Since i’m not racing as much these days I also haven’t made the effort to keep this page up to date – most of our news goes to Facebook these days.

Most of my rc time and budget these days is aimed at the Vintage scene, I made the decision recently to get rid of any vintage runners I had which were not Schumacher, since then I’ve sold some, traded some and have the basis of a nice collection of Schumacher runners, just selling a bit more extra sort of stuff that I rarely use these days, like my Hudy set up station, to have funds to chase the one car I still want – Bosscat. A little negotiation is currently going on around a Bosscat so watch this space.

Logan are holding a proper race meet on Anzac Day our regular Wednesday test and tune night but gates will be open from 2 and racing from 4, shouldn’t be a late night.

Next vintage meet Saturday 28th Boondall from about 8 am


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