet, I have an alloy one that I’ll put on to tide me over till a new one arrives – I know, but I just want to try it.

also Saturday morning it will be out to Boondall for some “fun” racing with the vintage boys

Big Week.

Big week for Onroad

With the Interclub (Bayside 29th) only a couple of weeks away and the Qld Titles (Logan 3 and 4 Oct ) getting close. Naturally this Wednesday and Saturday will be getting bigger as practice hots up.

Wednesday 19th from 4pm F1 and TC

Saturday 22nd From 3pm  F1 and TC

Saturday 22nd 9am till about 1pm- Boondall vintage runners.

See you there.



New – deal to end all deals

Have a look at this, got a kid that wants a car, or a beginner of any age that want’s a cheap start.

$55 or $85 with a new unpainted body, someone must want this.

Turnigy TD10 Touring Car kit. 90% built brand new never run, all parts in the box to complete assembly, great project for your kid or entry level TC. need radio and electrics etc – don’t miss this $55 or with a new Protoform bodyshell $85.



Team Schumacher Queensland

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