Where have you been hiding Heavy.

My apologies to those followers who keep reminding me that they follow this page to keep up with whats on and when. Looking back I can see that its about 4 months since I last logged on and penned a few lines, I’d better get back to it.

My main interest lately has certainly been in the Vintage Offroad Category with the excitement caused by Schumacher releasing the CAT XLS Masami. There are about 14+ of these floating around Brissie, some put together as runners, some as shelf queens and some kept as NIB by collectors.

Mine has been built as a runner and has done a few laps at Boondall (Brisbanes Vintage Offroad Track ) and is an absolute joy to drive. Schumacher rereleased the model as a very faithful representation of the original with the notable exception of making provision for LIPO batteries. The recommended power maximum is 17.5 brushless (I am currently running 13.5 ) which recognises the power we get these days from LIPO and brushless, there is a power transmission available,which mine is about to get, and which will allow lower wind motors. There are other options available as well which I haven’t bothered with so far – graphite replacements for chassis , top deck, shock towers etc. Most of the Brisbane runners have taken up the option wing mount which is a cheap solid replacement for the very flexi wire mount.

There are also some 2.2″ wheels available which allow the use of modern rubber tyres – we use Blockades at Boondall, however there are also the old original CAT tyres in 2″ in pins and blocks which also work well at Boondall.

I’m itching to try mine on Blockades at Chargers new track once it’s ready.

There has also been some interest from those who had been restoring originals and were stuck for a part or two, they can now buy the part they want to progress their project.

The interest in onroad for me has swung in favour of the new Wednesday night class at Meakin, The Euro truck class, based on the old Tamiya TT01 chassis with a semi trailer MAN body shell, the class is being run strictly as a box stock class. The kit comes with tyres, esc, motor and they all have to be used and no fancy alloy parts allowed. pinion can be changed for a better quality one as long as the same number of teeth. LIPO battery can be used.


I have run one Wednesday night and one Saturday  (normally this class will be Wednesday only at Meakin) so far and can say its more fun than I have had in RC in a long time – best approached as fun rather than out and out competition you’ll have a ball.

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Saturday 24th – Club Onroad Racing Bayside.

Wednesday 28th – F1 and Truck Meakin gates open from 5

Saturday 3rd March – Boondall Vintage 8am till lunch or whenever (I”ll be away for this one )

– Meakin Onroad Club meet gates open about 2 racing under lights  – (I’ll be away for this one)

Saturday 10th Onroad racing at Bayside

Wednesday 14th – F1 and trucks at Meakin (i”ll be away for this one)

Saturday 17th March – Vintage Offroad 8am Boondall

Saturday 17th March – Club Onroad Racing at Meakin  6pm

Hopefully I’ll be back with more news before then.

Racing last Saturday night at Logan was very good, good numbers in all classes, good to see a full field of Mods going round. The trucks drew a few laughs from both drivers and spectators so that’s a good thing.

In addition to the above there is also electric onroad racing a Brendale on a regular basis these days, I’ll have to try and catch up with that when I get back.

If you want anything Schumacher give me a call, I still have some stock and I order for myself on a fairly regular basis and its no problem to add your items if it’s a definite need.

My current restricted wish list

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