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Learning about the Mi5evo

Mi5evo_logo_200After a fun night of racing at Bayside, it’s time for a little update on progress with the new Schumacher Mi5evo.

First, let me send you over to Ed Clark’s blog, where he continues to document the development of his Mi5evo. Go here.

Below are a few thoughts after our first few weeks with the car.  Overwhelmingly it’s been positive, but there are always things to learn and the Mi5evo is a totally different car (in terms of setup) than the Mi5 itself.  Here’s what we’re thinking so far.

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Schumacher Mi5evo Review: Built and Raced

Mi5evo_logo_200One year after the release of the revolutionary Mi5, Schumacher have applied their now customary annual update, this time in the form of the Mi5evo competition touring car chassis.

We’re excited by the new chassis, and loving getting to grips with it.  We’re delighted to bring you this initial review based on the build and our first racing experience. Click through to read the full story!

The Evo is the product of a year of intensive learning and development on the Mi5 platform. The architecture of that car was so different to anything Schumacher have done before, it was bound to offer a host of development options.  In fact, when the Mi5 was released, we  said of the outgoing Mi4:

“it is time for some significant updates – and in this case with the Mi4 platform fully developed, that means an all new chassis.”

Schumacher’s engineers and factory drivers have been loving the development opportunities the Mi5 has offered – and that’s resulted in a steady flow of option parts for the car over the last 12 months.  Along the way though, there have been more lessons learned than can easily be applied to the Mi5 in its current form – so while the new chassis retains the Mi5 platform’s name, in reality the number of changes mean that it is an almost entirely new car.

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Schumacher Mi5 EVO Announced – Ships this week!

Schumacher have announced the evolution of the Mi5, in the form of the new Mi5 EVO.  Learning from a full year of competition with the revolutionary Mi5 chassis, the EVO packs so many improvements it’s essentially an all new car.  Read on for all the details you need!

Here’s Chris Grainger telling you everything you need to know about the Mi5 EVO and its many updated components:

And all the details from Schumacher:

The Mi5evo from Schumacher is an entirely new Competition Touring Car developed from the BRCA National Championship winning and popular Mi5 platform.

Superbly engineered and equipped with revolutionary design features, the Mi5evo enables the racer even more tunability for both carpet and asphalt tracks. The Mi5evo has an ultra low centre of gravity which gives the car fantastic corner speed. This combined with a wider span vertical top deck offers both a responsive and nimble feel, yet is forgiving and consistent to drive. Ideal for all levels of driver.

Lighter than the Mi5, yet even more robust and durable, the Mi5evo chassis offers an extremely wide window of set up. With a host of significant changes such as, optimised motor position 4.5mm closer to centreline, shorter shocks but with the same stroke, new steering system with tuneable ackerman options, new mouldings and pins for lower un-sprung weight and revised body posts and clamps, to name but a few!

The Schumacher Mi5evo….. Race Winning Innovation!

