STORM is good

Had a chance to do a few laps with my newly acquired Schumacher Storm vintage truck this morning. I am a very happy boy, handles the rough Boondall track very nicely indeed. Something is slipping a bit in the drive train, not sure if it’s my rebuilt ball diff or maybe the Losi hydradrive. Guess I’ll take the hydradrive off, put a spacer there and try it, that should tell me if it’s the diff, anyway a month before I will get back to Boondall so no urgency.

I had to admit I had a shocker at Boondall this morning, every car I put out had something wrong with it – obviously I have been a bit slack with the maintenance over the summer break. Will have to go through them one by one and fix before I put them away.

Still an enjoyable morning out with the vintage boys regardless.

Stay tuned, there’s a beach run coming up.

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