Logan 6 Hr Enduro

Photo 12-07-2014 10 08 17 pmOne of the best races of 2014 was the Logan 6 Hour Enduro.  In 2015 it’s on again, with the club announcing yesterday that this year’s 6 Hour Enduro will take place on July 11th. Full details here and discussion here

Teams of four drive one touring car, on one set of controlled tyres for 6 hours. It’s a 21.5 blinky class race, with penalties applying for changing motors or tyres – so reliability and consistency are the key. Experience from 2014 suggests battery packs will last 20-25 minutes, with the quickest battery changes happening in around 10 seconds.

Defending Champions Team Domino (Dorn, Redmond, Atack, Guyatt) have been quick to confirm they will be there to defend, but the competition will be fierce with plenty of other teams already being organised.  Places will be strictly limited, so don’t delay in organising a team and getting an entry in.

It’s a fun, and different experience to our normal race meetings, and we’re looking forward to it already.

For those who weren’t there last year, here’s a few tips we picked up along the way:

  • One set of tyres easily lasted the race distance on our car. While we haven’t heard what this year’s tyre is, and we know the race surface is different now, 21.5 cars are pretty easy on tyres. The main challenge was keeping heat in the 36 compound tyres as the night wore on and temps dropped into single figures
  • Double or triple stinting was hard work – being at the wheel for up to an hour or more really pushes the concentration. We changed drivers with each battery pack
  • Car handling changes a lot over the race as diffs, shocks, tyres and track temperature evolve. The first couple of laps of each stint were quite a surprise in figuring out how much the car and track had changed since your last stint
  • There were almost no mechanical failures in the whole field last year – astonishing reliability. Parts wear was low too, with the limited horsepower of the 21.5 motor and the need to drive for consistency making life relatively easy on the cars
  • Motor performance was largely good – most opted to detune slightly in gearing and timing from “normal” 21.5 setup, and I think only one team had a motor failure
  • Modern radios (like the Sanwa MT4 for example) can easily go the distance without changing batteries
  • Thinking through a simple and quick-to-change battery retention system is important. Velcro featured heavily!
  • Sledging in the pit lane was constant…and hilarious. Our team is putting a lot of effort into practicing for this aspect of the race. 😉



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