On this page you will find setup sheets from some of Australia’s leading drivers for a range of chassis and tracks. Find your chassis, find your track – and you’ll find a setup worth trying.

There are also blank setup sheets and ratio charts available.

To post a setup here, simply e-mail us!

Schumacher MI5evo Touring Car

Schumacher Mi5 Touring Car



Gear Chart

Tamiya Mini

Peter Dooley Setup for Qld Titles 2012 and SA Titles 2012 – Thanks Peter

CAT SX11 -new steel idler gear upgrade U3794 – instructions and ratios

If you have a setup you’d like to post, e-mail us

Serpent 811E

Adrian Beggs Setup for Gold Coast

Schumacher Mi4-CXL Touring Car

Schumacher Mi4-CX Touring Car

Schumacher Mi1 Touring Car

Schumacher Mi4-LP Touring Car

Schumacher Mi4 Touring Car


Schumacher Cougar 2wd Buggy

  • Chris and Gary Sturdy set up – TQ and 1st Qld Titles 2010 here

Schumacher Cougar SV2 2wd Buggy

Schumacher CAT SX3 4wd Buggy












Chris Sturdy – Qld State Titles 2010 Redbank

Schumacher Mi3

Team Associated TC5 Setups

Schumacher Mi2-EC Setups



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