To Tamworth or not to Tamworth that is the question.

Now that the Interclub has been run and won all eyes now focus on Tamwoth. It’s something of a special Tamworth this year with it being the 10th Anniversary of the annual Qld vs NSW stouch.

This year, for the first time the National classes can be run (21.5 blinky, 13.5 blinky and Mod – as well as F1 and 1/12th ) so it really packs some attraction to make the trip.

There are a few diehard Qlders putting their hands up and for some it’s more about the trip than it is about the racing, but that’s ok too. For me it’s nearly time I got off the fence and made a decision – to go or not to go. I really want to camp at the track cause there seems to be a lot of fun there after racing finishes, but that’s a tough decision too, tow the caravan or rough it in a tent or the back of the Pajero – might crawl in there tomorrow and see how it feels…….. thinking about it overnight, if I go I’ll race 21.5, 13.5 and F1 or maybe not 3 classes …………. thinking about it overnight.



4 thoughts on “To Tamworth or not to Tamworth that is the question.”

    1. Looks like you might be right, checked out the sleeping options and the back of the Pajero is out that’s for sure, but I have found my tent so looks like that might be the go, now what to race

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