Australia’s Best Driver….

There are a few guys going around who would have reasonable claim to be considered Australia’s best R/C driver.  Simon Camilleri, Simon Nicholson, Ari Bakla and Matt Griffin are probably the standout contenders.  I think over the weekend (at the Aus EP Offroad Nats) we’ve seen an effort that possibly defines the best “allround” electric R/C racer in the country……. Continue reading Australia’s Best Driver….

Welcome To The All New Home of Action R/C!

All of us here at Action R/C are delighted to bring you this new and improved web presence. The focus of our site has moved more toward the focus of our activities these days – running a successful race team with a “minimum spend” objective. We are keen to do the best we can for our team and for the fabulous hobby we all love, RC car racing. Continue reading Welcome To The All New Home of Action R/C!

Northern Rivers Titles (Casino)

CASINO – Northern Rivers Titles 1/4/06

I decided to make the trip to Casino based on the number of times the guys from there have ventured up to Brisbane for events -mainly Logan I guess.They are always competitive and when they swept the floor with Brisbane’s best at the Summer Cup in stock I thought I’d like to see what sort of a training ground these guys were running on at their home track – plus the lure of a weekend away with some Interstate friends is always too much for me. Continue reading Northern Rivers Titles (Casino)

Bayside Cup – Scott’s View

Modified Using the Brushless:  I am a big fan of modified class racing. I think that more power equates to more fun.  I often wonder why more people don’t race modified. I guess there are lots of reasons and two of them would be the cost, and the ongoing levels of maintenance. Those have certainly been issues for me of late. Continue reading Bayside Cup – Scott’s View

Team Schumacher Queensland

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