  • NEW Motor Mount moves motor in 4.50mm for more centralised weight distribution and better balance.
  • NEW light weight single piece, centrally mounted, alloy & carbon fibre CNC servo and steering mount, for maximum stiffness in the steering system, and minimal impact on chassis flex.
  • NEW Ultra lightweight alloy transmission housing with ball stud mounting for low centre of gravity, ease of adjustment and narrow pitch mounting for less overhang.
  • NEW Light weight wishbone ends with moulded roll bar ball, 35% lighter.
  • NEW Shorter Shocks with no loss of stroke for ultra-low centre of gravity.
  • NEW Simple 3 point mounted ball raced steering rack for super smooth linear steering. Features forward facing balls for easy Ackerman adjustment and adjustable travel stops.
  • NEW vertically mounted, wide span top deck offers increased stiffness whilst keeping super linear flex characteristics.
  • NEW 1mm wider Alloy rear hex.
  • NEW Hubs with grub screw secured pins, no more e-clips.
  • NEW Ultra fine adjustment eccentrics for optimum belt tension.
  • NEW Stiff 4mm shock towers with optimised shock positions.
  • NEW Lightweight 2.50mm hinge pins
  • NEW Ultra hard wearing black ball cup design with adjustment hole.
  • NEW Lighter CNC alloy 20 tooth layshaft pulley and end cap for less rotating mass.
  • NEW Vernier adjusted wishbone inserts to remove play and o-ring secured for easy replacement.
  • NEW Body post and alloy clamp design for increased durability and ultra fine adjustability.
  • NEW anti roll bars in 0.1mm increments with laser engraving.
  • NEW Ball mounted 2 piece shock cap for easier building, maintenance, vented option and lighter weight.
  • NEW Ultra smooth PTFE impregnated Hard Anodised threaded alloy shock absorbers for extreme smoothness and durability.
  • NEW wide span carbon fibre wishbones for improved stiffness & strength.
  • Adjustable front steering hubs with optional carbon fibre parts.
  • “O” ring retained alloy wheel hexes.
  • Micro 4 degree caster pivot gives super low centre of gravity and  super smooth ball raced steering action with optional 6 degree available.
  • Top adjustable lightweight roll bar sockets and links.
  • Quick release front and rear entry diffs to leave chassis structure intact when removing diffs for maintenance.
  • Ultra lightweight front spool.
  • Shaped lightweight foam bumper and  chassis mounted mouldings.
  • Alloy front kingpins.
  • LiPo retention mouldings.
  • Lightweight black alloy washers throughout.
  • 2 position, LiPo adjustment for fine tuning weight distribution with a Shorty option.
  • Quick release alloy layshaft fence for quick diff and belt removal.
  • Schumacher lightweight gear diff.
  • Precision matched shock springs.
  • Chassis mounted droop screws for decreased unsprung weight.
  • Single sided layshaft mounting with quick release layshaft design for ease of maintenance.
  • Aerospace carbon fibre 2.5mm soft weave chassis and components throughout.
  • Efficient transmission with twin Bando belts and precision CNC pulleys.
  • Optional Mid Motor conversion available, for extra high agility handling.
  • Fully adjustable, suspension geometry, wheelbase, caster, camber, roll centre, ackerman, droop, anti-dive, anti-squat, front toe in/out, ride height and much more.
  • Dedicated front & rear, reverse cup, high tensile steel, CVD driveshafts,improves all round traction.
  • Differential and spool plastic insert “sliders”. Offer a lightweight, efficient driveshaft interface.
  • Adjustable rear hub carriers with optional carbon fibre parts.
  • Speed secret parts available to fine tune to all track conditions.

Contact us for pricing and Australian availability. Needless to say…we’re excited about this one!

Money tight – want a great secondhand Mi5- look here  

Track Test: Gold Coast R/C Raceway

Gold Coast R/C Raceway (GCRC) has been up and running now for a little less than two years, and with the venue to host its AARCMCC Queensland Championship event shortly, we figured it was time to take a look over the venue and what it has to offer.  Click through for our thoughts on GCRC Raceway!

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Mi5 Build Tips

Team Schumacher Action R/C driver Ed Clark is publishing some excellent step-by-step build tips for the Mi5 over at his blog

First up is an excellent article on building up a double o-ring version of the Mi5 shocks. See Ed’s tips here.

Second is a simple modification to the front micro-castor blocks for a firmer fit on the hinge pin and reduced movement.  See Ed’s tips here.

And finally for now, Ed put his Mi5 on a diet, getting down to 1360gm without too much trouble. See how he did it here.

Keep an eye on Ed’s blog for more tips – and we’ll post links whenever any new tips and build-guides see the light of day.

13.5 Blinky….Great Racing at Logan

So having been talking about it for months, I (Scott) finally got to try the new 13.5 blinky stock TC class at Logan last night.  Click through for a mixture of personal race report, and my initial thoughts on the class (oh, and a quick look at the world of 12th racing as well!). Continue reading 13.5 Blinky….Great Racing at Logan

Schumacher SupaStox – a 1/12th racer ??

Do Schumacher make a 1/12th – you bet they do, however not your normal, all the same, 1/12th pan car type. In Britain they run indoor a lot of the year and they run oval stock cars, 1/12th with sedan or GT type bodies and a bumper at both ends and reasonably well protected all round – it’s a contact sport. The cars are built for that class specifically and come in a single cell or 2 cell/6 nimh guise with no diff and a non-independant front end as well.

