Great night of racing at Logan Onroad

Well that was a great night of racing. good numbers in 21.5, 13.5 lower numbers in Mod and F1 but enough for some good dices all through the fields.

I was happy to tq and win in 21.5 tonight just getting home ahead of Robert who has beaten me the last two racemeets, looking forward to some epic battles in the Interclub in two weeks time. The first 4 cars were Schumacher.

First – Heavy, Second Robert, Third Luke.

In 13.5 there was a lot of interest and some considerable pace being shown by Karl, Scott Terry and Jacob Staines- offroad champion and having his first run in Onroad, and took to it like a duck to water. In end 2 seconds to Karl with his TQ was good enough to get him the nod for the night over Scott with a first and a third – Scott his Schumacher wedged in an Xray sandwich.

First – Karl, Second Scott, Third Terry

In mod there was an upset or two First Ed, second Corey, third Mr Dooley

In F1 I think it was Duncan and Noel duking it out but I think Noel proved too strong in the end – I’m loving F1 at the moment.

First Noel, Second Duncan, Third Heavy (Actually that’s what the results say but I think Adam was third but there appears to have been a transponder malfunction

Anyway it was all good and in two weeks we get to race for 2 days at the Interclub,

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  1. Couple of extra thoughts from Sat night:

    Ed’s Mi5 is looking good – he dipped into the 18 sec bracket again on Sat night, quick! Highlight of the night was Corey’s pass on Ed in A2 final. Bold, perfectly controlled, and good driving from both to get through the last couple of turns side-by-side before Corey carried momentum onto the front straight and past. Genuinely impressive.

    Super close times between the first 4-5 cars bodes well for an exciting interclub event in this class. Karl was really consistent all ngiht and thoroughly deserved his TQ and win. Terry experimenting with an alloy chassis maybe wasn’t quite as consistent as previous weeks but fast in A1 to scoop up a win. Jacob Staines is one of the best 2wd Mod buggy drivers in Australia, and his performance just goes to show once again that 2wd mod buggy teaches you skills that transfer to just about any R/C category. With a little still to learn about TC setup, and some occasional mistakes to iron out, Jacob will get even faster. If he makes the interclub he’ll be a real threat.

    My Mi5 was good again on Saturday night as I worked through some setup options after kicking some ideas around with Peter D. Starting with my standard Logan setup (published previously) I tried 0.5mm of front anti-dive, lowered front inner camber links 0.5mm, then to a full 1.0mm front anti-dive and finally added a 3k rear diff (previously been running 2k). The car improved throughout the night and I ended up running the same fast time (20.0) as I had on a previous visit – on a night when the track felt a tiny bit off to me at least. So some good data to work with before Interclub to come up with a starting setup. It’ll be my first day-time race at Logan in years so I’m sure I’ll have more to learn.

    We’ll be back late this week or early next with a full Interclub preview and some fearless predictions.

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