Bayside Cup 2006

The Bayside Cup for 2006 was unexplainably a little down on numbers but what we lacked in quality we more than made up for in quality with an excellent weekend of racing.

Saturday:This was the 540 and 19t day for electric and Gas Tourer day for Nitro (the Gas Tourer are running the new rules now at the Interclub wit a 1 hp limit.  We had no team members running gas this year, and none in 540 either thanks to Steve going against team orders and entering himself in 19t. With Scott and heavy and Shayne all in the new EC and Steve in the older Mi2 we thought we had a good representation, and so it turned out with all 3 of the EC making the A final and Scott finishing 3rd Shayne 9th and Heavy 8th.Steve finished 3rd in the B in his first drive of anything faster than stock. A good day was had by all until the last leg of the finals when Heavy totalled the EC in a heavy crash virtually destroying one corner of the car and ensuring he had a late night rebuilding the thing.


We had Scott and Shayne in Mod and Heavy and Steve in stock and looked good. Heavy set the track on fire in the first heat and with a lap to go was leading the way on target for a 17 5.07 which would have been TQ – until he rolled on the kerb coming into the straight, ending up on his lid & losing heaps of time.

At the end of qualifying it was Scott 3rd and Shayne 6th in Mod (again all the EC’s into the A) and Heavy 5th and Steve 8th in Stock – all the team in the A’s. Steve did a personal best for Stock 16 5m3.54 to demonstrate that the older Mi2 S1 – still available for around $350 – is still a competitive car to own.

The finals were a joy to watch – some great racing and we celebrated Scott winning one leg of the A finals in mod and finishing 3rd overall with Shayne going better in the new car as well and finishing 6th. In Stock it was left to Steve in the old car to go best and finish 5th with heavy back in 8th after an unhappy finals. Steve’s Mi2 was powered by unmatched Feral 3800’s & a Surge Monster and he had heaps of grunt!

Heavy spent the last qualifying run and two legs of the finals with a car that was slow and he couldn’t pin the problem down – blaming first a battery, then a speedy, then a motor finally finding a broken drive pin inside a rear UJ which was causing his car to be a front wheel drive with the spool doing all the work – might be great for limp home mode but not much good with the quality and speed of that field that we there Sunday.

Overall I though that the EC acquitted itself very well for a new car – we are all running them built as per the book and with no modifications or extra parts at this stage.  Scott was delighted with the performance of his brushless (Novak 4.5) setup – able to run at the pace all day with very ordinary batteries.



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