Where have you been Heavy

I know I’ve been missing in action as far as this web page is concerned but i’ve been off doing important stuff.

Rediscovering the joy of RC.

One of my sons is a golf coach and he gets his best results when he can get his clients to rediscover the joy and the passion for the game.

I was very stale and not enjoying racing at all so I decided to do something about it- sold both my race cars (Mi6Evo and Serpent F1) so I wouldn’t be able to change my mind.

Remember your first RC car, and what you did with it. If an offroader like ours – a Tamiya Hotshot – you found a corner block of dirt or a park and spent time there driving and having FUN, or and onroad car similarly found a shopping centre carpark or other hard stand and learnt to drive. The fun of driving.

Thats where I am at the moment, playing with Vintage offroad buggies, bringing back the memories, just driving for fun not racing as such just driving and enjoying the old buggies.

The other aspect of rediscovering the joy involves the Onroad sector and those of you who frequent Logan will know what I am into there.

Just driving this truck causes fun and laughter, noone cares about lap times, just driving for fun.

I can honestly say I am enjoying both streams more than I have for years.

See you round and racing or not just remember we do what we do for enjoyment and if you’re not getting that satisfaction think about whats wrong.

See you round the tracks, Heavy D.

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