I have run one of these around Logan a bit and it goes pretty well. I opted for the option diff in mine ($50) for the road course as opposed to oval and it works well – same as a normal pan car diff in operation but not the same wheel attachment etc.


There is also a independant front suspension set up available and whilst I didn’t feel the need I just thought it might ride the Logan bumps a bit better and at about $30 thought I’d give it a try (fitted but not tested yet). Allows more rake and camber adjustment if you want that.

Also in the speed secrets box there is a nice one piece, 1 cell LIPO strap to replace the standard velcro – no performance advantage but looks nice at $17 .




The Supa Stox uses a different (smaller and narrower ) wheel tyre combo than a normal 1/12th, these come preglued and pretrued as a Contact brand in the usual compounds – I tried 50 front and 37 rear and they seemed fine on Logan. There are also rears in 32,35,37 and 40 shore, and fronts in 42,45,47,50 and some dual compounds. The single compounds are around $12 – $14 a pair. They are also available as donuts if you like punishment.



I have done the surgery and fitted a 1/12th pan car body, it’s quite difficult to get it low enough and on mine I cut the rear wheel arches a bit big forgetting that the car has a small diameter wheel, might have to paint another one if I ever get serious about 1/12th.


No problem here in complying with the Eurostock rules, the car is made for 1 cell LIPO so thats ok and a normal type motor pod so no problem fitting up the 10.5 brushless motor. I have a Thunder Power in mine.

Speed Control

One of the problems of 1 cell operation is getting a ESC that will do one cell without extra equipment being needed. We sell the Core Pace 45 which automatically switches from 1 cell to 2 cell depending on which car you want to use it in, perfect for me as I only want to run this car once in a blue moon and usually the ESC will find a home in my F1. An approved blinky mode ESC it sells for $100 including the program card. Fits nicely into my SupaStox and I guess you could risk running without the fan in 1 cell cars if space was tight.



I’m not sure what the gearing is required to be competitive in the class for speed. The car runs a 70t 48p spur and there is plenty of motor movement adjustment so I don’t envisage that being a problem, I’m hearing that maybe 70mmpr is required and if that is correct then we won’t have a problem.

So – does it work, will it be competitive on a road course, I’m not too sure yet, it certainly feels ok and I think the handling will be there, the speed ? well it might be a bit heavier than a regular pan car but that might be a good thing as far as traction is concerned and making the narrower tyres work. We’ll see, I think the 1/12th scale circus is coming to Logan on 22nd Feb so I’ll have the chance to find out then.





Cougar KR Tweet-Build

A while back, when the Schumacher Cougar KR was released, we covered the build of our kit using twitter, in a process we called a “#tweetbuild”.

For those that aren’t on twitter, here’s the review text and photos – remember it’s 140 characters at a time! Click through for all the details and a tonne of photos: Continue reading Cougar KR Tweet-Build

New Schumacher K1 Aero launched


Overnight Schumacher announced the forthcoming CAT K1 Aero.

Essentially the K1 Aero is an update of the K1 and includes the most popular option parts now as standard.  Upgrades from the regular K1 include:

  • New Aero bodyshell in the design language first seen on the Cougar KF
  • Awesome new high downforce wing
  • V2 Big Bore Shocks
  • Gear Diffs front and rear
  • Hex drive wheels
  • Carbon Fibre chassis
  • Shock Nut guards to protect shock towers and track surface (particularly important on astro/carpet tracks)

Full details here.

The K1 Aero is due out end of December and we will stock the upgrade parts for those whose K1 is still pretty fresh. Prices will be announced soon.

We have a K1 in stock here at ActionRC and will throw in a set of big bore shocks at a sensational price for the package – if you are interested shoot me an email

k1 aero

Cougar KF Now Shipping!

Want to be one of the very first in Australia to try the unique new front-motor 2wd Cougar KF from Schumacher?

We’re ordering our first small shipment of KF’s tonight for arrival in Australia next week. If you want one… Scott.

Mmm, I just realised something. Motor up front, driving the rear wheels.  Classic rally car configuration. A lot like my Datsun 1600.  This thing might just be awesome!

