Garage Sale…Grab a Bargain!

We’re having a bit of a clean-out. Grab a bargain fast. Email Scott. Prices are ex-Brisbane, we can post at your expense. Payment in cash, eft, paypal. Can e-mail or sms you photos.

Misc Equipment

  • Liquid Gravity LG2 Tyre Goop, 99% full: $10


  • Hong Nor NEXX10 4wd Short Course Truck, roller only, very little use, very good condition: $120 (not available until 13/7)
  • XRAY XB9 Nitro Buggy. Good condition. Whatever spares & related bits and pieces I have (some NIP including NiMh Rx packs): $200 roller, or $30 with OS Speed .21 motor and pipe.  Knock off $30 if you’re prepared to clean it (it’s “as is” from it’s last race). Bonus 3 sets still decent condition mounted Proline Tyres (Calibre and Blockade, mostly M4), spares, tools and more

As above, email Scott and I’ll shoot you photos of whatever you want to see.


Logan 6 Hr Enduro

Photo 12-07-2014 10 08 17 pmOne of the best races of 2014 was the Logan 6 Hour Enduro.  In 2015 it’s on again, with the club announcing yesterday that this year’s 6 Hour Enduro will take place on July 11th. Full details here and discussion here

Teams of four drive one touring car, on one set of controlled tyres for 6 hours. It’s a 21.5 blinky class race, with penalties applying for changing motors or tyres – so reliability and consistency are the key. Experience from 2014 suggests battery packs will last 20-25 minutes, with the quickest battery changes happening in around 10 seconds.

Defending Champions Team Domino (Dorn, Redmond, Atack, Guyatt) have been quick to confirm they will be there to defend, but the competition will be fierce with plenty of other teams already being organised.  Places will be strictly limited, so don’t delay in organising a team and getting an entry in.

It’s a fun, and different experience to our normal race meetings, and we’re looking forward to it already.

For those who weren’t there last year, here’s a few tips we picked up along the way:

  • One set of tyres easily lasted the race distance on our car. While we haven’t heard what this year’s tyre is, and we know the race surface is different now, 21.5 cars are pretty easy on tyres. The main challenge was keeping heat in the 36 compound tyres as the night wore on and temps dropped into single figures
  • Double or triple stinting was hard work – being at the wheel for up to an hour or more really pushes the concentration. We changed drivers with each battery pack
  • Car handling changes a lot over the race as diffs, shocks, tyres and track temperature evolve. The first couple of laps of each stint were quite a surprise in figuring out how much the car and track had changed since your last stint
  • There were almost no mechanical failures in the whole field last year – astonishing reliability. Parts wear was low too, with the limited horsepower of the 21.5 motor and the need to drive for consistency making life relatively easy on the cars
  • Motor performance was largely good – most opted to detune slightly in gearing and timing from “normal” 21.5 setup, and I think only one team had a motor failure
  • Modern radios (like the Sanwa MT4 for example) can easily go the distance without changing batteries
  • Thinking through a simple and quick-to-change battery retention system is important. Velcro featured heavily!
  • Sledging in the pit lane was constant…and hilarious. Our team is putting a lot of effort into practicing for this aspect of the race. ;)



Mi5 evo Double Jointed Driveshafts

Schumacher have just announced new Mi5evo Double Joint Driveshafts.  We’ll be doing a one-off order for these in the next week or two, but only to order (we won’t be able to carry stock…it’s just to support our customers until Schumacher finalise their new Queensland distribution).

Price is yet to be confirmed, but would be expected to be in the $80-$90 range. Full information from Schumacher below (note the new hubs and bearings that are included).

To order, email us as soon as possible.

We are pleased to advise about new Double Joint Drive Shafts for the Mi5evo and super high quality Pro Ball Bearings.
These new double joint drive shafts are made from super tough Spring Steel and are a replacement for the old G884 drive shafts.  The new design is much stronger, less likely to bend or break in a hefty impact and is of a higher quality.
Double joint drive shafts allow greater corner speed due to less binding and natural braking associated with regular universal joint drive shafts.
This part also comes with a new high quality inner Pro ball bearing which is 3mm in width rather than the standard 4mm to allow the centre of the drive shaft to sit further into the hub carrier as close as possible to the steering pivot, for maximum efficiency.
It has a larger diameter for more strength which means it needs to be used with the new modified hub carrier which is supplied.

