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How good is TC Racing

Since I’ve been back from a long holiday I’ve spent a bit of time working on some vintage buggies but I took the time out on Sunday to head out to Bayside to watch the Qld EP10 Onroad Titles and came home with a renewed enthusiasm for TC racing.

Therefore the Mi6 EVO finds itself on the bench this morning getting a few secret tweaks. In a rare fit of passion I even got the setup tools out. Bring your A game you 21.5 drivers.

Finally getting back to some rc action

After a long break I finally got back to the bench for a little work. On the bench at the moment is a Tamiya Big Wig original which I am restoring. Good time to be restoring  a BigWig as the rere is out and there are plenty of parts available, looking forward to giving this a run at Boondall sometime in the next few weeks.

This is my plan for the week, all accompanied by my trusty chair, for resting.

Wednesday night – F1 practice session at Meakin Park.

Saturday morning – Vintage Offroad at Boondall

Saturday night – Onroad (F1 or TC) at Meakin Park.

Should be a good week, might be a tad cold at Meakin nights.

Mi6EVO gets a run this week

Sorry guys been a bit slow getting the program up this week had a few days r&r on the Gold Coast (hospital) but we’re back in the drivers seat today.

For what’s left of the week see below.

Saturday morning Boondall Vintage Offroad – I’ll be there early about 7 but only till about 10.30. There should be plenty of the good old boys out there with plenty of old cars going around.

Saturday evening will be the Logan Onroad Racemeet. Looks like there will get a fair batch of Schumacher Mi6 EVO going around this week with at least 4 or 5 in 21.5 and probably 1 in 13.5, should be good.

IT’s the other week but too busy

As you all know I only race every other week at the moment and I should have posted the schedule earlier.

Tonight was practice / F1 night at Logan and although the faithful gathered, rain kept us under the pit roof and no racing was possible. Had a good look at Shane’s newly assembled EVO compared to my converted Mi6 to EVO and Laura’s party built conversion, all looking interesting for Saturday nights racing. Chris now has his hands on an Mi6 and a EVO conversion kit so things are starting to look serious in Team Schumacher Qld.

Saturday evening is the usual onroad meet at Logan.

Saturday morning will be the vintage offroad meet at Boondall. There will be a new BigWig showing up, one of the rere ones for Mark DeBono and I have an original one almost ready for a run, be interesting to see how they compare. Those of you who have been around awhile will remember Shannon Fry, the Big Wig I have was Shannons car which has been gathering dust for some years now, brushed it off and put some electrics in and we’ll see how it goes before perhaps a new bodyshell and maybe a new servo, everything else looks ok.

Heard tonight that the rere Masami CAT XLS will be shipping early June so thats about 3 weeks longer than I was working on – oh well more save up time.


My RC Week

There’s a bit on for me this week.

Wednesday night test and tune at Logan Onroad. Wednesday we will also get to see what the new Mi6 EVO looks like and also exactly what is in the upgrade kit Mi6 to Mi6 EVO that was available for a few minutes before it sold out.

Saturday morning vintage at Boondall, the track has apparently had some grading etc so looking forward to running some of the old girls on what should be a smoother surface.

Saturday evening will be the regular Logan Onroad meet, looking forward to that.


My RC week

Looks like a quiet week coming up in my RC week.

The Cougar SVR Buggy is on the workbench, badly glitching steering servo, that’ll have to be fixed, although I won’t be out at vintage for another 3 weeks.

Wednesday night at Logan I’ll be running my F1, and depending on the track condition I might even run the TC.

Then I am going camping for the Easter so I will miss Saturday night at Logan sadly. Think there will be a working bee on the Friday evening to try and clear a bit more of the stubborn mud from the floods, but whatever the track will be raceable on Saturday night so don’t miss it.

Finally got a motor and speedy into the vintage Schumacher Storm for last Saturday and gave it a good run, very happy, for and old truck it works very well.

Just hanging out for Schumacher to get the CAT XLS Masami ready for distribution in a few weeks time, there’s a few lads on the edges of their seats waiting on this rere. Before that the M16 EVO has to come out, thinking I’ll just get the upgrade for my M16 as it’s practically new hardly had any use.