Happy New Year starts on Saturday

First rc event of 2017 for me is the vintage rc event at Boondall this Saturday. (7th Jan 2017)

The first event is usually special as the guys all come out to brag about the new (old) cars they have acquired over the break or got for Christmas. I have a couple of Schumacher cars to show off this week.

As usual between the chat, banter and sledging we will all put some cars out on the track for some racing – of course having regard to the fragility of the old girls and the scarceness of parts, but we’ll laugh plenty.

Thinking about going to “just Schumacher” brand vintage cars from now on so keep yours eyes on my second hand page as I might have some good deals coming up.

First Onroad event for me will be the Australia Day Cup at Logan on 21st. I’d love to race 2 cars – F1 and TC3 but hopefully sanity will prevail and I’ll only race one, time will tell. Think I’ll be putting my shade shelter up with a table and sitting down for the day – just about over standing up all day for the long events.

Having made the decision to be in RC for another year I’m really looking forward to the year and all the possibilities, the competition, the comradaree etc

Christmas is upon us


As Christians in the world it’s a time for us to celebrate our Faith.

As Aussies it’s time for Christmas holidays, sun, surf and maybe a bit of cricket, and if you have been good maybe finding something under the tree with your name on it.


Last but not least it’s time to catch up with family , we’ll be seeing our wider family from both sides and of course a memorable gathering with our 4 sons and their families – gotta love Christmas with the grandkids.

Whatever you’re doing this Christmas, do it safely, we want to see you again next year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us to all of you and yours.

Storm is here

The day of excitement has arrived in the ActionRC workshop, the Storm has arrived. Buying vintage secondhand models is always a risk as the pics don’t always tell the true story so its always an anxious moment or two.

The unboxing.2016-12-16 08.56.13Looks pretty secure2016-12-16 08.57.00Looks well packed2016-12-16 08.57.13There she is, original Storm 2000 body shell looks a bit worse for wear, might be looking for another body (wonder what will fit)

2016-12-16 08.59.58

Looks pretty clean, and its all there, bonus Losi Hydradrive, might be swapping out those non-original blue screw caps for some Schumacher purple ones.

2016-12-16 09.00.12

Certainly been used but not too badly. Very Happy overall well worth the $150 it cost me. Now what motor class to run – old school brushed or brushless. I think for the debut maybe old school.

Back in the day we had a Storm on the team. Murray Dowsett drove Scotts Storm to a win in the Qld (Hawthorne)  and NSW (Central Coast) Titles in (we think ) 1994. Steve possibly won a B final with it as well as Scotts victories in numerous club events, a truck dear to our hearts and one which will go well again – Boondall 2017, can’t wait.

The summer break

So no more racing for a few weeks – what to do, how to fill the void.

You can start this Saturday night by turning up at Logan around 6 to help spread the new surface, it’s a lot of work to recoat the whole track so remember the old adage “many hands make light work”. We are all going to enjoy the new surface so it would be good if we could all help put it down. If you can’t make it Saturday then how about Friday night when the cleaning will be happening, either would be ok, both would be better, see you there.

I’m going to be spending some time getting a couple of new (to me) old cars ready for the Vintage meets that I go to every second Saturday morning at Boondal.

One is not really vintage and its come back to me for a second time, a Schumacher (naturally) Cat K1. This one won’t be getting much attention as it’s in good shape, just a dust off and fit the electrics, will be mod as I have a 8.5t waiting for some work. Should have it ready for a chance to run at the Chargers opening meet at Cobald Street sometime later in the New Year.

This is the second one – genuine Vintage and I’ve been looking for a fair while for this and had the chance to grab one this week, it’s currently in the mail so c’mon Aust Post get my parcel here.

Who can guess what this is – and look at the motor – only the old boys will recognise it.

2016-12-12 14.34.262016-12-12 14.34.122016-12-12 14.35.02Fun days ahead

Logan annual V8 Ford v/s Holden event done and dusted.

Saturday night saw the running  of this popular event with some changes – this year it was still the V8 theme but as per the full size events there were now two Volvo cars in the mix, also some cars with their own paint schemes not copying a team car. Some of the paint schemes were very good. Sorry I dont have any pics, did take some but my phone is in Sydney at the moment (dont ask ,long story) but there are some on the Logan website

Qualifying followed by a top 10 shootout and then 3 finals was the go for the V8. The normal 2 qualifiers and two finals for the other classes.

Top 10 shootout was fairly intense with drivers getting a lap warmup and then their one hot lap with all eyes on them some mistakes were made, some recovered from – Noel on the best 2 wheeler i’ve seen outside the real thing, – naturally happy to report that Robert Tyler / Schumacher was able to piece together the fastest lap and take the TQ.

Final results for the night are up on the club website for all to see but I can’t get the grin off my face when I tell you the winner across the 3 finals was Robert Tyler – Schumacher Mi6 – go you good thing.


