Maybe a normal week at last

Seems like awhile since I’ve had a “normal” week of rc, but this week is looking good – weather permitting.

WEDNESDAY,  Logan Onroad for the usual practice night. The F1 needs a few laps.


AM Boondall for the vintage run and talk fest. Have a motor / speed control for the Schumacher Storm truck now so keen to give that a run, probably run a couple of other cars as well, maybe the Super Shot.


PM Logan for the Onroad meet. If my knee will let me up the drivers stand I’ll begin the process of relearning to drive the touring car. I’ve been driving like a rookie lately and it’s time to rethink my approach.


There has been some delays in the Schumacher release of new cars with the Mi6 EVO now due about the middle of April and the rere Cat sometime after that, be patient it will be worth  it.

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