G920 – Roche Double Joint Drive Shafts – pair

Spare parts available.

G921 – Roche Double Joint Driveshaft Bone -1pc 
G922 – Roche Double Joint Driveshaft Axle – 1pc 
G923 – Roche Double Joint Parts-Pins-Clips,Pivots,Barrel

Sorex 36 premounts

The good news is that we have been able to organise a shipment from Schumacher and in conjunction with Noel Gordon of the Logan club.

The tyres will be available from Noel at the usual $45 a set – sorry no discounts and personal cash shopping only.

We should also have some 28’s when winter starts to bite.

In case you weren’t aware Noel is also carrying my Schumacher Mi5 parts while I am away.

2015 SEQ On-Road Interclub

The annual Interclub series for south-east Queensland’s on-road racers kicks off in just a couple of weeks time, and this year brings with it an all new format over four rounds.

The first event in the series will be hosted by the Logan club on their brand new race track on Saturday 18th April (yep, that’s the end of next week) in a new-for-2015 one-day format.

This year the series is shifting to a mostly one-day format – usually on Saturdays.  The format includes morning practice, qualifying kicking off around 12pm, before finals take place under lights.

Classes too are reduced, with the main three electric touring classes (21.5, 13.5 and Open) joined by one nitro class (Pro Tourer) over the course of the year-long series. For each event the host club will also offer a demo/non-championship class – and for Round 1 Logan have chosen to offer the strong F1 class.  Both Gas Tourer and the Interclub-only 10.5 classes have been dropped to allow for a largely 1-day series format.

Alongside the Interclub points, is a new Driver’s Championship, with competitors scoring individual points that will accrue throughout the series and enable the declaration of individual series Champs along with the Club Championship.  In an interesting move, driver points are not based only on the overall race results, but are accrued from each of the 3 finals to be run – meaning that even if a driver wins A1 and A2, there is incentive to race A3 to continue racking up the series points along with the stand-alone event win.  Nice move!

Classes follow the “normal” interclub rules:

21.5 EP Tourer: Blinky ESC, 21.5 motors approved as per ORRCA Qld rules. Open rubber tyres. All tech rules per ORRCA Qld

13.5 EP Tourer: Blinky ESC, 13.5 motors approved as per ORRCA Qld rules. Open rubber tyres. All tech rules per ORRCA Qld

Open EP Tourer: Open esc/motor as per ORRCA Qld rules. Open rubber tyres. All tech rules per ORRCA Qld.

Pro Nitro Tourer: Pro nitro tourer, rules as per AARCMCC Nitro tourer. Open tyre

Formula 1: Rules per the National F1 rules incl approved 21.5 motors, blinky ESC plus rubber tyre only

It’ll be a cracking day on what is a really fun race track to drive (look for our track review here at Action R/C shortly).

Get there, any way you can.

Race Report: The Heavy D Easternational Challenge

With our own Dave Guyatt about to set sail for the wilds of NSW and Victoria for a few months travelling, caravan in tow, last night shaped up as a bit of a farewell/safe travel/get out of town event for the legend as a small crowd braved the weather to run at Logan.

All eyes were on the 21.5 Touring class, with a few additional ring-ins joining the regulars to send Heavy on his way.  10 cars faced the starter, with an additional 14 in 13.5 Touring and 4 in Open Touring.

Practice proceeded smoothly before rain predictably interrupted mid-way through the first 21.5 qualifying heat.  Many said “that’s it, we’re done” with the track wet and almost no heat in the surface after days of rain.  Astonishingly, just 45 minutes later cars returned to the track.  Even more astonishingly, aside from a few very light sprinkles, the track remained dry and conditions good for the rest of the night – when radar revealed rain falling all over south-east Queensland, Logan somehow stayed dry.

