My RC week

Looks like a quiet week coming up in my RC week.

The Cougar SVR Buggy is on the workbench, badly glitching steering servo, that’ll have to be fixed, although I won’t be out at vintage for another 3 weeks.

Wednesday night at Logan I’ll be running my F1, and depending on the track condition I might even run the TC.

Then I am going camping for the Easter so I will miss Saturday night at Logan sadly. Think there will be a working bee on the Friday evening to try and clear a bit more of the stubborn mud from the floods, but whatever the track will be raceable on Saturday night so don’t miss it.

Finally got a motor and speedy into the vintage Schumacher Storm for last Saturday and gave it a good run, very happy, for and old truck it works very well.

Just hanging out for Schumacher to get the CAT XLS Masami ready for distribution in a few weeks time, there’s a few lads on the edges of their seats waiting on this rere. Before that the M16 EVO has to come out, thinking I’ll just get the upgrade for my M16 as it’s practically new hardly had any use.

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