Closing in on the home State

Well here we are in windy windy Wyalla, just for the night, heading for Port Augusta tomorrow and then it’s Mildura and all stops home – probably 3 weeks give or take a few days. We are officially closer to Brisbane now than Perth or Darwin so that’s something.

Today I’ve been reading this page again in preparation to building my Mi5 – if you haven’t got an Mi5 yet grab one from ScottI think you could get a very special deal on the one that’s the subject of this review and it’s a famous one as seen in Racing Lines. There is plenty of support around Australia for getting set for your track or class with these cars now, and especially in Brisbane with Ed Clark and Scott both running them.

What class – I reckon I’ll run stock (17.5 to be 13.5 next year) as I think it’s time to recognise 21.5 as a novice class in Brisbane.

Anyway check out this page and get pumping – I’m organizing a new body painted so no one will know I’m back till the 6 months rust is off my driving.

Action R/C….what’s new? Where are we?

This week we’ll be at Logan Saturday night.

And we have news!

1. First shipment of the new Cougar KR is in the air, should be with us Tuesday next week. Contact Scott if you want to be one of the first in the country to get your hands on it!

2. The CAT K1 is back in stock. You know what to do!

3. We have Mi5 kits, and a special offer if you’re “time poor”. We have one brand new fully built car available. Also we might just be talked into parting with a second-hand Mi5 as well if you’re on a tight budget. Check in with Scott

4. New touring car wings arrived from Schumacher this week. Available in clear, black and our favoured carbon look. Pre-cut, end fences including mounting tape. What’s not to like?

5. Sadly we can’t be at the Qld Champs this year.  Please let us know if you need anything for the event. We have a few sets of REX 34 premounts left so you can practice on the real deal.

6. For those keeping tabs on Heavy’s world tour…he’s in Perth for a couple more days. For the second week in a row he’s showed up at the Perth R/C Club indoor event…I think he’s missing R/C!

7. There are updated Mi5 kingpins (U4270) in the air on their way to us. We should have them Friday. A little longer, a little stronger. Updated steering knuckles (U4256) already in stock.

8. I love Wheels magazine. 130km/h test run? Nice bit of free publicity?

New Release: Schumacher Cougar KR

Schumacher’s latest 2wd off-road buggy has broken cover. The Cougar KR builds on the heritage of the Cougar SVR with a range of updated parts simplifying build and maintenance, and improving performance.

Contact Scott to place an order for our first shipment – at this stage we expect arrival in Australia in approx two weeks (pending final availability from Schumacher). Pre-order price is $310.

Read on for all the details on what’s new and improved or check out the full set of photos over at Schumacher’s Cougar KR page.

The new COUGAR KR is a professional, high performance 2WD racing buggy that has been designed especially for dirt and low traction surfaces.  The KR is developed from the highly successful Cougar range of cars which have won countless races worldwide.

Here’s Schumacher engineer Tom Cockerill to introduce the KR:

The KR features a NEW gear diff, industry standard 12mm hex wheels, recessed alloy chassis and a new alloy anti-squat plate to name but a few!

It also now sports Schumachers new stealth black look, first seen on the superb CAT K1 4WD.  The Cougar KR, designed for dirt, designed to dominate!

  • NEW Front Skid Plate – Reduces wear.
  • NEW Lower easy to assemble, wing mount system.
  • NEW All black anodised components.
  • NEW Gear Differential with hardened steel gears and super hard outputs.
  • NEW Hi-Tensile, revised style silver turnbuckles.
  • NEW Stronger front steering hub, with fine Kwik Klip Adjustment.
  • NEW 12mm Hex Wheels with clean look and industry standard offset.
  • NEW Super Strong 7075-T6 Alloy Anti-Squat plate.
  • NEW Recessed alloy chassis – Low centre of gravity for LiPo batteries & neater wiring.
  • NEW Rear top deck mount – Optimised chassis flex.
  • Large range of front to rear battery positions – Allows weight distribution tuning for each track.
  • Moulded chassis sides – Fantastic dirt seal with no handling compromise.
  • Maximum dimension wing. Superb airflow control and max down force.
  • “Super Cool” 7075-T6 Alloy  motor plate. Offers a greater surface area and thickness, for improved cooling and rigidity.
  • Pro spec 13mm big bore shocks with titanium nitride shafts, CNC machined 3 hole pistons with recessed ‘e’clips, threaded collars, twin O ring sealing and diaphragm volume compensation.
  • Longer front wishbones – Improved corner speed.
  • Stronger front bulkhead and bottom plate.
  • 24 piece “Red Seal” ball bearing set.
  • PTFE coated shock bodies – Hard, with a super smooth shock action.
  • CVA style driveshafts – Increased drive.
  • Excellent centre line balance.
  • Fully optimised suspension geometry – Fast, consistent handling.
  • Moulded gear cover for great spur gear protection.
  • Rear motor & three geared transmission – Excellent grip on low traction circuits.

