South Brisbane Chargers goes world class

Last Sunday Chargers unveiled their new sic surface on their track at Wacol . Very impressive to the eye it also turned out to be very impressive to race on, very high traction and near perfect profiles on the jumps led to very good racing across all classes.

For a club meet there was an impressive entry, I entered 2wd stock (in my 6 year old  Schumacher Cougar SVR)   with 19 others to have 2 full heats of 10 for the class. I had the wrong tyres but Matthew Lawrance gave me a set for the final which transformed the car, thanks Matt.

Zoom in on this pic and look at the rear tyre deform and the suspension working – Boondall setup not the best at Wacol. Thanks for the pic Nathan.

Also entered 4wd Stock (in my 10 year old ex Sturdy Cat SX ) – there was only 10 in this class.

There were also good solid entries in the mod classes and a couple of heats of combined Stadium and SCT trucks.

Interest centered on the Sic surface and the claimed no dust and high traction claims of the track builder, and I don’t think anyone was disappointed, great surface to race on and the profiles of the jumps was excellent as well. We”ll wait and see what time brings and what rain does but so far take a bow Chargers and Sic

As an aside I qualified 5th in 4wd and ran out 3rd and 4th in the first two finals, for the last final for some old times fun I handed the transmitter to Chris Sturdy (Chris drove this car to a State Title win in 2010 ) – he showed me how the SX should be driven and won the 3rd final easily – the old car was humming – came down from the drivers stand and reminded me of Scott – same words he always said “needs more steering Heavy ”

There were winners – and those results will no doubt be published, couldn’t let this little story go to press without a mention of young  8 year old Jack Parsey who drove like a pro in the 2wd stock finals, best I’ve ever seen – remember the name you’ll be hearing it often.

A good day, good racing, good track, good spirits, good friends what else could you want.

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