Of course just minutes after the last final….the rain poured down once again.

Here then, is the story of the (racing) night:

21.5 Heavy D Easternational Cadbury Memorial Challenge

The pattern of the night was clear from the get-go. Terry Norman stormed away in Q1, only for Karl Kuehner to reel him in late. Terry recovered from his self-inflicted mistake however to regain the lead on the final tour for first bragging rights.  More of the same in Q2 with Norman unstoppable out front, this time chased hard by Duncan Vaughan early before Terry edged away to a deserved TQ over Vaughan and Kuehner.

A1 was one for the ages. Norman had all the speed in the world early while Kuehner stalked Vaughan patiently, easing his way through mid-way through the race. He lit the afterburners, pouring enormous horsepower into his pursuit of Norman, whose own power reserves were strained as motor heat slowed him  late in the race. Karl applied the blowtorch, and there’s no other way to describe it, but Norman cracked under the incredible pressure, putting his car on the grass and handing the win to the speedy Argo R/C team principal.

A2 was even better. This time Kuehner was past Vaughan in a flash and into 2nd in search of glory. Norman though was imperious, eking out a lead that reached the dizzying heights of 1.5 seconds at one stage, before once again Kuehner’s irresistible pace and Normans over-heating motor conspired to bring the pair together again. In what will go down in R/C history as surely one of the most controversial moments ever, Kuehner attempted the pass.  Think Hara on Masami at the 2008 worlds. Think Maker and Bakla at the 2008 Nats.  This passing attempt deserves that kind of comparison.

Norman drifted ever so slightly wide on entry to the hairpin right under the driver’s stand, and Karl did not die wondering, sticking the Schuie right into the tiniest of gaps. Motocross commentators would call it a block pass.  Norman would call it a hack. Kuehner would call it genius.  The resulting side-to-side touch sent Norman on his lid. Kuehner, tears already welling in his eyes, waited for his friend teammate opponent to be marshalled. It was sportsmanship of the most costly kind…..because the following Vaughan swept past both of them and on to a race victory for the ages.

The computer whirred and clunked, the printer spat out some dust and rainfall and finally we used an abacus to calculate the results. A three way tie between Norman, Vaughan and Kuehner!  Qualifying was used to split them, going in that order.  What a race!  Behind those three it was Noel Gordan, Michael Chiam, David Guyatt and Queensland legend Trevor Kerr.

13.5 Tourer

Keith Mackrill has been a dominant force at Logan this year, and in Q1 we saw just why – a smooth mistake-free run in difficult conditions (the track still damp/wet/flooded in places) to take a first up win over Robert Tyler (making a real impression in his entry to 13.5 racing this year). A dry track in Q2 was rewarded with an absorbing duel between Mackrill and Guyatt, the two rarely more than a few tenths apart for the whole run, Guyatt holding the lead at the end to take TQ from Keith, Alex Kidas fast as well for third.

A1 saw Keith delayed slightly on lap one, and the resulting gap for Scott lasted nearly the whole run. A late race error allowed the relentless Mackrill right to his tail, the pair millimetres apart at the finish line.

A2 was different entirely. A tyre experiment from Mackrill went spectacularly wrong, giving up better than half-a-second a lap in pace and consequently spending the whole race in a fruitless defensive mode while Guyatt drove away up front, Vaughan into an excellent second after a difficult qualifying run.

Open Tourer

Four cars fronted and did an incredible job in the conditions – this class seeming to cop the worst of the occasional light showers. Of most interest was the debut of the new HPI/Hotbodies Pro 5 car in the hands of Jason Dorn and Michael Redmond – and they looked good. Dorn too strong in both qualifying and finals to run out a comfortable winner.  His throttle control in the conditions was phenomenal, and a real lesson for all those watching closely. Corey Broadstock added interest with a late switch to an alloy chassis for the last part of A2 and a post-race practice session, the car impressing him with it’s mid-corner pace and particularly it’s strength through the high-speed kink running onto the back straight.


