A big weekend

Started the weekend with a very early start, up at 5.30 for the trip out to Boondall for a morning of Vintage Offroad RC. I have been putting a few cars together over the last little while and they all need testing, and notes made about what needed fixing, things you can’t test at home, down a pinion or two on that one, diff slipping on that one etc etc.

The council hd seen fit to grade the track for us, which is appreciated but they don’t roll it so it’s a dusty rocky mess until a fair few laps have been put on it, gets good later in the morning, by then most of the rocks have found their way into my gearbox, oh well something to do Monday.

After a fun morning it was home to unload and reload with the Onroad gear for the regular Onroad meet at Logan. Was thinking I would run F1 but changed my mind and ran TC using the now vintage Mi4. Cant quite hold its own against the newer models plus my $99 motor is not quite up with the new $260 jobs. Nevertheless lots of fun. By the end of two heats and one final the length of the day got the better of me and I headed home.

Monday was de-rocking day and I got through two cars today, waiting for a body,undertray and belt guards to arrive so I can get my Bosscat to the track, maybe next fortnight.

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