This week is shaping up as a huge one.

Wednesday all day (11 till 4) at the GCRC Offroad track practicing with my 2wd buggy – will the KF or the SV2 get the nod to go ahead as my ride for the Qld Titles – time and laps will tell.

The Weekend – it’s INTERCLUB time.

The Onroad Interclub events have been the best racing in SEQ for quite a few years now. With a downturn in RC throughout the world and Australia generally will the Interclub generate the numbers it has in the past, I doubt it but I don’t doubt that the racers who turn up will be there with intent to race hard and fair.

The track will be well presented, a lot of work has been happening this week to make life a bit easier for marshals and spectators (thanks workers), all exciting stuff.

I’m looking forward to it immensely and planning to run the 21.5 and F1 on Saturday and 13.5 on Sunday – depending on how the body is holding out maybe 1/12th on Sunday as well, big program, big fun.

Hope to see you there.


3 thoughts on “HUGE WEEK”

  1. Completely stripped the Mi5 on Sunday. Great result for the V8s, pitty about the F1.

    I have a 10.5 but is 17.5 boosted still ok for Saturday?

    Not sure which one I would prefer to run

  2. Well the early to mid-week part of the week is done, and done very enjoyably I might say.

    Finished off the Mi5 and got it nearly ready to run in 13.5, looks good and at the moment better than I will drive it that’s for sure, anyway I’ll have a go. Keeping the Mi4CXL in 21.5 guise at the moment.

    The Gold Coast practice laps were good on Wednesday, got a good number of laps at a consistant pace from the mid motor SV2 and found some good speed again from the Aero, apparently it was the driver that was faulty last Wednesday night.

    Got to Logan for the Mid week practice meet, finished putting a receiver and transponder into the Mi5 and gave that a few laps just a shake down really. motor came unmeshed because soemone had forgotten to tighten the screws, apart from that nothing fell off and nothing made a noise and the car was very driveable even on the usual unprepared midweek surface.

    Raced F1 for the night with a bunch of F1 punters, finished about mid field after a couple of memorable dices with Peter and a couple of equally memorable crashes.

    Ready now to race a few classes over what is looking like a big weekend.

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