All in all, it was a fun night. Rain only added to the atmosphere, with drivers responding well to the pressure to get the races run through very quickly in an effort to beat the rain. Somehow, and I’ll never quite understand how, that final heavy rain stayed away until the last race was done.

Travel safe Heavy D, we look forward to race reports from tracks all over eastern Australian. Or photos from bakeries. Either way is ok.

Meakin Park Saturday 4th

meakin ONROAD meet Saturday 4th will be my last race meet for 3 or more months as I head off to see more of this fabulous country we call home.

i’ll be there early till late and plan to run 21.5 as usual as well as F1. Some of the boys that usually race other classes are planning to race 21.5 tomorrow night to make sure there is a good strong field for my last meet – looking forward to that – should be fun.

See you there – last chance to stock up on Schumacher parts before I go away.


It’s Monday but Wednesday is coming

Bring it on F1 night at Meakin Park – ok TC as well.

Although I have now officially finished as a Schumacher retailer obviously I still have stock to sell for awhile yet until it runs out. A few sets of Sorex to go as well.

The good news is Team ActionRC Schumacher roles on as a force in Qld EP10 racing as both Scott and Heavy continue to campaign the Schumacher vehicles through the foreseeable future, and of course the new Schumacher F1 as soon as we can get our hands on one.


Feels like finals week

This week sees a few finals for me – final meet as a Schumacher dealer and final week before I go on a long holiday.

Wednesday night I’ll be at GCRC , my final meet here for a couple of months.

Saturday morning I’ll make my final at the Vintage meet at Boondall – I’ll be there from 9 till about 1.

After that I’ll head over to Bayside for the final at the ONROAD meet – I’ll be there from 2 till about 9.

The following week I’ll make two final appearances at Logan, Wednesday night for the F1 and Saturday night (Easter) for the TC.

After that I hook up the caravan and “see ya later”


Logan – Saturday 21st

well for a very wet Saturday it was surprising how many super optimists turned out for a race.

well they didn’t get a race, but after a little work they did get a track dry and clean enough for a bit of meaningful practice.

first to declare the track dry were some of the F1 drivers but it wasn’t long before swarms of TC hit the track too

We decided to try one of the new ORCA RX3 13.5 motors. I have been using one of the 21.5 ones in that class for a couple of weeks but tonight we bolted the 13.5 one into Scott’s car for some laps. Still some fiddling to do with gearing and timing but for a first hit out it was impressive and well on the pace of some of the fast guys who were there tonight.

sadly the rain eventually came again but still it was a good bit of fun.

until next time – cheers.

Midweek Mania at Meakin

A good night was had by all.

A solid roll up of F1 cars of various makes – it’s a growing class of makes these day with almost all of the major makes having a F1 chassis in their line up – certainly makes for interesting Pit chat etc

Tonight it was Duncan Donuts in his WRC that prevailed in the 15 minute final from Michael Lee in a Tamiya and Shane Hyde in a SP.

There was also a bunch of TC there tonight, mostly 21.5 but the interest was there was quite a lot of new faces, welcome to the fun guys.

See you all Saturday night.

It’s a Meakin Park week

After a very ordinary (numbers wise) week at Bayside we are looking forward to racing back at Logan this week.

Wednesday night F1 and TC (F1 for me) and

Saturday night the usual all comers club meet – looking forward to that, at this stage Scott will race 13.5 and I will race 21.5 and probably F1 as well. See you there.

Plenty of tyres (Sorex and Rush and F1) and Schumacher parts in stock as usual. Some of the ORCA RX3 21.5 motors as well.

Mi5 EVO new parts

We are pleased to bring you some updated shock towers for the 2015 season!

The Schumacher engineers and high end factory race team have been hard at work to develop these new shock towers for the 2015 racing season.

The new towers give a small change in wheel rate giving a slightly softer feeling.  Drivers have experienced better precision through the corners giving improved lap times.

They were used with great success at the recent ICC race in Essex by Schumacher drivers Elliott Harper and Michal Orlowski to take 3rd and 5th place against some tough competition.

Team Schumacher Queensland

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