Back to the regular.

Just tearing my mind away from the excitement of the Schumacher announcement of the CAT Masami XLS rerelease for a few moments to bring you all up to date on the current activities.

Wednesday evening 15.2.17.    F1 and TC practice night at Logan, gates open around 5, come for a run, a serious practice field r the big one on Saturday or just to have a laugh and maybe tell some lies.

Saturday morning – vintage offroad at Boondall, not sure I can make it this week but there will be plenty of guys there to make you welcome, I’ve got some blockades in for the guys that wanted them.

Saturday day/night will be a rerun of the Australia Day Cup that got washed out a month ago, come and have a run, doesn’t matter if you entered originally or not you can still enter, we will be starting with a clean slate, if you paid entry fee  last time you don’t pay again.

Did I mention Schumacher just won the World Champs for the GT12  class with that brilliant driver Michal Orlowski behind the wheel, normally a World Class offroad driver took to Onroad like a duck to water, had not driven the Schumacher  Atom 1/12th before the event started.

Did I mention the XLS, 1987 World Champ winner is being rereleased. Announced on 11th Feb and due end of March pre orders are at unexpected levels and a second batch is ordered. Go on, you know you have shelf space for one of these.


By the way, I’m moving to only having Schumacher cars in my vintage runner fleet so keep an eye on my second hand page there will be a couple of early Losi and some assorted other things there that you might not want to miss.

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