This weeks Racing Action

It’s going to be a busy, but good week.

Wednesday I head for the GCRC for some Indoor Offroad Buggy Action. This week I will probably race 4wd again because I just love the K1Aero but it is getting very tempting to run 2wd as well, the KF is performing so well, we’ll see. I also have a SV2 ready to do some laps, I expect we will have to make a few changes to get it competitive but looking forward to running a mid motor car on that track. Should be a good day, maybe I’ll go down early and spend some track time with the SV2 before racing practice starts at 4.

Saturday, it’s Bayside Onroad Racing again this week, I’ll have the Touring Car out for that, still running the Mi4CXL which is not quite as quick as the Mi5 through the corners but still not bad, had a win at Logan last week so it’s still a competitive car. If you want to get into a TC and the budget is tight you can still have a lot of fun and be competitive in last years cars – grab a Schumacher or the other competitive chassis secondhand and go for it.  I might be tempted to give my 1/12th a run around before racing starts if I get there early enough, we need at least 5 of these to show up for the class to be run on a race day.

Boondall Vintage meet Saturday morning, might get out there for awhile this week, not sure yet.

Going to be a good week, get your rc out and give it a run even if you cant make it to either of these meets, there’s always the beach, SCT are made for the beach.

One thought on “This weeks Racing Action”

  1. A good nights racing at GCRC last night, not necessarily for me but it was a good night anyway.

    2 heats of 4wd (mostly stock but there was 4 or 5 Mods as well in the mix)
    a full heat of 2wd stock and one of 2wd mod.

    I spent some valuable time in the pre race practice time playing with the 2wd’s, a KF and a SV2. The SV2 was quite impressive and I’ll try a few other setups with it as time goes by (for Scott a little weight behind the servo and a little more negative camber produced good results but it could still do with a bit more steering and a faster servo), the KF is still very good around the GCRC track. Hence playing 2wd for the limited practice time that I had yesterday my 4wd was neglected and I didn’t race well with it, mind you it wasn’t the car but rather the driver that had a bad night, still enjoyable nevertheless.

    Saturday – heavy rain is predicted for Thursday and Friday so Bayside and Boondall are looking doubtful but we won’t make any early predictions of gloom yet.

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