Northern Rivers Titles (Casino)

CASINO – Northern Rivers Titles 1/4/06

I decided to make the trip to Casino based on the number of times the guys from there have ventured up to Brisbane for events -mainly Logan I guess.They are always competitive and when they swept the floor with Brisbane’s best at the Summer Cup in stock I thought I’d like to see what sort of a training ground these guys were running on at their home track – plus the lure of a weekend away with some Interstate friends is always too much for me.

I have to say I was very disappointed with the numbers of Brisbane drivers that didn’t turn up at the event, but drivers from elsewhere made up for that, Melbourne, Sydney, Dubbo, Tamworth, Bundaberg, Hervey Bay to name the ones I can remember.The event was run like clockwork with a 2 minute gap between races and no waiting for drivers who weren’t ready. This enabled 5 qualifiers and 3 final legs for everyone, right down to the D final in stock. Qualifying was by staggered start and went of very well with a lot of courtesy being shown to faster cars (at least certainly by drivers in my
heat) and I think in most heats it was the same. The finals were a bit more scrappy with 8 cars on a track with quite a narrow racing line and some quite fast sections there was quite some lexan trading happening.
In the end the best drivers won and there were generally smiles all round, congratulations to Steve Stubbins and the organising team – good job.

Heavy’s Tale of Woe
I got there pretty early and had plenty of practice on the track. Right from the start I though my car was fairly good and needed virtually no set up changes. I was however chasing gear ratios right through practice and finally didn’t get it right till the finals.

Qualifying went something like this for me. (memory is a bit foggy so the story might not equate exactly to the round numbers but it all happened somewhere)

Round 1:   After sitting around for 2 hours chatting with Dave Smith I got to the line for my race only to find my motor wasn’t soldered in – some quick work by Darren Matthews got me to the line not too late but after a few laps my battery fell out anyway so scratch that round.

Round 2:   Being off the back of the grid even in staggered start racing is not the ideal spot especially when you have quite a few slower cars in the race, even though they were very courteous it still takes time to get by cleanly – 23 laps.

Round 3:   Slightly cleaner race for me – 24 laps.

Round 4:   Got to the grid in plenty of time but one of the other guys decided to take another lap of practice and cleaned me up from behind at warp speed = broken rear suspension arm. While I was repairing it later I thought ‘wonder if anything else is cracked from that smash – should I replace the rear upright as well – no it looks ok” .

Round 5:   Oops to much chatting again – no pinion, late to the grid – 11 lapsFinally qualified 12th – 4th in the B final – amongst some amazingly talented drivers.B Final leg 1: Think my gearing is still not correct I’ll go up a pinion (all the time thinking about how often I advise people that seek my help to think about going down not up) down was right up was wrong. Anyway after a very scrappy start I got to the lead and led for the last 15 or so laps going away to finish comfortably first.Leg 2: The overgearing resulted in a comm skim being required so I ditched the XXX brush and decided to make a bit more power so went for a drilled 4499 brush – even ran it in on the motor checker for 3 minutes at 3 volts (I know Scott will be proud of me for working on my car between races). The car was very fast now but I got bashed up at the start and for the first few laps actually – very scrappy. I finally got out of the melee and ended up 3rd. So a first and 3rd, with Peter Beckett the next best with a 2nd and 3rd.

Leg 3: Another scrappy start and I never got out of it unscathed – finally the right rear upright broke and I will never know if it was from this race or if it was cracked from the previous incident. retired after a few laps.

S0 there you go that’s my weekend. Still as enthusiastic as ever about the Mi2 EC. It’s such a great car – way more potential than this driver has. The Casino track is well worth a look and I suggest if you can’t get there before hand stick the Northern Rivers Titles in your diary for about this time next year. If I’m still racing 1/10th electric next year I’ll be going – by the way if moneys tight you can do it in one day with an early start from Brisbane and a late night home or you can camp at the track as well – a few did.



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  1. I might add that Peter Dooley is responsible for most of my woes. He has been urging me to work on my car between races, without him my pinion would never have been off and my motor would never have been unsoldered. Thanks Pete, you’re a great help. 🙂

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