Laura Matthews also took out the B final in her Mi6 and there were a few other Schumacher spread through the field as well, some of us even as low as the C final. I can’t say I had a good night, more driver than car in my case but I have a few weeks now to make some adjustments (possibly wind back the drivers age by 50 years) and think about things before the new season starts with the Australia Day Cup on 21st Jan. (stay tuned for news on this one)

Winding down

This week sees a couple of “last for the year” events.

Saturday 10th in the early morning is the last meet of the year for Vintage guys (vintage cars actually but will admit some of them are vintage guys as well) at Boondal, some of the guys are already away but there should be enough for a good bit of fun.


Saturday 10th is the evening meet at Logan – the annual traditional meet of Ford v/s Holden (V8 body styles ) continues. There will be racing in other classes as well I believe, throw in a 21.5 blinky and come and have some fun, gates usually open around 2pm.


Also this week – tonight (gates open around 4) will be the normal practice meet for F1 and TC at Logan. Just a fun meet and a gab fest really, see you there.

Schumacher Logo_md


Boondall rained out

A huge storm came through early and put paid to any hopes of having the track raceable this morning, a couple of die hards ran around for a bit, check out the lake in the background, that’s our track – on a fine day.


Anyway came home to find Christmas cooking in full swing, lucky I’m here to lick out a few bowls etc. We used to have kids to do that but they are all long gone.

Hopefully be fine for Onroad racing at Logan tonight as I have a shakedown run in a NEW Schumacher Mi6 planned.



Tracked in Sydney last night, better get the tools ready tomorrow could be a big day. You 21.5 guys get all the practice you can, Heavy’s making a comeback. Enthusiasm is back, Schumacher is back, talent – well we’ll see.


looking for a new chassis – have a good look at the Mi6, a winning chassis at the highest levels both in Australia and overseas.


Schumacher Mi6

Schumacher Mi6 1/10th Competition Touring Car

The new Mi6 from Schumacher born from the multi national championship winning ‘Mi’ platform.

Superbly engineered and equipped as standard with some awesome new equipment, the Mi6 enables set up changes to be made simply and quickly.

Designed for both carpet and asphalt tracks the new Mi6 bearing pivot points offer sensationally free wishbones with no slop and with an even lower centre of gravity the Mi6 carries even more corner speed.

Although still as responsive and nimble to drive as ever, the Mi6 gives class leading consistency and durability, superb for all levels of driver.

With a massive attention to detail the all new Schumacher Mi6 leads the way in 2016.

The Schumacher Mi6….. racing intelligence!
Roll over smaller images to get a larger view. Click to get very large image.

Looks like a big week on the tools ahead.

Sadly can’t race this weekend as apparently there are other things in life that get in the way. The silly season is well underway – had a workman here yesterday who, in the course of his work had to have a look up in the roof space through the man hole, took the opportunity to have him pass down our Christmas tree, save me getting up there.

Thought about racing at Chargers Offroad today as I wanted to do a meet at Redbank before it closes, not sure I’m going to make it, wanted to do a Friday night EP offroad meet at Sunny coast too before the end of the year, not sure if that will happen either, time is rushing by so fast. I do happen to have a car ready in case I make it to either of those in 2016.

This week I have a F1 practice meet at Logan on Wednesday night, that’s a definite on my calendar. Car needs a little TLC before Wednesday, make sure it’s a Gordon beater.

Also have a Vintage Offroad meet at Boondall – this week there is another Ginger Beer Cup, this time it’s for the Holiday Buggy with 13t motors – have to get mine back from Grandson Harry and put the right motor in it ready for Saturday morning and maybe some oil in the shocks and other sundry maintenance which hasn’t been done for 4 years. Sadly body is a bit more battered now than this pic.

holiday buggy_58470

Saturday night will be the regular TC/F1 race meet at Logan, I’ll race F1 and will have a TC with me if I need it – the old Mi4, could be the swan song for the Mi4, but she won a trophy at the last meet so will be sad to see her go.


Regular readers of this blog (all 2 or 3 of you) will remember a few weeks ago I posted a list of TC that I was considering acquiring as my ride for the next couple of years. Well, in spite of the pressure to get a new car I have taken my time and reviewed everything listed against my needs and priorities and abilities and finally made a decision.

Car has been ordered and should be on my assembly bench IMG_20151015_0001_NEWWednesday night, don’t think it will be ready to run Saturday so that gives me another two weeks to build it right before all will be revealed – no Shane we aren’t getting the Serpent.

Here’s a clue


See you at the track.


Rained out last weekend

All the Onroad boys are feeling a bit down having been rained out at both meets last week at Logan.

If you want you can race this week on Saturday evening (19.11.16) at Bayside. My Mi4 was working quite well there last time out and I’m encouraged to get back there for a club meet sometime soon, not sure it will be this year though.

Just realised that the Mi4 I am running is a 2009 model. With 10 years being the official Vintage marker my Mi4 is not far off it. Anyone else running a 7 year old TC ?

Give it a go it’s a great little track. TC racing in EP sometimes GP as well. TC2 (13.5 blinky) is especially strong there.

Team Schumacher Queensland

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