This week at Action R/C

Lots of good stuff here or arriving in the next 24 hours:

  • RIDE Rex 34 Pre-assembled tyres (control tyre for 2013 Qld Champs)….HERE
  • Thunder Power 13.5t motors….HERE
  • Speedpassion Reventon S ESC….HERE
  • Speedpassion Reventon Pro + 17.5 motor combo pack…HERE
  • Core R/C Pace 45R ESC & programming card….HERE
  • Core R/C Piston Drilling Kit….HERE
  • Schumacher Mi5 Kits….HERE
  • All the spares you need for the Mi5….HERE
  • Sorex 28R premounts – perfect winter tyres….HERE

This week we’re contemplating a trip to GCRC for Truckin’ Tuesday – our first time on track with the Short Course truck.

And we’ll be at Bayside Saturday night for the first annual Peter Dooley Seniors Mod TC Championship!

Wednesday night racing? Not for us…State of Origin week! C’mon the Maroons (sorry to our NSW readers…we’re absolutely biaised on this one)!

Heavy has hit his third state on the 2013 Action R/C Lap of Australia. He’s in WA now…check in with all his adventures over at the tour blog –

The Weekly Update: 6th July

Here’s the latest:

Whats in Stock

Couple of interesting bits made it into our hands this week:

  • EDS 1/8″ Arm Reamer
  • Core RC Shock Piston Drilling Kit – includes 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5mm bits and hand drill
  • Thunder Power 21.5 and 17.5 motors (13.5 coming next week)
  • Sorex 28 premounts – great for winter racing

We’re also carrying a few Mi5 option parts for those who want some more range in setup, extra bling, or just to experiment:

  • Spring Kits
  • Sway Bar Kits
  • Purple Alloy Wheel Spacers (0.5 and 1mm wheel shims)
  • 5th Body Post (supports the bonnet, particularly helpful if you’re running lightweight shells)
  • 3-dink link plates, and option rear hub carrier plates
  • 6 degree micro castor blocks

Big Races:

Along with the usual mix of club races this weekend around south-east Queensland, there are two big events we’re keeping an eye on.

The first is the Australian round of the inaugural Asian On-Road Championship series put together by global race organiser Scotty Ernst. Two days of practice are done and things get serious with qualifying underway in Melbourne this morning.  Full live race scoring is streaming over at and we’ll do our best to point to any video we find.  If you’re an instagram user, search for #AOC2013 for a heap of photos and some short video snippets. The track looks amazing. There are a couple of Queenslanders at the event with Corey Broadstock close to the pace in Superstock and Modified, and Ed Clark (our adopted Queenslander) pushing hard in F1.

The second, and more self-indulgent, is the Gold Coast Marathon festival, where our own team driver (that’s me!) will run the half marathon Sunday morning. He’s hopeless and slow, and a first-time half marathonner, so anything better than trackside vomitting will be a win!

News and Views

We posted a couple of days ago about changes to the national EP on-road rules. Reaction to the plans to move stock to 13.5 blinky (zero ESC timing) has been largely positive, and we are hopeful that Queensland will follow suit both at club and state level.  There’s a more mixed reaction about 21.5 blinky being adopted as a national sanctioned class, primarily based on different views about how many sanctioned classes there should be (not about whether 21.5 blinky is a good class, or a suitable club racing class – which it clearly is).

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, enjoy!  As for us, some late changes to family schedule mean that I (Scott) will hopefully stop by Bayside this afternoon for a while. Hopefully see you there.