Action R/C: news and views from the south-east Queensland R/C scene.

Action R/C is the home of David & Scott Guyatt, retailers, storytellers and r/c fanatics.  We supply a limited line of racing equipment for hard core r/c nuts and when we’re not out there racing, we’re in here writing about our experiences and adventures.

We’re also both representatives for Team Schumacher in Australia – suppliers of fantastic competition oriented EP touring cars and buggies.

About actionrc.com.au:

This site is the home of Action R/C – a hobby business venture specialising in helping R/C racers obtain specialist race gear. This service continues on a limited basis (simply click “SHOP” above), but the website has the main role of providing a a great resource and a great place to read, and tell stories about R/C racing. We’re particularly focused on the south-east Queensland scene where we are based, but bring a wider perspective.

We (David and Scott) have been racing r/c cars since 1984 and are still enjoying it as much as the day we started with our first Tamiya HotShot.  Some of the following pages might help you get going or keep you going – that’s our goal. Especially check out our R/C handbook – it could help you go faster on the right track.

Mostly the posts here at Action R/C are the work of David (heavy) and Scott.  From time to time you might see taglines from special guest contributors.

Heavy: The well known Heavy D is one of Australia’s most experienced racers and race administrators with years at the helm of the Queensland R/C association. Heavy is the heart and soul of Action R/C.  Heavy always has a garage full of R/C cars, and will race anywhere and anytime. Currently in the garage?  Schumacher Mi5 , Schumacher K1 Aero, Cougar KR,, several vintage cars in various stages of readiness (for retirement), Holiday Buggy, HotShot, Original RC10, on the shelf in the study but not seriously RC – Datsun 1600 and a 555 Subaru with body signed by Possum.

Scott: Is back in Brisbane after a few years living and working in Tasmania. Has been around the traps for a long time with plenty of experience in the dirt and on tarmac. Currently peddling an Mi5 for Onroad and has the Schumacher KR and KF in the garage waiting for the opportunity or ocassional trip to a dirt race.  Scott is a regular writer for “Racing Lines” magazine, and the tech-brains behind actionrc.com.au (small brain admittedly!).  The garage also includes a HPI Baja 5b for recreational value and some GP8 and EP8 buggies!

Your participation here at actionrc.com.au is not only invited, but welcome.  Your thoughts and input make this a better place for all.


For a bit of old-time fun, here’s some links to old/archived stuff from our previous website. Enjoy!

Team Race Reports

Scott’s Blog


  • Here are a few photos we managed to dig up from our long history in R/C.

Team Schumacher Queensland

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